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Album art credit to Funnygame.

God, how do these contests keep bringing out my absolute best? If I could work like this all the time, I'd be pushing out so much more content.

Well, here it is. This 4 minute track was made for a new Newgrounds competition called NGCHIPS. It's hosted by johnfn, and essentially it's a themed, anonymous, informal competition where you make a track in a week and all the submitters vote on the best. This was the first NGCHIPS ever, and I quickly decided that I would definitely participate in the premier. And also get a bunch of connections to people I always wanted to be able to talk to. Like johnfn.

Anyway, this track does tell a story, so enjoy and here it is:

Part 1 - 0:00 to 1:12 - The Discovery
You've stumbled across a lost civilization. The city is a complex of large, pyramid-like, blue structures with veins of glowing, green energy pulsing within. As you walk between the structures approaching the largest one in the center, you observe the green energy shifting around you, forming runes and ancient drawings. You wonder what all of it means.

Part 2 - 1:12 to 2:28 - The Depths
You enter the central structure and observe the decaying technology within. Almost everything is holographic - the floor, the writings, the altars... Upon reaching the control room, a large computer in the center boots up and begins relaying the story of how the peaks went forgotten into the mist directly into your brain.

Part 3 - 2:28 to 3:58 - The Departure
As you leave the peaks, you wonder what lies ahead. Memory of the initial discovery sinks in as the thoughts cross your mind - where are all these people now? Meanwhile, the central computer shuts down, having done its final job. The peaks go dark.


Oh! This is so cool! I like the story as well! :D Keep up the good work!

Congrats for having the highest score in the all-stars group in NGUAC! this track is amazing, so chill and awesome, everything is well here, great ambientation and composition :D

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1f1n1ty responds:

Thanks man I also had the highest score in NGADM so that came as no surprise :P

Honestly idk how this track was that good and still lost NGCHIPS but oh well

***This is a NGUAC first round review. Forgive if it is short, there are a hundred songs to get through!! Further rounds will be MUCH more in detail on your review!!***

THIS. IS. FANTASTIC. love your sounds. Love your ambiance. Love the quality of your reverb. Your overall room. well done!

1f1n1ty responds:

oh hey trunotfalls

yeah i definitely don't mind i've gotten my fair share of feedback from ngadm anyway

ur so good at making music... and plz explain me that "No HTML, por favor." text under the coment box?

1f1n1ty responds:

it means don't use tags like <strong> or <a href="1f1n1ty.newgrounds.com">

Wow! Lovely ambient. The reverb'd quality is well done, and the whole scope of this track makes for a nice, relaxing listen. I can imagine this playing on a video game, or an animated film or show soundtrack.

The soft percussion and piano-like pads in the beginning to the sweet pitched synths and smooth arps are what I like the most about this piece. The percussion softly playing in the background doesn't hinder this track at all.

What you wrote out to describe the audio-visual story here was something I could imagine somewhat. You definitely have a solid audio-visual talent.

Best of luck to you in the NGADM. =D

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1f1n1ty responds:

Hey SilverFoxJams thanks for dropping by

I will say that many of the thungs that are so great about this track happened by complete accident. Many sounds were created by simply shooting in the dark and hoping for thr best so its always crazy to me to see how good it all is

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May 24, 2017
1:07 AM EDT
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