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It would seem that I managed to sing "seems" instead of "looks".

I don't know how to sing, lol :p

So a little bit more than a week ago, I promised LunacyEcho (and some other people) that I'd try to do more singing stuff. I had nothing else to upload this week, and I've been practicing playing the piano while singing a bit (it's still frickin' difficult), so I figured why not upload this?
Before you compliment me on my piano playing skills while singing, listen to the right hand! It plays the main melody the whole time, so I didn't really have any room for rhythmical confusion; my hand and my song were one. So it's not as impressive as I make it seem here :p

You may notice the odd quality of this piece. That's because I had to do a pretty weird workaround to get any good sounding result at all. I recorded this with my microphone while actually playing the piano. But I also recorded this ON my piano, and I used a pretty low volume while playing. This allowed me to export the piano sound separately to my computer. However, quite a bit of the piano was still picked up by the microphone, so there is a little bit of a double piano sound :p
Even worse; all the key mashing could be heard reaaaally well at first -_-
So I had to heavily EQ the vocal file to do away with most of that sound, which in turn, made the vocals sound like they sound now. That, and I'm not that good at mixing vocals in the first place XD

Now, this is pretty different from the original version. It'd be boring to do the same exact thing, so I even created a short intro and outro, lowered the tempo, and played a few chords differently. So basically, I LSD-ified it ;)
The most difficult thing was easily the breathing though. The lowering of the tempo and my weak lungs didn't help :/

I also would've hummed in a higher octave in the end, but I've got a dry throat today, so that didn't work, so I have to leave that for some other time :(

Despite all that, I'm quite happy with the result (more so the piano playing than the actual singing though...). I'm getting better, in the very least, so in a few years, I might be able to do things like these properly :p

Until then, try to enjoy this ;)

P.S. For the very few of you who won't know, the original piece was of course created by Paul McCartney from the Beatles, and it was recorded 50 years ago (well, after half a month) :D

P.P.S. This must also be a lucky upload (it's my 77th track on Newgrounds).


Fantastic! And I have to say that your accent here is quite interesting :)

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Damn you. But thanks ;)
And good night!

Oooo...I love the emotion and little roll things in the piano, like at :08. The vocals might need some more consideration, however. Allow me to elaborate: first of all, I want you to think more about where and how you are breathing. At times, it even sounded like you were about to run out of breath and then had to force the air out (e.x., :18). It made what I think of as a sad piece filled with longing unnecessarily angry. There are times when your voice cuts off suddenly, like at 1:04, which I fear is also the result of lack of planning where to breathe. Your voice sometimes sounds rather nasally when musically it would make sense to aim for a richer, darker tone, such as at 1:43. This is especially noticeable on the high notes, which also come across as a bit forced. I might suggest having a professional evaluate your vocal range, if it's at all possible. Otherwise, I like the piano solo towards the end (even though it's not really a solo), and I applaud your continuous efforts at adding lyrics to your pieces. Keep it up, Ale! ;)

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

The microphone version of the piano versus the recorded version playing together makes it seem as though an electronical piano is out of tune -_-
It annoys me every time I listen to this XD

"The vocals might need some more consideration, however."

=> What, noooo? You caaan't be seriooous?

Well duh with the breathing, I even mentioned it in the descripton :p
But come on, 0:18 is a pretty bad example! We all know I can hold a tone for longer than 3 seconds (as I start singing at 0:15). I'm just not thinking about what I'm doing at all, and I probably was more focused on the chord shift there. A far better example of what you mentioned is 1:11 ;)

Also, while this is a sad piece filled with longing, take a moment and listen to the lyrics. Clearly there's a lot of regret and self-reproach in it. And listen to how heavy I'm playing on the piano at examplewise 1:23, does that sound like only sadness and longing to you? You're right about 0:18, but for the wrong reason, ahahahaha! ...

1:04 is the same as 0:18. I cut the note too early, but most likely, it was to breath in properly before a lot of air needed to be used in the next part.


=> Yup. I blame my dry throat. I don't know why that became nasal in this case, but I definitely had difficulty with the higher notes. Usually, while I'm not better at singing, I can reach higher notes with less issue. I would've definitely wanted this to be more rich though. The only high note that I managed to reach pretty softly was the one at 1:50, and even that one is too weak :(

"I might suggest having a professional evaluate your vocal range, if it's at all possible."

=> Ahahah, funny joke XD Those cost money, and demand dedication :p

Thanks for the review! It's 7:15 am, so sorry for my extra load of sarcasm/bad humor!

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