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I close my eyes and breathe. Maybe it'll all be over soon.

I hope you enjoy the song

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Hello, can i use this as my backround music for my videos?

larrynachos responds:

Sure, as long as I'm credited!

I don't think this mix is as bad as Quarl is putting it. It's just a couple of course corrections away from being completely fine. The mids are a bit cluttered, there's couple of panning issues where it sounds lopsided and it's nice to have a song sounding like it's playing in a room typically. The compression is a little too much. Some instruments are just a tad too loud and there could be some moments where you automate the volume so it works in all areas.

At first I wasn't sure how this song was gonna go...but at one point I got lost deep
in thought. So ya perfect title! hahaha! This is amazing. The texture is cool and the
ideas are legit making me smile. Love this!

You seem to have a hard limiter setting tho which is making the beat get ducked.

(If you look at the waveform of your song on NG you can see its been squashed and there is
a lot of head room you could free up)

Lightening the compression or limiter you should be able to get everything
100% crisper in a matter of seconds :D.

Amazing job! Overall loved this song so much!!!

larrynachos responds:

Thank you F-777! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I definitely over compressed and limited the master, I've been more careful about that recently. The sidechain was a bit too hard as well in some areas. Thank you again for the feedback!

Nice! I loved those harmonies. Great melodies! Sounds like it's time for you to focus on mixing and mastering. I'm going to bullet a few things you may or may not already know. FYI, I use Reason so what I say might need a different fix in FL. Also, my hearing is going so you can use that factoid to gauge the usefulness of anything I post.

- Panning creates the illusion that sounds are louder than they really are. You can pan your instruments and lower their levels to help create space in your mix. Not everything needs to be panned though. Bass frequencies should get mixed towards the center. Pads can go to the sides. When I mix my drums, I put my bass drums and snares towards the middle while the aux percussion does whatever I think sounds best, left or right.

-In reason, I like to split certain audio signals so that one instrument gets sent to two simultaneous mixer channels. I will then pan the two channels in opposite directions and drop their levels. Both signals can be treated individually and can add a level of depth to the instrument that the mix might have been missing.

- Sidechaining is a useful tool in Reason, no idea what the equivalent in FL is. You should be able to use the level of one sound to control the level of something else in FL. Bass drums are a great tool for controlling the level of your sub bass. The sub bass in your mix is super over powering, so using the bass drum to momentarily duck the level on your sub would create a lot of space and structure.

-Listen to the pros! There is a reason why you see the same people in the industry ten years on. The pros know what they are doing. If you can hear a difference between their mix quality and yours, you know there is still room to improve your work. Aim to achieve that crisp sound you hear from your favorite artists!

-Watch youtube videos from the pros AND amateurs. See what other people are doing to achieve their sounds, if just for inspiration. The most helpful thing I ever did was collaborate with Stan-SB back in college. Just seeing his audio files taught me so much about my mixing tools and the DAW itself. No improvements can be made living in a vacuum. Stay active :D

Hope this review isn't seen as obnoxious. Just trying to help nachos. Love what I'm hearing. You got space to grow and so do I. Keep pumping out music :)

larrynachos responds:

I did pan my sub towards the middle, but I chose to have the bass pluck panned slightly for a synthwave-y effect. I panned the synths at 1:26 super hard, but they still don't sound as big as I wanted them too. Is there a certain plugin I should be using for stereo panning/widening?

I'm pretty sure I side chained everything that needed to be. I probably should have lowered the sub and sidechained it a bit harder and for longer.

I definitely know what you mean by crisp, but I still have no idea how to do that. My songs are always so... uncontrolled? Maybe I don't automate enough, but I feel like there are some techniques I don't know that would help me get to the pro mixing level. I don't know where the good tutorials are at, and I can't wanna pay for college ><

I've lived in a vacuum my whole life, same house, same town. And change is hard.

Has a very chill and relaxing vibe to it. Song just seems oddly nostalgic yet happy at the same time. I could drive around in a car to this and relax hearing it. You did quite well with this, thanks for making a relaxing piece of music to think to. :)

larrynachos responds:

Thanks for the review! I also got that happy sentimental vibe. Glad you liked it! :)

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Jan 20, 2018
1:50 PM EST
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