Mega G

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I'm Mega Man and I spit that electro-acid.



i'll absorb your whole essence in a second, call me Mega Man
the blue bomber blast you out your armor with the cannon hand
...so what's the game plan? i'll contact Doc Light
to plot the course to the next boss robot fight
hoppin onto platforms, poppin off the gat arm
left to my devices ran right into a bad storm
...and so what? i don't fear others
see i been here for years, i kept it real with the Mega Buster
makin bot brothers shake and shudder in their shiny boots
turnin it tragic when they backflip out metallic shoes
...success, new weapon acquired
the ability to turn spit salivas to fire
live wires exposed they got me flattenin foes
i'm blue lightning, it's frightening, you really dont know
so if you think you're highly Wily i invite you to try me
but you ain't even slightly as Bright as the one who designed me

highly polished blue metal i'm incredibly flexible
Rock right into the Roll, stroke bold and blow biochemicals
don't hate, that's just how i was built fam
get a socket for my plug and rocketcock-it to a kick-stand
that's how it is man, at least within this span
the piston hit the chamber, spark combustion explosion
i love to love but now i'm killin to kill a kid
and i got the upgrade chip, the ultra clutch for the hit-stick
your crib is shakin, watch the wobbly banisters
and your gas is breakin, break out the energy canisters
the clock is tockin more towards the tick your hour's up
and best believe that i equipped the very best powerup
yo your pattern is tired and stupid, im tired of seein it loopin
every beast is a breeze when i release with the secret hadoken
...i'm mega blue and who are you? oh who knew?
im the king of the roost with the turboboost in his shoes

slidin and glidin im off the linear logical course
it boggles the optic and people cop it no matter the cost
so how you pay that? in bolts or dollars sir?
for fifty pieces more i can further your caliber
i hold it down hard when i charge a charge shot
aim at the weakpoint, the joint with the scar spot
when you see me let off, better hedge your bets or f-off
i'll knock you out the frame and Rush jet with the jet force
the blue hero tag-team with dude Zero
he's kinda like the Pesci who match my DeNiro
titanium gangstas, i see you gettin anxious
you only shoot blanks but we got tanks in our pants-es
my logic's undeniable, what kind of pulley you tryin to pull?
i'm bout to end you robot, as violently as viable
in the sky, in the sea, close your eyes, what you see?
yeah its me, the Mega G, expeditiously history

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lyrics so good, you thought it came out of a game!

if only video games could speak..... this is what awesome things they would say.

good song dude! its real cool, lovin the lyrics, i could really feel the passion of video games and the struggles they be goin threw, lol. i'm diggin this, bobbin my head to it right now.

some real creative stuff you got here homie.



Lol i heard better but its alrite tho jst u can barely hear u at all. Lyrics are Tight

I enjoyed this but...

You really need to lower the base and increase the voice. I can barely hear the lyrics and I really wanted to. You have a good voice, you just need to let everyone hear it instead of drowning it out with a bunch of super heavy base.

StealthSteve responds:

yeah the EQ is for shit but eh its a done project


Keep up yo music game OG


nice you actually seem gangster :P

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Hip Hop - Olskool
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