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A City Not Forsaken


Author Comments

When musicians want to add variety within their composition, they often choose to change a chord progression, the structure, tempo, or melody.
Well, why not do the opposite?
By keeping the chord progression and theme the same, I decided to instead change the style and instrumentation.
Sometimes you have to take risks.

Don’t be fooled in making your mind up within the first minute on what style this is going to be.

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This one is so good! You are really one of the most talented composers over here and even more! Your production quality is really over the top... And you have two parts here which are both a single awesome track... It is really a shame that you were kicked out so early.... I also have tosmile each time when I hear the transition between both parts... I don´t know maybe you should have focused on one part and kept the other for the next round. Keep it up! You are really my most favorite composer here on NG!

Phonometrologist responds:

That's a very sweet review. My wife and I disagree whether I should have just uploaded just a part of the song, but I thought having more variety/content would be more beneficial. "A 2-3 minute piece is too easy," I thought. I didn't realize how important structure is to a competition like that. I do realize that the average listener and non-musician has more a mind for a more cookie-cutter approach, but ultimately I think she was right. Though, one half of the piece wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for the other. It was a symbiotic relationship in terms of its creation. I also thought that for each round, each note had to be from scratch and any ideas can't come to fruition until after the previous round. Now you know my original thoughts for taking such an approach.
You're very kind, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me know.

I like the warm atmosphere at the beginning. The vocals are gorgeous. The progression is a little slow towards the beginning, but I like the tranquil piano that comes in at around the 1-minute mark. Nice use of phrasing at 1:35. You’re definitely giving the piece a strong sense of direction, and the synths that fade in at around 2:15 were an intriguing and quirky touch. The instrumentation takes another drastic turn at 3:35, and I like the vocals at 3:48 a lot - they’re very smooth and soulful. That said, I can’t help but be turned off a bit by the lack of cohesion of the piece. There are distinct sections, all with very distinct sound designs, that are only loosely connected. At 3:35, you appear to fade out the piano, only to fade in the guitar, almost as if this track is an album preview, playing short clips of several songs in turn. I don’t think that’s the effect you want the structuring to have on the listener. Despite the thematic similarities between the sections of the piece, I think you need a little more repetition to keep the listener grounded. I also thought that the vocals at 3:48 constituted the first example of a prominent melody in the piece, which is problematic. Furthermore, the panning on the guitar was a bit too off-center for my tastes. The guitar provides a clear pulse that gives the piece a lot of drive and, as such, I think it should be mostly front-and-center. That said, the production quality here is great overall. Despite my criticisms, there are a lot of strong attributes of this piece: the emotion and atmosphere, the mastering, the excellent blending of your instruments (especially during the first half of the piece). I’m a stickler for structuring, though, and it was hard for me to ignore the fact that this track sounds like at least 2 different pieces. I commend you for taking that risk, but it didn’t pay off for me, I’m afraid. Nice work nevertheless! I’m looking forward to hearing your future tracks. :)


Phonometrologist responds:

Greetings TL,
You are quite right in pointing out some of its flaws in its current state, but you and I both arrive at different responses. Oh how boring music can be if one didn't take the risks to stray away from what one is taught and what one ought to do with sound! If given more time, I would have made the transitions more seamless, but I literally wrote the first half of the piece the day it was due and spliced the two pieces together 20 minutes before the deadline. The beginning comes naturally whereas I spent a lot of time chipping away what would eventually be the latter half of the song. Even then, and as jarring it may seem, I couldn't help but smile and laugh to how it turned out. Why not? Of course I can write a piece with more uniformity, but consider it a dream yet to be and yet to come as the scenes of a devastated, forgotten city finds life once again forevermore.
In terms of the technical and a mixing choice I made, the guitar being off centered comes from a retro perspective. I could have stacked the guitars, but decided not to at the time of recording. Even now, I was just listening to Space Oddity by David Bowie where his acoustic guitar is entirely played in the right speaker. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I still plan on updating this track now that I have the time to do so.


As SnowTeddy already mentioned, I very much appreciate the fact that you're not afraid to go outside of your usual style (even though you've obviously experimented in other compositions too). You've also let this piece evolve over time, which makes for a very interesting structure. I took your advice in the description, and went into my first listen without any expectations whatsoever. That really helped my enjoyment, I'd say!

You're able to make the most out of your chord progressions, be it with suspense, arps, or just the way the melody flows.

I hope your risky move is appreciated by the judges, but we'll see! I personally enjoy where the piece ends up going. It's great that you've clearly put a lot of effort into composing this track too. Indeed, in your bracket (and preferably at all points and placements in the competition) every round ought to be treated as the last one.

This is a great listen. Keep up the marvelous work, and best of luck! This round will indeed be a tough one :)

Phonometrologist responds:

You know I always appreciate your support and reviews. This one is no different, and it's reassuring at times when I'm in doubt. In regards to the competition, I really don't expect to advance. I wouldn't want to give any ideas to the judges, but the transition will probably knock some points off the overall score as I find it weak. I ran out of time in smoothing out the parts, and after this round, I plan on improving upon these ideas. But hey I don't mind, and I have no expectations to how it goes other than that I get to take a little break from making music ;p
I also was able to get an idea of an concept album from the feedback I've received in the last two pieces so it has been productive so far.

I came back to Newgrounds, just to listen to the piece. That's how amazing it was. Ny worthless review probably don't do much beside the hype, and no word could describe the magnificent work here, so I will not say anything more but to congratulate you on breaking out of your comfort zone. Marvelous work.

Phonometrologist responds:

You're too kind, and I always appreciate your words and presence. If you don't upload new music here, it better be somewhere like soundcloud or etc.

This is quite a complex song, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it :D

The third part, which is my favorite, really reminds me of the pop musician Kesha, particularly some of her tracks from Warrior. I'm curious about where your inspiration came from.

Phonometrologist responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for leaving a comment. To be honest I haven't heard of Kesha, but I'll look her up. For the "third part" of which you speak of, my initial inspiration came from Bob Marley. Hence the reggae feel a little bit.

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Jul 30, 2017
11:58 PM EDT
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