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everyday life

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Author Comments

don't forget to stop for a moment and breathe.


takes a little bit to get going...

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Nice tune here

So this was a nice tune what I liked about this one was that it had some mixes and build ups that really built it up, Alright so here is something that finishes one way and ends another way but I like all that you have done here with the right touches in all the right areas making this an enjoyble piece that you have here, And so after that all said this was a good audio you have made for us and hope you make more groovy stuff like this one because it was unique and different, Nice tune here


Thanos snap into REALITY

Ah, good message for a good song. :) I like the instrument at the beginning. It does take a while to get going - you were right - and, given that it's already 7.5 minutes long, you could stand to cut out some of the intro a bit. Still, I love the bass harmonies that start popping in at around :45. It's very atmospheric, moody, and intellectual. That bass kind of reminds me of the one in Elton John's "Rocket Man," strange as it is to say...Classic Johnfn melody instruments showing up for the party at 2:10. ;) I love the pensive mood here. I thought that the drums' sudden incorporation of energy into the piece at 1:36 could've been done a bit more gradually. Have you ever tried fading them in? The structural relief at 3:15 was much-appreciated btw, although the voices/FX in the background didn't add much IMO. I think it would've been more effective dynamic contrast-wise to simply let the reverb do the work in transitioning to the breakdown. I love the chill atmosphere from around 3:30 to 5:00. I think you channeled the energy with the drums much better during the second climax. I barely noticed them sneaking up until about 5:10, although they were a little loud at 5:20 and beyond. Drum-related grievances aside, this is a cool piece with a lot to capture my attention until the end (or to just chill to...idk which). I thought the start-stop-transition at 6:20 was a good idea, but you didn't need another crash leading into 6:30 once you already had one to transition into the silence 10 seconds earlier...It just seemed a bit redundant to me. Also, what's with the fade-out ending? T_T It's okay. I understand you like them. Perhaps this was a more appropriate piece to use a fade-out ending on than a lot of other pieces. I've nitpicked a lot in this review, but overall nice job! Love the consistent upload schedule you seem to be sticking to recently. Keep up the good work! ;D

johnfn responds:

F.DE ..T .N.I.G
F.D. ..T .N.I.G
F.D. ..T .N.I...
F.D. ... .N.I...
F... ... .N.I...
.... ... .N.I...
.... ... ...I...
.... ... .......

Only seven minutes? You should try your hand at writing a chip concerto sometime. :)

Ooh, that high bass. Yes. Love it. Wish it varied a little, though. Perhaps a different, lower melody when the drums come in?

Funny that you decided to make your drums that slow. I thought the song would sound pretty nice with drums twice as fast. It might have been less emotional, but personally, I would have found it more engaging. Also, hi-hat triplets. So nice. :D

I've always really liked the coffee-shop-esque ambience you put into your songs like soar and 80s getaway. It fits in really well here, but I would've liked it if it continued on a bit, at a lower volume. I guess that would've cluttered up the mix a bit, though. You sure know more about that than I do!

A bit over a year ago, I remember reading one of your author's comments saying that you were trying to work on buildups without the use of white noise. Well, you've certainly done that very well here! It's almost like i believe in terms of its gradual progression, non-repetition, and climactic ending with softer conclusion. The transitional tidbits at 5:13 and 5:45 were so satisfying, and that main melody of whole notes of the chord progression that plays after 5:45 is so simple but effective and beautiful at the same time. How does he do it?

Another thing I really like about your music is that you use silence very effectively in your pieces, but I think 6:22 dragged on for a bit too long. I was hoping you would add some reverb-y sounds since the absolute silence is paradoxically a bit startling, since to me, a song like this is meant to be fully experienced with few breaks to get, like, a zen vibe going. :P

You know, if you don't practice your endings, you'll never improve them. :D Don't run from them! Although tbh the fadeout was quite nice.

Super-awesome work! At this point, it feels selfish to ask for more. :P More?

I listened to the first 7 seconds, and I instantly decided to favorite the piece, because it sounded so nice and chill. You better not disappoint me with the rest! D:<

First thoughts: I really love the harmonies and the simplicity.

Second thoughts: I definitely love the synth that enters at 1:05. It's like the best thing I've heard today, or maybe even yesterday included! (Don't worry; I listened to a lot of music yesterday and today).

Third thoughts: Seems like 1:36 is where the piece really begins, although the drum hit may be slightly too harsh for such an overall atmospheric piece.

Fourth thoughts: I had to take an unexpected and unfortunate break from listening at 2:00. I guess I did stop for a moment and breath, while listening to this song. Upon returning, relistening and hearing 2:09, I fell in love. You are the melody master.

Fifth thoughts: Nice transitions, and breakdowns.

Sixth thoughs: Sounds almost like a new song at 3:17 despite some similarities, but it bothers me not.

Seventh thoughts: This track reminds me of some Pink Floydish suff. I like the bass works too.

Eight thoughts: 3:55 = Oh yes. Much sweet, much good.

Ninth thoughts: again, at 4:11, I would've used softer drums. Good thing for you is, I am not good with drums ;)

Tenth thoughts: So much good harmony. I love when synths play at least two melodies or riffs at once in the same rhythm (or if they like... Follow each other. My music theory knowledge is clearly top notch).

Eleventh thoughts: I must've reached the climax as so much is going on. Correction, so much good* stuff going on. I expect a slowdown any minute now... Let's see.

Twelveth thoughs: Here it comes!

Thirteenth thoughts: 6:19 reached. As expected, silence. Would be a perfect place to end the piece, but there's more than a minute left. Slowdown still expected.

Fourteenth thoughts: 6:26 happened. It's cool, sounds a lot like the beginning, as expected. Coherence indeed. I still like the aspects that make this part differ from the intro.

Fifteenth thoughts: I would like to say that you pulled a johnfnesque ending by fading out, but it was done perfectly and actually fit the piece, so I guess... Well played.

You did not disappoint me, as this was definitely worth a favorite.

As you may have noticed, I decided that instead of writing a review, I'll give you my thoughts. I don't think I'll do this again... I hate typing fast (so much corrections to make afterwards), and I realized it takes away some from the listening experience to analyze the track too much during the first listen. And I was even interrupted! I guess that life is an experiment though, ne?
Now, I'll take another listen.

And now a third...

Awesome job!!!
It's great to see you back ;)

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4.16 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2015
1:09 AM EDT
File Info
6.9 MB
7 min 31 sec

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