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Adjeye - Caliginous Newcomer

Lots of composing and recording done for this one.
I hope you all will enjoy this one :)

Total time of 34 hours.

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review


You know, I think it's an incredible shame that you ended up in a group with one of the highest-scoring participants this round. This is super high quality stuff. The ever-present, dark, ominous feeling melds so well with the thrilling drum and bass and triplet time, creating an incredible memorable style and captivating experience. You fill that up with a suitable amount of variety, but still always remain true to your compositional style, so despite the relatively long nature of this track, it feels like one cohesive experience throughout. There are some really cool things in here like the glock or piano solos. Very good stuff.

I'm afraid I absolutely agree with TaintedLogic that I was hoping for more tension releases in this track. I always feel like your track is accumulating huge amounts of tension during parts like 1:30, but that tension is kept lingering, due to the unfortunately anticlimactic buildups and transitions you employ throughout the track. You'd have created a much more satisfying experience with more effective control of tension, in my opinion. From a mixing standpoint, this is crystal clear and well-produced, but I was hoping for a bit more low end from the drums. I also feel like some synths stick out in the mix rather unnaturally, namely 0:22's synth and its reappearance at 2:58. I get that you use it to play one of the track's underlying motifs, but the way it stands out so much compared to everything else throws the listener off a tad too much.

I consider this one of the best tracks this round. It's not a track without its flaws, but most every aspect of this track is executed so well. Brilliant job, and it's a shame we're not seeing you in Round 2.


SCORE: 9.0/10

Adjeye responds:

Yeah I see what you and tainted meant, 1:50 was meant as an anticlimax as contrast to the climax at 2:14, but that climax didn't really get through the way I wanted it to. I will try to apply the feedback you all gave me in my coming tracks and you will definitely see me next year!

NGADM Review

This is a really interesting track. The rhythmic elements to it are super awesome and ultimately makes it a really catchy track. You actually have a pretty nice progression of composition in this track which I really enjoy. You also have some really unique sounds that almost make it sound spooky. I really have nothing left to say about this track. The only things I feel where it was lacking was I didn’t feel SUPER connected to it on an emotional level. It definitely sounded cool, but it didn’t have me begging for more. I also felt that the melodies didn’t live up to the rest of the songs feel. I guess what I’m looking for is a more diverse and unique melody that can capture me.



Adjeye responds:

Most EDM composers like to stick with major chords, because they sound happy and lightly, I have a preference to darker melodies and thus I prefer to compose in minor. This also makes my melodies more dark and more depressing and less emotional and happy. I might need to consider swapping to other chords here and there to be more original compared to earlier made tracks.

Thanks for liking the dynamics, lately I am experimenting a lot in 6/8 and also the drums that come with it. I glad you liked that part!

Thank you for your review, I will try to tackle the named points here.

I liked the exotic percussion and other samples you had here. Very cool soundscape. You left yourself a lot of space for contrast at the beginning here, but the piece itself progresses pretty slowly. The piano that starts fading in at around 1:10 was also a nice touch. I love the somewhat ominous and apprehensive mood you’ve created here. There isn’t really a big “arrival point” until 1:50, and even then you don’t release a lot of tension. I also think you could’ve brought out that bell-like synth a lot more, as that seemed to be the main melody at that part. The build-up at around 1:30 doesn’t lead much of anywhere. I like the frantic synths at around 2:45. Nice job bringing the structure of the piece full-circle with the re-introduction of that first lead at 2:57, and then the subsequent variance of that lead at 3:08. That variance really helps give the piece a sense of direction. I suppose my main problem with this piece is that you build up a lot of tension, and then you never release it. Take 3:30 for example. I was expecting a soaring melody, a hard-hitting drop, or at least something more cathartic than a mysterious, flowy riff following a huge sweep. It would help create a lot more structural contrast in this piece if you added that point of arrival and release, probably at least twice in your track. If anything, 4:15 was sort of a dramatic “height” in a way, yet it was somewhat structurally isolated from the “height” at 1:50. I think this piece dragged on a lot longer than it really had to. All the various build-ups and subsequent re-intros don’t really keep my attention for almost 6 minutes. Furthermore, the transition at 4:58 was a little sudden. You could’ve at least used a crash there or something. That said, I enjoyed the ominous quality that the coda had (it certainly seemed fitting given the 5 minutes before it). The mixing and mastering is generally very solid as well. Fix the structural and concision issues, and I’ll say you’ve got a well-polished track here, Lordedri! Keep at it, man! Hope this helped. ;)


This review was written for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match 2015.

Adjeye responds:

Thank you very much! This is definitely something I can work on!

cool transition. I liek the flwo you shhould try making goa trance xD

Adjeye responds:

I've made lots of psy-trance mixes (which is similar to goa) but when I try to produce it, I can't get the hang of the techniques required ;/

i really can see this in a really good animation :D it has so much adventure to it gosh damn it goosebumps good job and keep it up you really have potential :)

Adjeye responds:

Thank you :)

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Aug 12, 2015
11:54 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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