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So... A couple of days ago I found a couple of free hours, and had nothing better to do than to make this little thingy.
It's pretty short, and very monotone; there is no automation what so ever :p

However, it loops 'almost' smoothly. This time I was able to check before uploading...
I had a very hard time finding an offline program that could actually loop audio well...
I tried Windows Media Player, The Xbox Music player that came with my computer (because of Windows 8), QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, VLC Player, and even iTunes. Nothing was able to loop the audio as smoothly as Newgrounds (iTunes coming the closest).

I had almost given up, but I asked one of my friends for more suggestions, and he suggested Winamp. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that Winamp actually does the job :D
Thus, I now know whether my loops actually loop well or not BEFORE uploading them XD

Aaanyhow, enjoy this if you can...

- I used a lot of VSTi:s for this, but I practically used all the same instruments that I used for an earlier, very similar loop: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/564919">Dream Box</a>.
The only addition is that I sublty used Alchemy Player for one instrument in this track :')

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hey, I'm here again :P thank you for letting me use Dream Box. I like short loops, that one was pretty catchy :3 and yes, I will credit you. Do you have any preferences towards the credit? Like, any other sites I should link.
And I came to take a look at this one, fell in love instantly <3 I think I'm going to use this too, thanks! Again, your music is awesome and really soothing to hear. Have a nice day ^^

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, it means a lot! :3
Just credit my Newgrounds page; that's enough :)
Good luck with your project :D

It's very mellow and pensive. I love the instrument you used, and I also liked the accents on the downbeats. It seemed like a strange waltz for the dead, but maybe that's just because everything in 3/4 seems like a waltz to me! :) It had looped at least twice before I realized that it was so short! I definitely think you should do more with this. It has a lot of potential to be an awesome ambient track. Nice work as always! Keep it up, LSD! :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks dude!

Most of the music composed in 3/4 seems like waltzes to me too XD
Well, it certainly pleases me that you didn't notice the loops immediately at least, and yeah, I know it's very short...

I probably won't do much more with this track. I've got a couple of other very short loops as well, but I've got no intention of uploading them; I'm just trying to figure out different ways to use different instruments, and since I don't really have that much time for a bigger project right now, I'm practicing by making these short loops. I really should practice my percussion, and automation too!!
In April I'll try to make some longer tracks :'D

Even so, you'll definitely hear more from me!

I started listening to it, then got really, really, confused. About ten seconds later, I realized it was in 3/4 time and it made a whole crapload more sense.

It runs pretty smoothly. It seems like whenever it loops, the volume diminishes slightly, but that might just be how Cubase works (I think that's what you said you use).

Whoa. So, I was in the middle of typing this review, when the song finished downloading onto my computer and started playing. THE ONE ON NEWGROUNDS AND THE ONE ON MY ITUNES PLAYING SEPARATELY SOUNDED ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC TOGETHER. You should try playing two at the same time. You might have to edit them slightly to get the right sound, but I assure you, once you get it, they will go beautifully together. And you will want to make another song based on that.

Anyways, the instruments you used combined with the melodies create a really creepy, ominous atmosphere.

I can't continue with this review. I'm just listening to how good it sounds on loop in two different places. It's mind-bogglingly amazing. I'm moving this up to five stars just for its double-loop-ability. Wow.

I'm almost sure that that wasn't what you were going for, but I can't really comment on anything else about the song without it looking boring. Your song looping in two different apps is amazing. Great job.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Wow, I uploaded this 10 minutes ago... Damn you're quick XD

Yes, it's a bit confusing in the beginning :D It's mostly because of the 3/4 time, but also because I started the melody in such a weird way.

"It runs pretty smoothly"

=> Yeah. It's not only that the volume diminishes, I think that a millisecond or so from the end is actually cut off; it sounds to me like it jumps from end to beginning too quickly :D And I use Cubase indeed, but I have no idea about how it exports audio, but what I know is that this loops fine in Cubase. However, when the loop starts anew in Cubase, the reverb from the previous loop is still running until it dies in the new loop. Hence, I never know if it will loop as smoothly after the export XD


=> Ahhahhahaha, is that so? I have to try that out then :D I actually do this with other songs every now and then, but I haven't had it happen with this one yet XD I will do that immediately after writing this response!

I'm glad you like the instruments too; they were chosen in a quite random manner, but ended up being pretty much the same as in my previous loop :'D I really need to learn to use drums, and percussion VSTi -_-

"I'm almost sure that that wasn't what you were going for"

=> Umm... Yeah! That was... Totally... What I was going for. I had certainly planned for everyone to download this and listen to it in two programs at once. Totally...

Well, good thing that double app looping ability gave this five stars XD Thanks for yet another entertaining review :')

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Feb 23, 2014
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