It's a Long Way Down ft. WithoutMyArmor

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So, I've been a busy guy making music on top of being a busy guy at work, which has been hectic, but this busy guy making music has finished an album, haha. The ideology here is that every song had a fitting emotion tied to each and every song that I was constructing and in all, the ideas just overflowed and kept coming and becoming songs. That in turn became an amazing idea to make each song contribute to an album.

I've been going through a lot of things in my life as of recent. Heart break, financial troubles, moving back in with my parents. Not to talk about myself, haha, but that's what influenced all of these pieces. Hopefully I could get the emotion out in all these songs. I realize my experience is ten years strong, but my art style, composition, and sound doesn't seem to show that. That's just me criticizing myself, haha.

In all, enjoy these songs! I will upload each song every day until I've uploaded the whole album. You can find the whole thing on SoundCloud if you're that interested!

Please leave a review that explains what you do or don't like about the song, especially if you vote under 3/5. All constructive criticism is appreciated! Please listen to the whole song before reviewing so that your review is on the whole song and not just one part. Last of all, please enjoy!


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I don't have any music background so I can't comment on the technical aspects, but this was so enjoyable to listen to. The vocals and the music meshed well together and I like the intro with the door slam into piano into electronic sounds. The transition is gentle and smooth and lovely. The inflection on the word "down" is also good! The lowering note is clever and works really well.

The only part that felt out of place was the very ending, I think. The transition between the last vocal and the outro part happened fairly abruptly, unlike the smooth intro.

Overall this was lovely and I'm really glad I got to listen to it!

carl565 responds:

Hey, you do not need to be a musical expert to give an expert's review, and that's definitely apparent here. Thanks a lot for the review! I definitely see what you mean with the outro. I am always amazing with either hitting a really good intro, or a really good outro, but never both, haha. I need to definitely work on that.

But I am really glad you enjoyed listening to it. That's the main reason I make my music, aside from it just being a hobby of mine. Thanks again for the review!

Truly undeserving of such a low score. It's not really my kind of music, but I appreciate the modulation and composition itself. The glitching at some points made me question if I were having a computer malfunction. Lyrical prose could use a bit more work, honestly, but it's hard to write about this stuff without sounding trite. Vocals remind me of a relaxed Pendulum. Structure is a bit repetitive slamming that hook home. It kinda sounds samey, so subtracting half a star for that. Not something I would put on repeat, but something I would hesitate to hit the skip on. I have a very short attention span, fyi. ;)

carl565 responds:

Hey man, thank you so much! The thing is, the song got front paged, so I'm sure a ton of people zero bombed it, much like the other songs that are on there right now too. I did not write the lyrics, I actually found them on Google randomly, haha. The guy said as long as credit was given, I was allowed to use them, but they were far from perfect, so I did my best with them. I definitely see the repetitiveness and I wish I would have structured the second half of the song differently, but honestly, I did get a little lazy with that, hahaha. I just wanted to finish the album and get it out. I loved working on this song though, so I am glad you enjoyed it!

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2017
6:30 PM EDT
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