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From the upcoming Brain Storm album.

Beat by S-Rock. Let us know what you think!

----- ----- Lyrics ----- -----

They say I'm borderline active I'm borderline lazy //

I'm borderline Mack 10 I'm borderline Jay-Z //

I'm borderline Patrick I'm borderline Swayze //

I'm borderline bat shit I'm borderline crazy //

Am I borderline black?- no I'm borderline white //

Am I borderline wack?- no I'm borderline tight //

I'm a little white guy and I'm good at my rhymes //

I'm a borderline storybook of little white lies //

(Borderline) sorta like I'm an organized mess //

I'm unorganized yes but I'm sorta like fresh //

Son I'm borderline first I am borderline next //

I'mma borderline curse yet I'm borderline blessed //

Just fine, borderline mayday //

Borderline let's ride I'm borderline maybe //

Borderline retro and I'm borderline next level //

Borderline Teq?- no I'm borderline Death Metal'//

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Am I borderline alive, Am I borderline dead //

Am I borderline mortified, horrified- yes //

Lifeless- (sorta) borderline holdin' my breath //

I'm a borderline miss, I'm a bona fide mess //

Borderline alive, borderline dead //

Borderline mortified, horrified- yes //

Just Fine- borderline sorta holdin' my breath //

Like a borderline miss- I'mma bona fide mess//

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I am borderline borderline, borderline stressed//

But I'm borderline sorta like- doing my best//

(I guess)... I mean I do it borderline sanely //

On the borderline line- cause I'm borderline baby //

It's sorta like I'm border line hopeless //

Crossing borderline lines, borderline homeless //

I'm dressed- as if' I'm bored of life, yes //

I am borderline Teq, and I'm bored of life's tests //

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I am borderline alive, I am borderline dead //

I am borderline mortified, horrified- yes //

I am blessed (sorta) borderline holdin' my breath //

I'm a borderline miss I'm a bona fide mess //

Borderline alive, borderline dead //

Border'line mortified, horrified- yes //

Blessed (sorta) like borderline holdin' my breath //

Like a borderline miss- I'm a bona fide mess//

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Pretty good; kinda like Ferris Wheels done more effectively. Good sounds. S-Rock's beat twas/twis dope.

lots of repetition, must be that grown up mulch. now isnt that nutritious?

the flow and delivery really emphasize your message and approach to situations. you sound a bit fatigued.

beat had a spacey emotion to it, sorta waltzes well with the message of this particular joint.

my translation from 3 listens is that anxiety is glorified as a necessary evil that must be tolerated and adored. it entraps and enslaves, and every single day becomes a miserable exercise we are restricted within. it mustn't be neglected, much like heart aching desires, otherwise the foundation of feeling happy and carefree will surely wither away completely. we understand that personal innocence has been bastardized. that self doubt is no longer an option if we are too continue with movement. we become infatuated and depend on confusion, in efforts to mutate this into purpose. guidance. that we seek problems and accept feeling miserable as a normal behavior. that we are all ugly to some degree. that we all have scars. that our personalities are a result of cross contamination. and we are always being studied, but try to ignore it to the best of our abilities until fear amplifies and invades our comfort zones.

reveal through sacrifice.

Q ~~

Teqneek responds:

Well this is for the Brain Storm album- and the entire theme is to correlate a mentally exhausting exercise in repetition.

Thanks for the review man. I always respect your words and appreciate the effort you put in to the feedback you give me. I get very little and feel I deserve a lot more, so an insightful one from you is always motivational. Bye bye bruh bruh


Teqneek responds:

This is the nicest word anybody has ever said to me

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Jun 18, 2017
1:38 AM EDT
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