I Love You

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A love song directed by M. Night Shymalan
Beat by DJ Sonic

There is a LOT going on in this and it may take multiple listens to see the underlying messages.
At first, I Love You was going to be comedic, and it can still be taken as so- but as it progressed- mad lyrical intricacies began to manifest, and the song transformed. When writing wrapped up- ILY was 3 songs in 1. It's comedy if you want it to be, but it's also a serious depiction of mental illness. To me- it resonates as a kind of musical "smile on the outside/die on the inside" sort of thing. But try to listen to this taking in all 3 aspects. I'm pretty proud of myself with how this all fleshed out really.

Basically this fuckin' song kicks more ass with each listen and that's something I'm stoked about.

We spent a life together, we spend every day... and every night together//
We strive together- we dark and we light together, it's like our stars both aligned intertwined together//
Arrive together we stand up and fight together we tight together we laced up and tied together//
We doing... life together serving time together, we like it whether it's wrong or it's right together//

And like the tide, we dip and we rise together, we live together, we live til we die together//
We like "whatever, we argue and we fight together, but we alive and we actually like together"//
We try together to make it out alive together unite together and basically survive the weather//
I can't visualize a timeline where I was never designed connected to you and combined together/

We stride together, we right, left, write together- the hypest rhymes that anyone can write together//
We hide together at home cuz we shy together and cry together alone as we lie together//
We fuck, together at home and we come together, we love together alone baby nothin better//
We ill together, we Netflix and Chill together, and chill together we will and we will forever/

And at the end of the ride when we die together we like whatever let's keep goin' try forever //
We fly together we walkin in the sky together we outta sight baby baby baby blind together//
We lay together, we play and we pray together to stay together, we cain't miss a thing together//
Complain together, we hate when we aint together, and placed together and ranked first place together//

And we amazed and astounded we found together, and see we aint really sound when we out together//
And out together, we just found out together that out together can be pronounced as out to get her//
We out to get her, we brazen and we loud together we out together, parading through the town together//
We bound together but aint really wound together, but down together, we safe and we sound together//

We always- pee in the sink when we drink together we stink, we think, we need to see a shrink together//
Believe together, we sleep and we dream together, we need together, we breathe and we bleed together //
Afraid together if ever we ain't together but crazy dangerous n' deranged together//
We off the- chain, together yet we stay together we off the charts, insane yet remain together//

We love to hate- the thing we've became together, we alienated- a way to be safe together //
We wait together, to make an escape together, embrace forever, and face it to make it better //
We brave together, we can't be away together' but' hope for change to say we okay together//
We know we both goin' totally insane together, we great together, we basically the same together//

And we live in the same shed and we swim in the same pool//
And we seeking the same wisdom and sippin the same booze//
And we speak in the same tone and we sing in the same tune//
And we sleep in the same bed and we eating the same food//
And we sick in the same head and we missing the same truth///
And we stealin the same meds and we feel in the same mood//
There's only one person truly deserving of this//
Beautiful musical love gift that I've written and it's you//


I think the only thing this could use more of is compression on the vocals. The beat is just a little too loud overtop. Okay, well, moderately too loud. Not so loud I can't hear, but it's still a bit hard to understand what you're saying, not because your diction is bad or the recording quality, but they're just way down under that beat. Compress them hard, bring them up, then do your EQ magic.

You could also chorus any sung stuff really wide and get a nice smooth sound. That's what was missing from your intro, but I honestly would love to hear more like this.

If the vocal volume issue were fixed, this would be the BOMB.

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CAUTION: This review will probably be interpreted as being soaked in envy and hatred, when its intention is merely a honest perspective.

Good: Mixing- vocals and beat both sound pretty level. Dubs and adlibs are nice and subtle; they emphasize the mains without distracting or muddling the audibility. Lyric structure and scheme is creative. The outro bit was fresh. The twist was also pretty funny, although... terribly predictable.

Bad: There are many points throughout this where the vocals are covered by the instrumentation (particularly those swelling vibe horns and that cascading diamond drop sound), makes it near impossible to understand the lyrics (without ear wincing) .This coupled with the repetitive nature of the lyrics made this sound like " We blah together, blah blah blah, together, baby baby baby, blah together, blah together blah blah together. " for 3 minutes. With all those internal rhymes and assonance it's a shame they are missed when ingesting this aurally.

I listened to this multiple times. 3/5 stars. Not bad.

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Teqneek responds:

*edit- 3 revisions have transpired since these comments took place. The song is where I want it to be now.

Buuuuut I may still record it again- I feel like I can get this whippersnapper to another level (which also completely contradicts what I just said like 2 seconds ago). aight then.

----- ----- -----

Thanks Mickey. Honest review, no worries. I agree on pretty much every point with you. It's hard to get my voice to "pop out" at certain spots on seemingly every track I do. I wonder what it is with that.

Oh btw- some of the negatives you mentioned about this song were intentional to a degree... and keeping in theme with the whole Brain Storm album concept- Repetition to a fault.

But yeah, one layer beneath that is some complex shit. I really like this song actually. It might be the one I'm happiest with so far for real, and your review was completely fair at the same time. Thanks homenuts.

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