Dark Forest

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This is my third and thus probably last submission for NIM. It´s title music this time. A quite fast build-up at the beginning for some short Intro and afterwards more background music for going through the menu. Afterwards I added some dynamics and a climax for the sake of the track ;)

It´s inspired by this eerie piece of art, which I also used as artwork for the track for the track:

I really looking forward to see the game because the artwork looks awesome already....

So compared to the inspiration of my last submission I stayed for the forest theme.

p.s.: The last chord is not to be taken too seriously ;)

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== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review. ==

Wow, that's the first 7/4 I've heard this competition. Cool! This piece is really something else. With almost no discernible melody at all, it instead builds off of tension, release, atmospheric noise, and excellent orchestral instrument choice. It's hard for me to critique because it's so different than the other tracks I'm hearing in the contest (and that is of course always a good thing!). I'll say that as an accompaniment to a game or movie, this would be awesome, but as a standalone piece, I feel that it might lack a little melodic development that would otherwise keep a track interesting. It's still a very good piece. Score: 8.5

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
* Composition: 3/4
* Arrangement: 4/4
* Mixing: 3/4

Azhthar responds:

Huh... just browsed my feed and saw that I totally forgot to respond here, but I guess with all the reviews you did for the NGAUC you didn´t evene realize ;) Thanks a lot for the detailed review. I should do some more 7/4 or experiment with odd meters in general. Glad you like it. It wasn´t really my intention here to make a melodic piece but you are right that as a standalone piece it wouldn´t be choice no1. Maybe I could have developed the violin theme which appears at some points (for example at the end)... Also thanks a lot for the good grades here. I guess I wouldn´t have passed without them ;)

I like the creepy vibe and suspense it has, it's definitely something for a game title/ stage.

Great work!

Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot! Glad you like it.

I agree with Nyx on the brass, it's a strange intro and feels out of place to me. With that said, this is an interesting piece that is very well done, it's beautiful. The artwork this was inspired by is like old Disney animated films alone, but your piece accompanies that well. Makes me think of Snow White, Robin Hood, the works. Besides that beginning part, this is quite a masterpiece. Lovely variation. It feels like it's telling a story.

Azhthar responds:

Actually I didn´t have disney in mind when I did this one ;) I don´t really remember the music of Robin Hood, though... Maybe I have to watch it again these days. Since you are the second one complaining about the brass intro I guess I´ll have to change it, soon. I also found some details which I have to change I guess. Anyway, glad you like it and thx for following. Actually you are exactly number 50 ;) So this is some aniversary or something.

You're worst nightmare comes true when you take a step into the dark forest! p.s its really good, love the climax.

Azhthar responds:

Thx a lot! Yep it´s really one nightmare of a forest...

I really enjoyed this!! I am not a fan of the brass at the beginning, it sounds really weird alone and feels cheesy, but when the rest begins to appears, it really blends well. The Xilophone could get some extra work, it doesn't feels reals (All the ntoes hit with the same velocity and strenght). Aside from that, really good!

Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback here. I think I feel what you mean with the brass at the beginning. When it starts more quite it somehow misses a reverb tail which sounds quite weird on headphones. I didn´t realize that and it´s probably that the threshhold for compression on the reverb was to high... But maybe you also mean it sounds cheesy in general ;) The Xylophone is actually a Celesta mixed with some bells. It´s weird that you say this because I did a lot of stuff with the velocity here and afterwards I even randomized it a bit. Maybe it´s because the bells are not really very responsive to velocity changes and that covers the variation of the Celesta? I´ll have a look for that. Again: Thanks for the input!

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4.58 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2015
7:38 PM EDT
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