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Live to Love

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Author Comments

Made entirely with free plugins and DAWs.

The last track was about "something I used to make with free instruments", this track is about something new I haven't made before.

Melodic works have always been my weakest point in composition because my lack of theory knowledge, but that hasn't stopped me from exploring different ways to approach melodic music. If you noticed on most of my work, that I do not change scales unless necessary, mainly due to the fact that I suck at maintaining chromatic progressions and melodies. This defective forces me to workaround with maximizing the uses of diatonic scale as much as possible, including strange chord progression, harmonic and out-of-tune sounds. This cemented the unique foundation of my music. Limitation forces me to be creative at any given time.

While this track is a little short, the production times still took quite long (5 hours), and it involves a lot of melodic sound design. All the instruments were organic, then post-processed with various free manipulation plugins. I had especially used many Labs instruments (all the guitars, hand bell, choir, soft piano, strings), for example the unique off-tune strings on left pan was charango, while the right pan was moon guitar. The off-tune sound was produced by a Guitar Rig Player SFX and Finisher Micro that level were lowed to minimum, enough to create the off-tune but not enough to distort.

Vocals came from the usual ones, Virgin Choir, Labs, TFO and Arcane. The beginning sounds were filtered soft piano from Labs. Woodwinds were from BBCSO Discover. Harp was from Etherealwinds Harp 2: CE. Soft choir and low strings from ProjectSam TFO. Brass was from Layers. Percs from various drum samples and plugins. Drumaxx, Anarchy Drums, DrumMic'a, Drum Pro, Factory Selection, Devastator, VSCO2. Post-processed by Gross Beat, Filterstep, Finisher Micro, Reaktor Player.

This one was made mostly on FL Studio 20 Demo because good melodic shit needs an excellent piano roll. With exception of drum programming on Waveform because Momentum kept crashing on FL Studio when you load too many instances. Well, when I see the need of me saving project files, then I'll buy FL Studio Signature. Until then FL 20 Demo is my ride as long as I stop learning how to use Waveform.

The end results should be a uniquely melodic, quite epic, somewhat humorous, energetic and complex yet enough for the audiences to unpack.

Also, genre doesn't matter anymore. Especially in my works.


Let nobody tell you that you cannot make music with free instruments, both Troisnyx, Andrew Huang and me prove them wrong! :P



  • Tracktion Waveform
  • FL Studio 20 Demo


  • Orchestral Tools Layers
  • Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover
  • Spitfire Audio Labs
  • ProjectSam The Free Orchestra
  • VSCO 2

(I swear one day I'll go full Bergersen with these godly free orchestra plugins)


  • Virgin Choir
  • Spitfire Audio Labs
  • Embertone Arcane

(Fun fact, the author of Virgin Choir, ANGLE, is also pro-free-plugins)


  • Spitfire Audio Labs
  • DSK Guitars

(I've just realized Labs' Peel Guitar when filtered with both Emissary and Guitar Rig, is basically ghetto Shreddage)


  • Etherealwinds Harp 2: CE


  • Drumaxx
  • Anarchy Drums
  • DrumMic'a
  • Drum Pro
  • NI Factory Selection
  • KeepForest Devastator
  • KeepForest Devastator Deathmatch


  • Big Fish Audio Momentum
  • Izotope Ozone Elements
  • Gross Beat
  • Audiomodern Filterstep
  • Finisher Micro
  • NI Reaktor Player
  • NI Guitar Rig Player
  • Dragonfly Reverb
  • Valhalla Freq Echo

(And shit load of FL Studio FX plugins)

Anything is possible if you try :)

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Very unique piece! I myself have just found out about all the gold that is in the LABS stuff, and I'm happy to see how awesome they can sound. Despite your aforementioned lack of theory, it seems to be a pretty solid piece for what limitations you seem to have. Some parts feel like a slight mishmash of things, and somehow I'm getting a bit out of place there (like the marble dropping sound that somehow sticks out for me) but everything else is pretty much in place.
I also appreciate your very detailed description of your techniques used, helps other producers who want to learn something new!

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your review! :)

Very bombastic song. Took a lot of time to really get into. Had to hear it for the 3rd time to really appreciate it., because it's a bit overwhelming at first with all of the glitchy sounds and all of the individual parts running through each other. I like how the intense and the quieter parts alternate. Can't believe how good these free instruments sound. I should really check some of them out. If only I'd have the disk space.

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your great review! :)

Ok this is fantastic, & I love the string staccatos! You did a great job on this, so keep it up! :]

Zoonotist responds:


This is really good! I'm pleasantly surprised you made this with free instruments.The percussion is fantastic, and you did a good job at establishing a gloomy mood.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Try layering the string staccato lines with staccatos from other families or even tonal percussion. I also recommend layering tuba and trombone in some cases.
2. I think the flutes could sound slightly sharper without having that unwanted piercing sound. Maybe you could use EQ for this effect or simply move the song to another key so the flute's lines move closer to top of its register.
3. There are times when the song seems to lack high end with the melodic instruments. Maybe glockenspiel or celesta can be used to fill that space.
4. I feel like the choir sounds a bit too close, maybe changing the EQ in the high mids could help make it sound like it's more in the back of the room.

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism, EverErratic. They're very helpful :)

Have a great weekend to you!

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4.15 / 5.00

May 22, 2020
6:09 PM EDT
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3 min 30 sec

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