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Club Jump

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Author Comments

Want to use this in your work of art?
If you want to use this in a movie, video game, or flash submission you already have my permission to use it. All that I ask is that I am able to at least play, and or see how my projects are used in your work free of charge. (Conditions below)
"Independent film makers" and "Independent Video Game developers" are FREE TO USE MY WORK in their works. But please contact me first! I might be able to rewrite my music to better suit the motion picture or your game!
That is right! I am not looking for a contract, I am looking for publicity for my work. I am not looking for royalties, I am looking for a CHALLENGE. If you'd like to offer me a contract that is cool, however I am looking to see my work actually make it out there somewhere.
If you like what you hear already you can use it free of charge from me. (Exclusion below)
"Commercial video game developers" and "commercial film makers" requires a contract, and or Royalties to be given to me.
That is all. Message me by PM if you have to but I would much rather see it here in the comment section. Sometimes I go months without ever checking anything on here so it is nice to see where this track ended up.

Almost 8 years later I finally get around to uploading the final version of this song. It is just 12 seconds longer than the original "final" version but I wanted to add in some extra tidbits to the song.

One major difference is the SPACE FEELING towards the end middle of the song. You'll hear it.

Thanks for everyone who ever listened to this track.

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Yeah you got alot better it seems

I listened to you're first techno song, and it seemed good for a first but nothing special...

Then I listened to this and it sounds awesome! The only thing I would change is maybe vary it a little more frequently. Great job, I'm voting 5.

Check out my stuff
- Anth0n

TheCon-Sept responds:

That 110 by me was my first techno song I have ever created. I would post up every piece of work I have created up until this point... but that would be over 200 songs and alot of headaches on the listeners end. I have improved alot and I can tell you this... never over do it on effects and pick the right samples to co relate with the song. This is an example of 16 different samples working together to create a sort of Club like feeling to it. This is also my most reviewed song.... for once I think I have created a song that can appeal to everyone.

Great beats

Sorry it's been so long since I have reviewed anyone but here goes. I love the drum beat and the creeping up bass on it. It gives the sence of something ominous. Also it lets the listener decide if it's ambiant music or something they can dance to. It coulda done without the guitar in the end but some people like the guitar so it works both ways. Hope this helped. Keep them coming.

~Red 7

TheCon-Sept responds:

'm gonna end up mixing all my skills into a big piece one day. If anyone has the Justine Dance Mix CD please let me know. There is a certain track on that CD that I think is number 5 or 3 or something that I really liked. I lost the album off mycomputer and my sister has the CD... It was the only song I truly liked on the CD. I'm trying to copy the skills that DJ Had on that track.

If I do create an awsome track I would have to give credit to DJ's before me for giving me a stle to go by.

The artists I like have to be:
Sneaker Pimps
Freq Nasty
Tom Middleton
Elite Force
Omni Trio
Deep Blue
Moving Shadow
Guerilla Black
Beastie Boys
and Atmosphere

if I hadn't listened to so many of these perfect mixes then I wouldn't have the skills i have today. I think I ought submit my very first track I created on FL3 (not FLStudio). Then you guys can see how I started... I think it was called techno bump or something. I'll upload it here in a bit. tell me what you think...

not bad

it's not bad at all mate, i mean the bass is nice, the beats are nice and all that, the guitar distirt thing is nice..... it just feels really generic, theres no WOW factor to it. it's pretty much the same thing on a loop, which i understand dn b does. it's also actually not drum n bass in the sense of the word either.dnb is 160bpm plus. so its in thw wronggenre too.

its okay tho plenty ofroom forimprovement tho.


TheCon-Sept responds:

I'm going to leave this track as is. I am going to submit it to [AS] for their consideration... maybe that might get me a little bit more famous and well known to a few pro's.

I was on yahoo in a techno room and a fe wpeople said it reminds them of Terminator... and a few people said gtfo noob.... then I heard what they had created and it sounded like a "my first techno song" piece.... over done with too many drumloops playing at once with the same backgrounds from FLS and a bunch of crazy ass sounds and noises.... I remember when I created stuff like that... I deleted them after I was done. I knew they were crap but hey... we learn from mistakes.

In this piece I was going for D n B... but at a fast rate no one will like it as a dance track... or for the genre I was going for: Gentlemens club music. which is why its title Club Jump and why it is at a slow tempo. The only way you can dance to fast music is by jumping and turning.... Fast music is great for Action scenes and fast motion.... but I can see this piece being played in a club.

Picture this through the whole track:
The begining: You're outside and next in line. the guard finally lets you in. you hear the bumps get louder and the people chatter. Make your way across the dance floor where you see some pole dancers.

Middle: You're finally at the mini bar ordering a drink when a lady sits next to you. She talks and you get in the move to see her moves. she gets up on a table and invites you to it.

Middle - End (Power-Guitar part): She starts showing you the good stuff.
End: you have had yours and want to leave and you have nothing but a memory as you exit.

But yeah... this piece has a good mix with it. I'm going to make a mega mix of all my work (even some of my work that you haven't heard) to make one big party mix.


that beat is HOTTT!!!!

n that funky bassline is just bringin it all together!

love it.

i can picture some dude strollin down the club strip, in slow mo or some shit.. n jumpin out with a fuckin mac n blastin everyone away...

violent thoughts i know, but that's what i see.

great work


TheCon-Sept responds:

I knew this one would break the barrier. but damn.... it seems like even if you create something that people like someone always has to vote a 1 on the submission to put you down and out. I wonder if noobs come onto your submission and vote yours down because they think their "first music piece" is way better than yours.

Oh well I wish more people would review my stuff because well... I need to feedback.

Thanks for yours i2!

Quality stuff.

This is great to listen to, really nice work! That beat is brilliant, the synths are very funky. May I ask what you used to make this?

TheCon-Sept responds:

I use what everyone uses if they don't know any other music production apps. FLS (Fruity Loops Studio) yes its an H&C version but I am pretty good with the tools that I am limited to. I've been a fan of FL since FL3.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad that 5 people have heard this already and its keeping my scores high!

thanks for your feedback!

Credits & Info


4.50 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
2:18 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
7.7 MB
3 min 21 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.