Just Fucking Run


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Just Fucking Run. Originally this was to be used in a video game. But sadly the game got scrapped. So I re-imagined the entire song.

You can listen to it's original form in my backlog of audio here on new Grounds. I think this version being faster, and a little more polished with different instruments sounds better than the original. You can also see how much I have improved from just barely six years ago.

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If you want to use this in a movie, video game, or flash submission you already have my permission to use it. All that I ask is that I am able to at least play, and or see how my projects are used in your work free of charge. (Conditions below)
"Independent film makers" and "Independent Video Game developers" are FREE TO USE MY WORK in their works. But please contact me first! I might be able to rewrite my music to better suit the motion picture or your game!
That is right! I am not looking for a contract, I am looking for publicity for my work. I am not looking for royalties, I am looking for a CHALLENGE. If you'd like to offer me a contract that is cool, however I am looking to see my work actually make it out there somewhere.
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That is all. Message me by PM if you have to but I would much rather see it here in the comment section. Sometimes I go months without ever checking anything on here so it is nice to see where this track ended up.

You gotta love the fact that nobody ever votes on a track anymore. over 100 listens and 0 voters... That's it the download button is OFF.

My goodness over 500 listens! I've never seen this many in a single week. And this song is now available on the google play store! (Search for The_Con-Sept to find it. Comes as a free download!)

I think I have finally capped out the total number of listens for any one of my songs with just this one submission. Over 850 views on this website alone, and well over 1,000 on other various websites. I have so happy this song has brought about some joy to your day, or made you feel like running again. Off to go make more music that doesn't sound the same as this song.

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i knew this song was befitting for a game!

it really fits for a boss stage in my opinion

TheCon-Sept responds:

Originally it was for a running sequence. The idea behind this specific part of the game was to recreate a running simulator, but NOT set in a rural area filled with a bunch of buildings and modern tech. Instead it was supposed to be in the setting of a small open area just near the tree line of a mountain. And you ran towards the mountains to get elude pursuance.

So you can imagine running from out in the opening into the forested mountain side, and then jumping into a waterfall.


Damn good! I'd love to use this one in my first Madness animation..

TheCon-Sept responds:

I love those madness cartoons.

*Link sent.

It seems like there's a lot of games being scrapped. But at least things like this end up on Newgrounds afterwards!

Well, I do like the track itself and, yeah, it does fit the whole "chase"-theme, but I do have a hard time seeing into what kind of game (and genre) it would really fit.

Anyways, that doesn't hurt the song in any way - it's a plain & swell job done right there.

TheCon-Sept responds:

The original plan for this track was based on a chase scene between men on horses, and an animal. While I still can't be 100% clear on the whole idea for the game since I am still under a Non Disclosure Agreement, I can say the pictures used for the game helped me to depict a setting. And what I gathered from it was the characters waking up to a really bad situation.

Link sent *

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Oct 6, 2015
1:37 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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