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T-Logic - Influx

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Author Comments

Interestingly enough, I've never submitted 3 pieces in a row of the same genre. In fact, before "Throttle," the last time I submitted 2 in a row was in April 2013, also with 2 house tracks. :) I just made this pretty quickly because I wanted to upload something. Unfortunately, the computers in my school's music tech lab were updated between semesters, so the hard drives got wiped and I lost a few projects I was working on. Still, I'm going to try to set the pace for a faster upload-schedule. Anyway, this was made in Garageband 6, probably in about 4-5 hours. The beat I wrote for it is probably one of my personal favorites, along with the one in "How's It Goin'?" In order to bring out the rhythm section, I didn't really add many engaging melodies in this piece, but I hope you'll appreciate those intricate hi-hats and stuff nevertheless. Like all of my music tech tracks, it sounds a lot better with headphones. Enjoy! ;D

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Oof, this one vibes so well. I can hear you starting to hone that sound, again that bass

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks again for the review, KCJSDP! ^_^

Having been a while since hearing a track of yours, it's really nice to hear how much you've improved. Especially in the melodic and chord progression areas of your tracks. I really enjoy the drum beat in this, the sequencing of the hats was intricate enough to get me grooving and drum sequencing is something I still wish to improve in myself. The instruments also blended well together and complemented the track well as a whole. My only nitpick would be that it is pretty repetitive, but you closed the track (really well done outro I might add, even if it does seem to be a really short outro, it's very solid) before it got too repetitive to the point that someone would just skip through the rest of the track looking for more. The mixing is also well done, I can hear everything very well with my headphones, but the track could benefit from some master compression to boost the quiet sounds so to let people with speakers enjoy the tiny intricacies of the track.

Very nicely done, especially for a track done in such a small timeframe. Pumping out a track in 4-5 hours is something that I would have a very hard time doing now, so I commend you in that.

Don't stop improving man,

TaintedLogic responds:

DylnMatrix! :D So glad to hear from you, man. How's college going? It's like all my early influences on this site stopped by for this track: Johnfn and now you! ^^ Anyway, I'm thrilled that you think I'm improving. I'm glad the melodic and chordal elements were satisfying for you and, as I mentioned in the description, I worked really hard on those drums. ;) I was really going for a "well-blended" sound, if you know what I mean, so I'm glad you thought I captured that here. I totally agree that it's repetitive - I was quite lazy with the structure of this one. As for the outro, it's mostly made up of those last 4 chord hits, which I gradually fade in over the course of the final refrain. :) Thanks for the compliments on the mixing as well, and I concur that I need to do some more work with master compression. I recently got some advice on multiband compressors from a friend from school that I plan on using in the near future. >:D Thank you very much again, DM! Great to see an old friend stopping by my page. :') I should probably check Soundcloud more often so I can hear more of your newer work. Hopefully I'll have some time next weekend. Thanks again!

Once again, I have to compliment you on your melodies and chords, which have done nothing but improve in the last few tracks I've seen you upload. :D

That drum beat of yours is pretty cool. I love how you used all three hat sounds in such a rhythmic manner. Even though LSD thought the piece was pretty repetitive, the interestingness of the drum beat kept me un-bored throughout the whole song. (Although I am a drummer. So hey, what do i know.)

The other instruments you used fit really well with the piece and were pretty well mixed. That high plucky synth felt somewhat comedic and made me smile, and that "chill atmospheric synth guitar" (well, whatever instrument came in at 0:40) is similar to stuff you've used before, right? It sounds a bit like the bells you've used in previous songs and serves the same purpose, which sounds great!

If I were to nitpick a few things, the bass automation at 1:17 is a little disconcerting. It's like it just randomly dropped out, and even though it builds back in, I think it could've been eased into the automation a bit better. Same goes for the higher synth at 2:15.

Anyways, great work, TL! You're definitely getting better. :D

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much, LunacyEcho! :D I'm glad you liked the melodies and chords, although in my opinion how the harmonies come together at :45 (and other places) is the highlight of this piece more so than any individual element (as you refer to later in your review). It was my hope that the drum beat would keep this piece interesting, so I'm glad you thought that it did. ;) I didn't really consider that the high pizzicatos would have a comedic effect, but I can understand why they did for you. :) I have indeed used similar instruments to the "chill atmospheric synth guitar," probably in "Cut Me Some Slack." I see what you mean with the automations (although the only thing I automated there was the volume). I'll try to think more about shaping my transitions a bit better in the future. Thanks again LE! :D

Good job! I like the chords around 1:50 the most. The percussion is pretty good too I think. Yay!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks Johnfn! Happy to see you're not dead. I really worked hard on that percussion, so I'm glad you liked it. Also, do you have any plans to upload anything soon? I swear I've been going into Johnfn withdrawal over here. :O Seriously though, thanks again! ^^

Okay, short review time!

As I believe I've stated before, repetitiveness to this extent deosn't really appeal to me. However, as house music seems to be so popular, I guess that many people like it. So hey, what do I know :p

That said, the beat is chill, and is pretty much the driving force behind the piece. I like that it's actually pretty simple, as that means it doesn't distract the listener away from the other things going on in the song. If you're going to be repetitive, at least don't make it irritating. You succeeded in not making the repetitivness irritating. However, to me this means that the piece would be suitable background music to something (I can't really imagine much else than a party of some sort going on in an 80s Hollywood movie while listening to this).

I actually like the combination of instruments, and for beging garageband, the dynamics between them work out quite well. The mixing is good, is what I'm saying.

The melodies here aren't that complicated, but I like them. This is a very atmospheric track, which I actually do like! I think I recognize one of those instruments. Might be you used it in "Abandoned Church" or something else :/ Now that I think about it, it might've been in "Clairvoyance" o.O
I'm not sure though. Maybe they just sound similar.

Either way, I like those simple chord hits going on. They are well picked. There is no "lead" melody here though. This track is a bit too passive for there to really be one.

Oh, and the first time I heard that breakdown where the piece was nearin it's end, I actually thought it was the end. Anyway, I kinda like it.
I like the ending too; it's simple, but it's nice.

I hope that helped you in some regard (though it probably didn't, as I made use of my talent to abasically write a lot without actually saying much anything XD).

Good job, especially for 4-5 hours ;)

TaintedLogic responds:

Haha, that's not a short review by my standards! Thank you so much LSD! :D To be perfectly honest, I usually don't like pieces that are this repetitive either, but I sort of wanted to make a cheesy, traditional house track in a way. I think I pictured it as background music to something too, although it wasn't clear to me what that should be. That said, I'm glad this reminds you of a particular decade and form of media so that this piece isn't COMPLETELY useless. XD I was actually really happy with how the mix turned out (considering it's Garageband) myself, but I didn't want to say anything in case others didn't agree. :) I'm glad you liked the combination of instruments: gruff basses, "ditzy" synths, and chill atmospheric synth guitars just deserve each other, don't they? It's great that you appreciated the atmosphere I was going for. I originally intended to bring out the melody at :44 more, but I never heard this piece without headphones until I was at home and didn't have access to the original file. Maybe I'll fix that come Monday. Also, it's very possible that I used an instrument from this in another track of mine. I think the guitar synth at :44 is reminiscent of the samples I used for "Cut Me Some Slack." Anyway, good for you for catching my "listener preparation" for the very ending. ;D I actually use that technique a lot, but most of the time it's more subtle. I assert that this was indeed a helpful review, thank you, sir! ^^ Also, thanks for acknowledging that I was going for simplicity and catchiness rather than engagement and melodic development in this one. I'll be sure to work on those things in my next piece! Thanks for stopping by! ;)

Credits & Info

4.61 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2015
7:03 PM EST
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2 min 56 sec

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