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All the Shades Between


Author Comments

My entry for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch round of 64. Things...didn’t quite go as planned. Between losing power for most of yesterday and being a bit too ambitious with a number of different ideas, this came out sounding a bit like three or four entirely separate songs stitched into one. Oops.

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Definitely a ton of ideas stitched together, but your textures are so nice! Name is quite apt. That you managed to essentially pull this out of your arse is a testament to your ability. Only thing I didn't like was the dryness of the bass guitar. Reminds me of Age of Mythology in some places.

I like the atmosphere at the beginning. You really needed a stronger transition at :10, though. All of a sudden the piece is going in a very different direction at that point. I think you set the piece up to be very flowing, but then at around :35 it sounds very stumbly - I think you need to simplify the rhythmic elements there. I really liked the sound design and mood, though. The pause at 1:23 was a bit awkward, but the cello solo after that was beautiful. The glissando on the choir at 1:55 was a bit overdone. The piece has a bizarre flow to it, yet has very little coherence. I noticed no problems with the mixing and mastering, but I think you went way too experimental with the composition here. The piece doesn’t feel like a cohesive whole, and needs to be grounded in some more recognizable structural elements. The ending also lacks conclusion, and at times the balance in the volume levels seems a little off between different sections. Still, there’s a lot of potential here. I’d encourage you to keep working on it because the atmosphere is just engrossing. Keep at it, JeremyKingVA! ;)


the ending of this track (last 1.5 minutes) is absolutely beautiful. if you would have focused on that rather than the cinematic stuff (which is okay but not as good) i think this would have been super awesome. as it is, it's still pretty awesome.

Hey have you listened to my crud? There's nothing wrong with entirely different ideas stuck together :P at least if you're me

There are soooo many good ideas here man. And you say you pulled this off after a power outage? Niiice. This could have been a really good entry into the ngchips compo about colors - this track is just full of them.

Because of all that it doesn't really ever get boring. It's really nice because I can go from section to section liking this bit and then liking the next bit instead after a little while. There's always something new to like. I like that.

Although the piece is ambient and slow evolving, there are times when the track seems a bit too sluggish. This section at 2:04 was the best at dodging the slowness, and 3:07 was the worst at dodging the slowness. And I get that it's supposed to be all atmospheric and pad-y and slow evolving and all that junk, but certain sections just seem a bit too slow at what they're trying to accomplish.

Overall though the atmosphere is accomplished really, really well. Sounds intermingle really nicely, especially with the proficiency of the mix, and transitions help bring your ideas together. Despite the power outage, you've pulled off an entry worthy of the NGADM! Good luck :D

I'm so glad you managed to get a track in! This is very well mixed on the whole, and you're so talented with creating ambience. It'd be interesting to know your thought process behind each different part in this song. I don't actually think there's anything wrong with threading together different ideas in one song, but it'd be nice to know if there's a story behind each part. I think that would help guide the listener through a journey in your music!

There are many parts of this that I really love. Particularly the part that comes in around 2 minutes. That bassline is great and really goes well with the bells. Those voices that come in at 2:30 too are so atmospheric! The strings throughout are emotional and very well composed. I think the transition at 3 minutes could have been just a tad smoother!

The part at 3:58 was a really nice addition too. I think this track would go really well with a short film. The ending seemed perhaps a little abrupt, but nothing totally offputting.

Maybe you could go back to your description and put your thoughts on each part of your track? I think it would help make more sense of what you've intended and definitely work in your favour, when the judges come to look at your track especially ;)

All-in-all, I really enjoyed this. I've given it five stars because despite the little parts I suggested that I'd tweak, if I were rating this, it'd still be like a 9.6/10! I always enjoy your work a lot and you bring something special with each track that you do. Something that is unique to your work.

Also, I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Keep doing what you're doing because it's fantastic.

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2017
9:58 PM EDT
File Info
10.4 MB
4 min 32 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.