Burning In The Sun You Created

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Sorry for the quality, not much you could do when your spare time in a week condensed to 5 hours at midnight, inside a Ford C-Max parked in a plaza piggy back off Starbucks wifi. Every you heard here was made in less than 5 hours, that was all I had. I work 7-5 and I don't have the luxury to rent a proper apartment for big studio, or even a place to sleep like most do.

[Burning In The Sun You Created] is referred to, of course, nuclear war. Now, why did I use [created] instead of "made". Like FIRE, nuclear energy could be harness and use for good of mankind. But instead they are used as the destruction of all lives.

And this track is part of my pessimistic cynical and passive aggressive album, [DESERVED EXTINCTION]. This track element is FIRE, based on the Elements of Life from Eastern Asian culture, Pentagram of Life (metal, wood, water, fire, earth).

Ask yourselves, is this [extinction] you are bringing to everyone, well [deserved]? Would it be different if Fat Baby from North Korea strike first? Or Fat Cheetos from United Snakes? What's the difference? Would you regret knowing that you take parts in killing billions of lives because of your selfishness? Or is this, not your fault again?

I personally think humans deserve the extinction.

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that story you told in the description is intense, man xD
nice song.

I0TA responds:

Thanks brah :)

Amazing. Reminds me of Don't Touch Anything with the depressing music and such intesnity like if something huge and bad is gonna happen. Fantastic Work.

I0TA responds:

Thanks bro for your review! :)

Charming poast-apocalyptic track, charming despite its depressive mood. It clearly depicts an artificial fire destroying everything. Superb work!

I0TA responds:

Thanks man.

So this is based off a war. I'm have nothing to say. Humans are a dangerto animals, plants, and themself.

5 Stars because how deep this song goes.

I0TA responds:

It was inspired by all wars and the upcoming one, when which side decided that it will be crazy enough to strike first.

Wow, this song is cool.
I got surprised by the fact this is a 7 minutes loop.
About what you said, youre right in some things, but not in the fact that humanity deserves extinction. Youre right, we've never been an advantage for this planet, but we're the only creatures that can realize that...

I0TA responds:

Old habits die hard. I tend to make long loop for the sake of keeping listeners occupied. Thank you for your review.

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