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T-Logic - Throttle

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Author Comments

Well, I haven't uploaded here in a while! My sincerest apologies...Anyway, I wrote the drop in June 2014, and then finished the rest in February 2015. I somehow managed to incorporate elements of big room house in with my usual upbeat trance-ish stuff. It took me about 7 hours total in FL Studio 11, although FL Studio kept freezing while I was working on it, so that's not good...Enjoy if you can! Thanks for your support, guys. ;)

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That intro had me hooked, that bass had me in the reel, I just want more than video game sounds. Still great music making. You're so getting there at this point and I've barely made it to the present.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much! I'm pretty sure most of these are FL native plugins, haha. :)

Firstly, let me tell you it annoys me that LSD didn't use the right terminology for the first entry in his sequence.

Man, these buildups are pretty amazing. That's probably the biggest thing that impacts me out of this song - how nice the buildups are, and how different they are from your usual... I dunno how to say it. 'Minimalism'? But that seems weird. Anyways, the buildups and just transitions in general here are really great. The one that starts with the volume automation at 2:20 is probably my favorite. :) (trying not to make a 'multiple climaxes' joke here)

The melodies in the rest of the song are pretty good, too! No clashing notes, although I wouldn't really call any of them very 'big room' - except for maybe the melodies that play right after the drops. I've always found anticlimaxes in music a bit uncomfortable, but these feel pretty good to me. The general progression that the song goes through is pretty interesting. It starts getting into a nice groove around 2:05, then it gets destroyed in the climax (not a bad thing) and reshaped into 2:35, which starts progressing forward itself.

Instrument-wise, you do a pretty good job keeping the song full-sounding in most places! I'd suggest something chord or a pad during emptier parts, like 00:16 or others like it. There aren't very many of them in the piece, though, which is great! And then there's that random ending, too. :P

Good job! You really are progressing in your composition. It's great to watch. Looking forward to whatever you've got next! :D

TaintedLogic responds:

Haha, thanks LE! :D I'm really glad you liked the build-ups and transitions, and I agree that they are quite a bit different from my usual style. Yeah, the drops were definitely the most "big room-ish" element of the piece. ;) I kinda wanted to do more with 2:05 myself, but I thought the song was already long enough as it was. It's great to hear that you liked the texture, although I think the emptiness at :16 and the "random ending" speak to how you didn't use headphones to listen to this. The sub-bass comes in at :16, and the random ending is the same riff that's been playing in the sub-bass for almost the whole piece. ;D I'm really glad you think my composition skills are improving, though! Thanks again for the review, Echo of Lunacy! ^^

First of, let me tell you that your melodies seem to be improving with every track, which is great! The harmonies are splendid at several points.

Secondly, let me tell you that House music isn't usually among my favorite genres. This might be because I've heard the genre too much at parties, along with the fact that I often find the tracks repetitive to a fault.

Thirdly, let me tell you that despite this, I really enjoyed this piece.

Fourthly, let me tell you that despite that, I think the rhythm of the bass and the percussion could probably be varied a bit more.

Fifthly, let me tell you that the percussion is still far better thatn it would be having been made by me.

Sixthly, let me tell you that I enjoyed the automation is spots like the intro, which makes for pretty good transitions throughout the entire piece.

Seventhly, let me tell you that I think the intrument choices were pretty good, but I personally prefer slightly warmer and more varied sounds, as the same intruments seem to have been used a lot.

Eightly, let me tell you that this is pretty good for having spent no more than 7 hours!

Ninethly, let me tell you that the mix feels pretty balanced, though there could be more dynamic variation and perhaps a cleared breakdown with only one or two intruments at some point, and that 2:20 could perhaps have been transitioned to in a better way, as the sudden filter felt a bit weird.

Tenthly, let me tell you that I liked the ending, and that this piece is now among my favorites.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, LSD! :D I'm really glad you liked the melodies and harmonic structure, as well as that you liked it despite your aversion to house. :) I agree that this track needs more rhythmic variation. I believe all of the percussion instruments are from DrumPad. I got that plug-in (full of over 1,000 samples) free when I upgraded from FL 10 to FL 11! :D I'm glad you liked the sweeps too. After I made the intro, I realized it sounded a lot like the intro to this: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/559276. I very much concur with you on the instrument choices. I use the same instrument for the melody and the chords (a preset from Nexus 2) and many of the others are from the easy-to-use but lack-luster plug-in 3xOsc. :3 I appreciate your comment about having only spent only 7 hours on this, but it probably would've been longer if FL Studio hadn't kept freezing on me. It took me a shorter amount of time to recall the lost changes I had made than it did for me to make them the first time. It's good you thought the mix was balanced, and I agree about the dynamic variation. You have a fair point about 2:20 as well. I just felt like I had overused that really punchy snap (at 2:35 and other places) by that point. It's great that you liked the ending, and that you added it to your favorites. ^^ Thanks so much again! :D Also, let me tell you that I admired the structure you used for this review. ;)

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Feb 15, 2015
11:54 AM EST
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3 min 57 sec

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