[Electro/Bass House] Homestuck - Beatdown (Strider Style) | Ilrell Remix

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Original song by Curt Blakeslee
Homestuck Vol.3
This took unbelievably long
but i did it anyways
for Dave fucking Strider

So uh it started with an idea, right? I was like "damn i gotta remix more homestuck" so yeah i hopped on FL and made this on the fly from the first buildup to right before the second buildup

Then i abandoned it for like nearly a month.

Came back to it, decided "ay i gotta continue this shit"
so i worked on it more and more and holy hell it progressively got harder cuz my laptop is weak as shit and having over 25 serums in this one project isn't exactly the best idea.

The serum sounds were like exactly what i'd name my dogs if they were cyborgs; glitchy, spazzy and clippy. holy shit that sounds badass and cute at the same time

So then i decided to stem the serums but instead of it voring my CPU alive, it decided to eat the memory like groceries

My FL rarely crashed but damn first of all..
the memory bar thingy idk what its called, that shit stayed on RED. i can't do shit when it's above 3990 MB, and if that "invalid pointer operation" bullshit pops up while it's above 3990 MB, it would not close.

Second of all..
sometimes whenever my shit started to freak the hell out, freezing up my computer and all that, i reluctantly call forth my trusty... T A S K M A N A G E R
while it often did make me lose some pretty phat progress, i'm still grateful as hell backups exist or else i would've dropped this bullshit about a week ago [shmoney dances]

And also, yes that's my voice right there
i originally wanted to use a dave voice actor, Tooch, Jacob/Alex from Voxus, or other VA people but idk i felt a bit uncomfortable plus they got BG music and stuff so i decided to use my own voice recorded using my phone and BOY is my phone's mic quality nut-worthy..
well, ok maybe not THAT good compared to professional mics that most music producers use but shut your fuck this shit's 100x better than my laptop's and i'd rather use this than nothing at all.

Had to end the song right after the 2nd drop cuz if i were to make it just a second longer i swear my FL's gonna blow up

ok it's like 1AM as im writing this and i gotta go to school tmrw fukkckcck

Plugins used:
- Serum
- Harmor
- dvs saxophone
- FL Keys
- some drums, white noises from sample packs blabla
- my voice
- irony
- etc

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Very noice glitchy effects, although the sidechain's a bit too much and also too much mids. Also, the saws needs some more detuning and the panning is a bit off.

would call this complextro tho

also i know your feeling with the serums oof

This is pretty catchy!
You should be the one making the songs for the Homestuck author.

Super fun tune, I really dig the sax vibes in this one. I think the only thing that took away from the overall magic for me was the weird side-chaining during the build-up. The drop on this track is gnar gnar

Ilrell responds:

Thanks a lot famm aaAAAAAAA
and yeah ik the buildup was rushed, i couldn't make a better one cuz the project file was laggy as fuck and i just wanted to get it over with lol

Amazing, amazing, amazing what more is their to say. Love the drops and how everything mixes in so well. Also, are you the llrell from GD

Ilrell responds:

Thanks af :D
and yes i am!

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Mar 8, 2018
1:06 PM EST
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