Sonic Forces - Never Enough (Park Avenue) ft. The Sonic Stadium

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Length: 7:07//Style: Drum 'n Bass//Speed: 175 BPM//Measures: 311//Loops: 37//Vocal Accuracy: 97.1%//Time Taken: 39 days

Original lyrics by: Tomoya Ohtani
Additional lyrics by: Pauly B
Performed by: Pauly B
Additional voices: Kellan L. Rios, Niko S., Jovahexeon Joranvexeon, Cody Lackman, -Justin-, Stephen Castillo

Before I start, I just want to give an extra thanks to my friends from The Sonic Stadium Message Boards for all the support with this one, especially to those involved. This is definitely the most complex thing I've ever done so far. I've always wanted to get a group of some sort involved in one of my pieces. Shows togetherness. I figured I'd have my own little going at the vocalization of this level from the newest Sonic game, Sonic Forces, added in with a couple of my own parts.

Nothing too fancy with the instrumentals, except for the fact that I finally learned exactly how to make that futuristic sounding bass, as heard in many of today's electronic music, which was really fun to finally figure out. I had to use two different project files. Since I ran out of instrument slots in the first one, I had to layer two of them together. So that's a new personal record actually, that's never happened before. But coming up with it all was the best part. You learn a lot if you just explore.

I figured that, since my vocals had gotten better over the years, I'd take a shot at something more detailed. It was a great opportunity to not only show what I got, but also a chance to work on my editing and effects skills. It took quite a good portion of the project, I'm not gonna lie I underestimated it a little bit. I was pretty vocally accurate to start so I didn't have to do much, but it wasn't perfect. I did learn how to better identify wavelengths and forms, and be able to time them out together with the subtle changes. It took quite a few tries just to get the clips, actually. I wanted to add just the right tone to it. Practice makes perfect, they say.

Aside from the 16 clips of myself, there were 7 additional clips provided to me by The SSMB (The "LET'S GO" clips). Each one of them different. Each one of them needing something else. It was an interesting challenge matching them all up, and I think it came out pretty solid. Again, huge thanks to everybody listed above, you all did just great! It's pretty awesome what happens when people come together.

It's not the perfect song. But I tried my best, and I'm proud of what came out. Let me know what YOU think below! Remember, all downloads are free, and all honesty is appreciated! Thanks for checkin' this out!

LYRICS: Take on the enemy strike them down//We can’t let evil win, take them out//This is justice this is what’s right//Take on the enemy mess them up//And bring them to their knees do your stuff//Time for justice time to go fight

We’ve been down for far too long//Now it’s time for us to come back strong but it’s never enough//You need to keep going when the going gets tough//Yeah//Now we’ve got to try and reach the top//Must keep moving no we’re never gonna stop but it’s never enough//You need to keep going when the going gets tough//Yeah

Destiny//Lies before you//I believe//We have the power//Can you see//The horizon//Victory//For the taking


If you just believe//Then you can achieve// If you just pull through you can make your dreams come true

Destiny//Lies before you//I believe//We have the power//Can you see//The horizon//Victory//For the taking


EDIT: Big thanks to everybody for the huge support I've gotten in this short time. This is wonderful because I'm getting an actual visual of what has worked, and what needs work. It's a learning experience every time. I put a lot of heart into this and I'm so glad to know it's turning out so well. Thanks again for all the support! It's been astonishing to say the least


Awesome, well not really the vocals tho

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:


I like how the song is balanced, awesome job =)

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thank you! That's one of the things i definitely learned how to fix with my creating. And i usually run into this problem early on, where I'll add a new instrument that needs to be more pronounced, while not drowning out the rest. And sometimes, it just stacks up and becomes very overwhelming. This time, I would make sure nothing really overpowered anything else, and my master volumes did not need much adjustment. Good to know I'm learning XD

Glad you liked this! Thanks again

I am glad that the composition is not a two-minute song, as most of the laying out here. I liked the general sound and play of leads. It feels light mood in music.

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Most of the fluttery parts called for light sounding instruments. One of the best things about making music like this is the fact that I can customize an instrument specifically to my liking, and to match a mood. With a level like this, I would try to match that smooth run through a city feel.

Also not a big fan of posting anything too short (unless it's necessary). I usually shoot for 6 minutes. I think it's a good length for DnB music. Good setup.

Thanks so much for the review!

Wow really good

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thanks for checking this out!

This one of my favorite songs from Sonic Forces and I think you did it justice with the song itself but the vocals could've been in a much better quality if you ask me. Other than that, nice job on the remix. I wish there was an instrumental version of this too!

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

I worked harder on the vocals than I did the actual beat itself. So it saddens me to know that it's not going over very well. But i appreciate reviews like this because it tells me things i definitely need to change.

A. Find a better place to record. It sure is hard getting good vocals when you're stuck in the back seat of the car and that's the best you can get.

B. Learn or find a better mic. I have a pretty decent mic. And it was pretty expensive. I'm still learning all the different functions. I usually just go for what sounds best but sometimes the volume adjustments can be oversensitive, which leads to distortion. And it can be hard to fix sometimes, but that leads to my next point

C. Learn how to edit better. Admittedly, this is actually the first full-length song that I've really edited. Some of my more recent vocals are only one verse long, and in the past I didn't edit them at all. LOL. I do know at one point I added way too much Reverb, and before I knew it it was too late to go back. So I tried to make it blend as best as I could

I have also found that this might be a taste thing. Some people don't dig vocals unless they're absolutely perfect. And I do try my best. This is why I need to learn to edit as well

I am glad you liked it the beat though. That did take some work and I tried a bunch of new things that I'm obviously definitely going to use in the future

Thanks for the review. I appreciate, and truly value, your honesty

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Mar 15, 2018
3:40 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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