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I did something for christmas. It´s a clock ;) Mainly a christmas present for ZipZipper and Steampianist, because they are much better in doing insane circussy tunes than I am. This one is not that insane but it has bells and a clock. Waltzy part at the end especially for ZipZipper, because I know you love these 3/4 thingies ;)

Artwork taken from boosagus (http://boosagus.newgrounds.com/)


How come the two of you...ugh...you guys always know what to do to make me cry + giggle. The atmospheric approach here was a great choice. It was quite representative of my family Christmas this year with an underlying, brooding dysfunction. Your harmonies were really cool, especially how you had that exceptionally perfect contrast in the beginning between cheery and uneasy. And great balance overall...I wish I could do atmospheric tracks like you dooooooo *sits on floor and twitches*

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Azhthar responds:

Sorry for that... I have the feeling that christmas often gets this feeling. I hope it´s better now! I´m also a bit exhausted from the last days. Actually I really think your tracks have an awesome atmosphere! I hide behide these stupid orchestral samples here I guess. You make an epic atmospheric track just by singing all choral voices... I also really don´t like the middle part in the track here anymore. When I made it I thought: cool... loud... spooky... chromatic tuba... but at the end it´s just clichee which doesn´t fit to the rest of the atmosphere, anymore.

Dude there are a lot of ways to define insane and this is definitely insane. i love how its tense all though out which gives me a pretty picture of a family just enjoying a nice christmas eve dinner when suddenly a stranger comes in and well you know... anyway even though the ending was somewhat pleasant i just could not shake the feeling that something is wrong and at first i thought the ending was a bit abrupt but i listened to it again and i notice the strings was a perfect cadence hehe good job i love the ending actually tense yet pleasant

thank you for this and Merry Christmas (but i do wish it was a bit longer)

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Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot! I´m really glad you like it ;) It would have been a bit longer but the holidays didn´t give me that much time... The end is indeed a little problematic. I did some very rapid mastering and the compression I used had a too high threshold for the quiet tones and tailing at the end. So, it´s a bit cutoff which sounds weird. Realized this too late and wasn´t able to change it yet. Also I always added some quiet dissonances at the background and have a minor second played simultanously in the basses. I think this might give the feeling that something is wrong without being able to point the finger on it... It was an experiment ;)
Merry Christmas to you, too ;)

Heh, I love the ambient and spooky genre. And combined with Christmas? Even more brilliant!
The clock ticking is great for the atmosphere. But your melodies are really amazing :O
The harmonies you use are very interesting too.

The dynamics at around the 1:00 adds a lot to the feel. I can definitely see how ZipZipper and Steampianist inspired this XD
Sounds very classical, actually. But in the cinematic way. Like something pulled straight out of Fantasia!

Awesome job! Merry Christmas :)

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Azhthar responds:

Thanks a lot!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas, too!

This christmas tune gave me a spook. What do you think you're doing mixing spooky and christmas? You been watching Krampus?

Anyhoo this was actually really nice and would work great as a soundtrack. I really hope I see you more often on the audio portal !

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Azhthar responds:

Nope... Not yet, but it´s very high on my too watch list ;) Do they already have music?

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Dec 19, 2015
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