Silije Karlsen - Think Back In Time (Jeremy King Remix)


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An experimental remix of Silije Karlsen's "Think Back In Time" that I put together in bits and pieces over the last day and a half for sorohanro's remix contest. I suppose it could best be described as synthpop...sort of?

'Think Back In Time' is the IP and original composition of Silije Karlsen. This track was remixed as per the instructions provided in the contest thread and is shared via Creative Commons.

ORIGINAL TRACK - https://youtu.be/DpY6WF5LJVo


This was easily my most disorganized project in recent memory. Final track wound up with something close to 100 (!!!) individual stems in the mixdown because of the awkward way I went about the whole process.

...I don't know how or why it happened, either.

There's a lot of under the hood shenanigans going on in terms of parallel processes, delay and reverb sends, etc. Pretty wild. I guess. Anyway.

That being said, to go through everything I utilized in the making of this would be a chore in and of itself, but to cover the broad strokes, the big synth chords in the chorus is courtesy of the excellent free PG-8X VSTi. The dinky but endearing (imo) electric piano is the Siel PX patch for Kontakt, courtesy of Synth Magic (and also free). I used one of the patches from CL-Project's Pad Factory bundle for Kontakt to provide a few soft backing chords that kind of weave in and out of the mix at a couple points.

To gloss over the remaining details, other plugins used for synths include The Keyboard library and the Lampshade patch (with an over the top convolution verb for effect) from The Kitchen by Embertone, Zero-1 by Hideaway Studio, and Mini Magic 002 by Synth Magic.

For the drums and transitional elements, I used Drum Lab by NI, ReForged by Impact Soundworks, DX From Mars, one of the 808 Kits in Battery 4, Free Angels by 8Dio, and one or two other plugins I know for a fact I'm blanking on.


Hope you enjoy!


This is a very original way to remix/ reimagine this song.

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Thank you!

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