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Rushing into Deepness


Author Comments

"How deep are you willing to go?
Will you rush inside a burning building to save something you love?
Would you swim into the deep to impress the people surrounding you?

Is it all worth the risk anyway?"

This track is done for the NGADM competition :), I am hoping this will get me to round 2!

About 70% of the track is done in a sitting of 24 hours with lots of caffeinated beverages, the revisit today was another 10 hours in which I mostly listened to it, again and again, tweaking sounds and patterns every playthrough.

All done in FL12 and most synths created in Sylenth1.

I am happy with the result and I hope you all are enjoying this darkish track. I am sleep deprived so I am going to bed :c

UPDATE: I lowered the volume of the drums a little bit at some parts.

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Hello! Time for your review of a few points I think could be improved.

Points of Goodness:
-Very nice strings and piano breakdowns, very lovely background behind it. 1:22 is fantastic.
-Your first drum loop is great, gotta agree with Grant on that.
-...and your adding to the drum loop with extra beats is also great.
-Great effects at the very end!

Points of Improvement:
-Transition at 1:07 is not good. Sudden cut out of strong drums is too sudden.
-You have a bad habit of sitting on ideas too long, I've noticed. They're good ideas and have good interesting sound design, which keeps them easier to listen through, but still. Too much. Something like 3:10 does not do enough to alleviate this - try shifting the drums up a little bit too. This is really the biggest issue this piece has.
-EXCEPT THE ENDING AAAAAH. Please, friend, please. Make an actual ending next time. ;_;


Adjeye responds:

Thank you for the feedback Skye :),

I just wanted to do a breakdown at 1:07, I didn't notice I made it too sudden. That is what you get when you listen to a track over and over, nothing sounds sudden anymore.

I noticed it i my tracks too, that I sit on ideas for too long, but that is because I like my ideas, and feel like I don't want to undersell them or anything.

And sorry for the ending, I too, think it was maybe a bit too lazy.

Opening textures are interesting, with an olskool feel to them. Breakbeat? Nice. Although that bass feels a little flat in comparison to those strings and highs. Needs more grit. I am appreciating the chord structures, as well as the hi pass play. One of the few instances of where it's tasteful. Unfortunately, there is just so much high and mid going on, the track feels extremely top-heavy, no matter how tastefully arranged.

I'm not really enjoying how we reach the end of our piano phrase to come into such a slow and empty buildup. It does pick up later into some good breakbeat with piano overlays every now and then to accent. I can hear some intense focus here, all centering on our tonal anchor. Still think that piano should have been panned hard left and right rather than so centered. Your bass is your focus, or should be. It's very muted in comparison to the drums and even the occasional percussion panning left and right on beat 3. I felt like the strings and rhodes that came in later were in the space where the piano should have been. Piano just takes up way too much space in the mix. It should sound farther off to blend better with the rest of the track. Rhodes were also a bit too loud.

Enjoyed the track as a whole. Felt shorter than it really was.

Adjeye responds:

I wanted to let the listener feel the emptiness before building the drums back up, so that there would be a dynamic contrast in the build as a whole, it didn't work out that well in the end, but this was my basic idea behind that.

My basses haven't always been that great (which is terrible in DnB, I know, and that's why I like to mix in a lot of instruments, to cover that up. It works most of the time, but I should really be working at my sound design.

I like the instrumentation and atmosphere. The gritty bass at :11 and sharp percussion at :23 are particularly enjoyable. It’s a little slow to develop, although I like the melodic content in the piano at 1:08. That said, you also go a long while (roughly a minute) without changing the texture until the bass comes back in at around 1:58. You did a good job of filling out the texture throughout, though, and the mixing is quite strong. My main problem with it is that the latter half of the piece lacks an emotional height or refrain that adds resolve. I think you channel the energy well here, but the lack of strong melodic development later in the piece makes the last ⅓ or so sound a bit underwhelming. Still, I really enjoyed the attention to detail in the composition and sound design. Keep it up, Adjeye! :)


Adjeye responds:

Thanks for the feedback :), it is much appreciated. I wanted to create a sort of suspense and contrast between a bit more quietness and then the dynamic build of the drums after 1:58, too bad it didn't come out as strong as I would have wanted.

really cool. that drum loop sequence is the tastiest thing. something something u vs demon wolf would be funny something

Adjeye responds:

Glad that matchup can only happen in the finals something-something ;)

LOVE the start, the strings sound beautiful, and that ambient crackling really felt nice on the ear. The bass was too jarring for me, it side swiped me out of the track, and I personally would have gone for a subtler bass and less harsh drums, because the piano and strings are really nice.

Good luck!

Adjeye responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

I would rather have a more aggressive and harsh track tho with a more subtle way. Maybe I should have done less with classical instruments, and more with synths. I had the feeling they matched pretty well, maybe I should revisit the .flp again :), after enough plays everything sounds right so thanks for pointing this out!

Credits & Info


4.41 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2017
3:08 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
10.9 MB
4 min 45 sec

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