[Melodic Dubstep] Lemniscate

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So my friends and i are in this school competition to musicalize an existing poem, right? There are 2 poems, one mandatory and one u can choose urself. I'm in charge of arranging the poem into melodies, so i decided "hey maybe i can do it in FL" so i read the poem, started humming shit in my head and BOOM! Melodic Dubstep.

This took like 3 days, the wubs are painfully obvious it's tutorial-based af, so i tweaked around with it a lot to make em sound unique.

My friends and i are supposed to sing the poem to this instrumental, but since the lyrics/poem isn't ours and i don't even have a good mic, none of y'all will ever get to hear the version we'll perform mwahahaAHAHAH :)

Geoplex vibes with Paper Skies-esque drop? idk

- Changed the 8 hi hats and reverse cymbal before the song started into a long sweeping reverby noise
- Made arps in the beginning much better and less loud
- High passed most of the saws (especially the chords)
- Changed buildup completely due to repetition
- add one extra wubwub at the drop
- tweaked some of the instruments (mostly the massive ones)

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Nice wubs there mate

the kick sounded insignificant in the drop, you can try highpassing it until the kick's sub is not heard and add some mids to it. also, you can add some pitch bended supersaw chords in the drop to give it a more epic feeling

also the sidechaining is inconsistent in the drop tho

I know I’m extremely late but what a great song! If you were really interested you could make some amazing music, this song has a really nice melody and neat chords. I definitely feel Paper Skies style was used in the drop but overall I love it! I would be happy to see more music from me :)

Very cool for a 1st attempt ! use maybe a more powerfull sidechain so we can ear the kick a bit more :^)

Ilrell responds:

Ay thx fam, gonna keep that in mind :)

Whoa! Dude, this is fucking sick! Amazing work on this :D I usually don't listen to melodic dubstep, but this is amazing :O ~Zombiez

Ilrell responds:

Thx a lot man :DDDD

Not bad, but you could compress it a bit more to make the sound louder, and also you could probably change the growl presets. The sound design and the mixing is awesome though :D

Ilrell responds:

Compress what, exactly? Also, the growls aren't really presets, i just watched a tutorial, see how it works, do the same thing, and tweaked aroudn with the oscillators, LFOs and the EQ-ing to get the soudn i want.

Thanks a lot for the feedback tho :D

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Oct 20, 2017
10:24 AM EDT
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