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Published: March 3, 2018

A collection of noisy, textural ambiances interwoven with subtle sounds and background lo-fi noises. My vision was one of decadence, corruption, distortion, desolation, solitude. Like whispers from a lost world.

Composed sparsely between 2015 and the end of 2017.

00:00 lost
08:40 shadows
10:40 the last sun
21:55 transmission
24:50 timeless

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gah! Volume.. so.. low..!

*strains to hear* *turns up the volume*

haha omg 37 mins.. too much for my limited attention span :P

00:00 lost

reminds me of being underwater.. I can almost imagine sea creatures swimming by.. it'd be cool if there were some whale wails in the far bg too - I find it's a bit too much of the same thing, could use some things going on in the far background imo.


08:40 shadows

I like it, although the bass swells are a bit overpowering - I like how the high pitch slowly fades away


10:40 the last sun

kinda reminds me of an innapeace isochronic binaural beat I listen to to help me relax - has a bit of a sorrowful feel to it. Really get the vibe of an old world, and perhaps the sun is dying, a big red giant sun casting its reddish glow over the world below.


21:55 transmission

Makes me feel like I am in a mechanical post apocalyptic world with sand blowing over ruins of machinery, with still functioning giant silos chugging away in the background


24:50 timeless

gives a sense of being in a sort of enchanted wood, isolated from the outside world - a haven that knows to time passing - birds would really make this part complete imo. I like the ambiance in the background that pops in every now and then - almost like the post apocalyptic world exists outside and the forest exists inside a giant glass dome - climate controlled, raining, completely oblivious to the chaos that ensues outside. Then it gets quite raspy and I can imagine the post apocalyptic sands blowing against the dome, flowing through turbines that help heat and generate mild winds in the forest.

The ending feels like an old documentary footage, or maybe credits, or maybe both, perhaps from the original inhabitants who are now long gone.

great job!


ForgottenDawn responds:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us

You know I love stuff like this :D
I've heard a few of these before too ^ ^
I'll probably come back and listen more a bit later today, when I'll be studying.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thanks man, appreciated~
Yeah, Lost and The Last Sun were made a while back. Hopefully the first of a long series :)

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2018
4:23 AM EST
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