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I love winter, and this song channels that love into music form.

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Great stuff! Like your stuff so far.
I do think the song is a bit too repetitive for my liking. While the instruments change quite a bit, there's not much melodic variety, which might have been fine, if it wasn't for the fact that the song goes on for 4 and a half minutes.
Also i don't like the fact that you love winter. What's wrong with you?! :P

TheSubfrost responds:

I'm scrambled in the brain, that's why I like it. I just love snow and cold weather for no logical reason haha.

Yeah, I should've added more variety, and I'll keep that in mind on future songs. Thanks!

Pretty catchy.


I like the accents on the hi-hats. The track starts fairly soon, and without much build-up or warning, besides a reverse cymbal. A harmonic line is established, but it wasn't enough time to get used to it. Some foreshadowing of your melody would have also made it a little more effective - fade-in, filter-in - an effect of some sort. At 00:40 and 1:05, the sudden stops confuse me. I'm thinking we're already at the breakdown by the first time it occurs.

The patterns you have playing 01:50 in would have been better placed after 00:50. It makes for better compositional coherence (meaning it would flow a little better rather than having two sudden stops nigh back to back). All 32 bars of that.


Okay, so 02:24 in, some fairly creative orchestral pizzicato, which is then swapped out for some percussive variety. I like this section more than I do the intro because it seems the most interesting. Lasts a fairly long while (not that that's a bad thing, it's a nice change of pace).


From that point on, essentially the same deal from the intro. Restates the main theme, which works.


It's not bad. I believe there could be some more melodic diversity in the intro. It could be a tad lengthier so that you can establish your themes better, as the ideas seem disjointed at times. Bassline could use a switch-up. The pattern that plays gets stale after the sixth time listening to it.

You've got most of what I'm talking about at that 2:25 mark, it just needs to extend everywhere else so that you can have the listener maintain more interest. Plus it'll make it more rounded.

As for synthesis and frequency spectrum, it's lacking some sub-bass warmth and high-end sizzle. You've got some percussion there to compensate, but it's not dynamic enough. It's especially noticeable during your breaks where there's not much going. I can feel and hear the emptiness between instruments. Perhaps a couple more nuances to fill the voids and some soft overall compression to give it more glue.

For that bass, a new timbre or tonal quality could be applied to make it stand out between sections, rather than just repeating the same tone. Same goes for the melodic line.

I believe that's all I had to comment on.

It's catchy, but the catchy-ness wears pretty thin after more than a couple listens (at least that's how I feel).

Keep on keepin' on!


TheSubfrost responds:

Amazing feedback! Very helpful and detailed. Thank you very much!


TheSubfrost responds:


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Jun 23, 2015
10:51 AM EDT
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