Shi And Silence


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A piece I composed back in March. I'd just gotten back into the swing of composing/producing music again after a year-long hiatus, so there are certain elements of the mix I'm unsatisfied with, though not quite to the extent where I find myself wanting to remaster everything from scratch.

Sample libraries used include Eduardo Tarilonte's Shevannai - Voice of the Elves, Soundiron's Voices of Gaia - Strawberry and Apocalypse Elements, the demo version of the Friedlander Violin from Embertone's Arcane library, and various backing synth pads.

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well done ,I like it

NIIICE, man niiiiice. Sounds very nice!!! Love it

This was really cool! I don't know why but it reminded me a lot of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex op song.

=== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review ===

Wow, this is a really nice piece! The sound choice and design is just immaculate. The drums sound fantastic - I love whichever pack your using. (That's right - I don't even know what it is, but I love it!) Furthermore, they're mixed really well. The vocals, too, sound pretty awesome. Both the whispered sounds and the higher female vocals add a bunch of atmosphere. Yes, that's what defines this piece: ATMOSPHERE. I would have liked a more solid melody or at least a bit more defined chords so I could really love this piece, but even as it stands, it's a really fantastic piece of atmospheric and ambient work. Great job!

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
Mixing: 4/4
Arrangement: 3/4
Composition: 3/4
Overall (this is not an average): 8/10

JeremyKingVA responds:

Thank you kindly! :D

The drums are from Soundiron's "Apocalypse Elements" library. Atmosphere was definitely what I was aiming for when I composed this, haha. Glad you enjoyed the piece!

Waw this is very impressive and hypnotizing, the atmosphere is very immersive, i had chills to this Really nice vocals used in a original way the high pitch vibrato notes remind me gandalf's death soundtrack. nice synths also and the percussions are so good, it makes everything so intense ! I can meditate to this and it could perfectly fit for a movie or something like a space documentary

JeremyKingVA responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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May 15, 2016
5:39 PM EDT
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