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Again with ma neww stylzz LISTEN N REVIEW



lol when i first heard it, it sounded like something from a Final Fantasy game but the more i listen to it the less it sounded FF wise. Other than that I liked it. Nice job! :P

Wow, formermom, you're improving!

This is definitely better than the last song of yours that I've listened to. (Cry Beatnick 2.0.) It sounds like... what, ambient DnB or something?

You start out a bit annoyingly... but after the "infectious vocals" the song gets a LOT better.

You're using melodies and harmonies all over the place, and they make sense, too. Your percussion works very nicely. I have to say, I'm amazed, formermom! You've jumped far! I'll go in-depth now.

Your melody... it's much better than last time. Mind you, it still could be better... there are notes you could potentially switch around as for the most part you're making half steps between them which doesn't sound very good melodically. Still, it's a big improvement.

You're using many more harmonies in the song and they're much better! They make sense and there are few clashing notes. The only problem I have here is that eventually they, coupled with the percussion cause things to get a bit too loud later in the song. You could have kept things at the same volume.

Your percussion, I have to say, is amazing! I've just listened to Cry Beatnick 2.0, and it's ridiculous how far you've come in a few weeks! Ridiculous good, of course. I especially like the thing you do with the snare drums, where it plays eighth notes and goes up in pitch every now and then. That was an especially unexpected move and it worked well. Your percussion is especially unique because it hits and then fades out through a certain pattern of drums... then hits and fades again. This is especially unique and is quite a nice touch.

Your choices and uses for your synths and other sounds are much better... there are a few, however, you could have replaced with better choices - for example, the choirs don't really fit, except for that one pad (cloudchorus or something?) that fits fine. I hear FL presets, but hey - you can choose your synths much better before and that alone is a big step. Unfortunately, your choices in synths and other sounds are one of the two things (clarity is the other) that makes the song much worse than it potentially could be - should you have tried just a LITTLE harder here, the song would have been MUCH, MUCH BETTER! Just stick to this style and work on this and your quality and you'll be as good as I am!

In this song you've finally achieved an actual atmosphere, unlike your other songs that I've reviewed which don't really have that quality. This really gives me the image of a boss fight in certain video games, and sounds like it can be easily looped. It also sounded like you could have kept going, intstead of ending with that pad. The song could have been a few minutes longer should you have continued it and kept to the same standards.

Overall a very good song and a HUGE improvement. What have you been doing these past few weeks? Your songs must have been improving a LOT! So keep up the good work and PM me if you ever want a review for a song you've submitted.

formermom responds:

Probably the longest review I have ever had LOL

&& Yes I know it kinda does wreck it with those quire voices!! and I mixed it a littl etoo much, but i'm going to come out witha second verison cause I love this song:D

((VOTED 4))

It was okay I guess. Far to ambient for me though. It kind of creeped me out. A nice drum beat acompanied by what sounded like a creepy girl screaming at me. And a great intro of course. And it was original and that is the most important thing I look for in a song. Good job.

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Feb 19, 2007
1:44 AM EST
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