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Author Comments


I haven't really made anything noteworthy this week, so an old piano composition it is! (Well, I was planning on uploading this anyway. Chances are, I'll upload another old piano composition next week, as I already managed to record it today).

This composition may be from 2013, but I think it is still competing with the very best of my songs, and depending on opinion, may even be the best one! I would've surely uploaded this during my time in the army, were it not for the fact that it's so difficult to play, and the military life made me lazy -_-
I recorded the piece with somewhat of a success today. Still, I had to remove several smaller errors in the MIDI file (nothing rhythmic; simply extra bad sounding notes).

As you might notice, this piece is somewhat different from most of my compositions, especally in the beginning and towards the end (the middle part is perhaps more my usual style). Not only am I using different kinds of melodies (almost arabic at points), but there's even some rhythmic variation!
This piece is certainly not as flowing as most of my tracks either (even though it still has got a good flow going).
It features a lot of weird and maybe even unconventional transitions (basically, just jumping to the next part without a concern).

This is definitely one of my favorites to play, and I hope it's fun listening to it as well ;)

Please do leave a review if you have something to say XD

P.S. Can you find the one place where this recording has some clipping :O?


Oooo...I like the ominous mood. It has an almost exotic dance-like theme to it. I could just picture two Spanish dancers, one with a rose in his mouth, being the entertainment in a smoky joint in an old-fashioned movie. 0_O I think that, like a lot of your pieces, it has an excellent sense of flow and progression but is perhaps a little bit all-over-the-place. It almost seems like you combined 10-15 different riffs you made for a song and connected them all with stop-and-start transitions. It sounds rather improvised, although you do maintain the mood and atmosphere throughout. I love all the intricate details of this piece, though, such as the complex rhythm at 3:23. It ends a little suddenly. I think you should be careful in the future about adding some more repetition to keep the listener grounded, but I understand that you made this a number of years ago. Anyway, I continue to be extremely impressed with your ability to play the piano. Good work, LSD! :D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Dance like ey? I kinda get where you're coming from!
Lol! I like the image you've painted XD

This is most certainly all over the place. As I just responded to Luncay Echo, I didn't really care about making this piece sense making; I just experimented in a lot of ways, until I was done. I understand that this gives the piece a sense of being improvised :D

Hmm. I can't find what's that special about 3:23 in particular, as that's the same rhythm I used in 0:28, 0,44, and 3:00. Although the parts may sound similar, there's actually different chords and melodies in all of those places :3

This piece does indeed end suddenly. I didn't want it to ever lose its momentum, but to end when it was at the very top XD Just weird experiments and such...

I have to disagree a bit about the repetition. I feel as repetition is a tool which may or may not be used. There's no need to use every tool in every piece. Repetition is a thing which you can do well without, but which is not so good when used too much. Repetition also exists in different forms! Example: Notice how 1:43-1:55 is actually a shadow of 1:33-1:41; though the chords and melodies are different, they clearly relate to each other (I don't know the musical term...).
Apart from that, 2:15 is clearly a variation of the beginning of the piece.
Also, the same chords are used in these four separate parts, with similar melodies: 0:20-0:28, 0,36-044, 2:51-2:59, and 3:13-3:20 XD
I understand your point though, as my piano music generally lacks that much general repetiotion, at least most of the time. I like flowing pieces. I do know how to repeat stuff though (like in the Last Dance). Much of the time, repetition can just be hard to notice in my songs I guess, but there is a lot in almost all of them. I just change something in each repetition, so it's never exactly the same! That is, the arrangement at the very least is not the same :3

Thanks a great deal for being so active at reviewing and listening!!!

But is it really variation if it was written a year ago? :P

I can't believe it's been this long and you're still uploading old stuff. How many songs on tap do you have?! Also, 2:00 is amazing. The different dynamics and accentuations you used here are absolutely brilliant; this is probably my favorite song of yours in terms of the way you physically play it. It's so energetic and lively!

Maybe you can outdo it this year, hmm? ;) Have fun on your cruise!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Meh, I think it's still variation :3 Afterall, the recording was done just some days ago, and it's still pretty different from my usual piano compositions. That said, I intend to compose something slightly different again as soon as I get inspiration or the right motivation for it ;)

"How many songs on tap do you have?! "

=> Unlimited.

No, but seriously, I still have around 20 or so (at the very least) songs I could upload, if I recorded them into some kind of sense making format (like with this one). I am going to upload some of them, but many will remain un-uploaded :p

I'm glad you like 2:00! I tried a lot of weird stuff while composing this piece, and didn't really give a fuck about how it progressed, which is why there's a lot of weird and jumpy transitions and such. I think it worked out in the end :D

I'm going to try to out do this, and thanks, the cruise was great!!!

This might sound insane... but to me this sounds like a combination of Joe Hisaishi and Jeremy Soule. Which is awesome.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Well, I think it does make sense! I love Joe Hisaishi (Especially the theme from "Howl's Moving Castle" [Merry Go Round of Life]). I can see that this track is reminiscent of his works here and there :)
I've always been inspired by video game music too, so there's no surprise in that you're reminded of Jeremy Soule XD

Thanks a lot for listening!

Very beautiful, I liked it a lot. I like dubstep and trap and all of the new age music I guess but this really is beautiful and deserves attention, I love it a lot. You always make great songs and I hope you keep making more because this is great. Thanks a lot for this very beautiful song!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for yet another very nice review dude! I'm happy you enjoyed my composition, even if it isn't in a genre you usually listen to :D

Something new and different this time. In fact it is avant-garde. I have to applause you again for the great choice of chords and progressions. Transitions are smooth and have no flaw. Everything is timed perfectly to fit the mood and theme of the piece. Just beautiful chord progressions!

I'm sitting here, with my beer in hand and in awe at this flow of music. It flows as smooth as a flow of cloud and winds blowing through the chilling cold of early spring. Probably my imagination is quite different from your original intention. But this just gives me that solid and emotional feel. It fills me deep and full of memories and past life events.

This is definitely of one of your best. However. Like I said many times before. You NEVER CEASE to AMAZE your fans and friends. I've learned so much from your uses of music techniques and methods. I am a student and your pieces have guided me through the midst. I HAVE NO criticism.

This is the 5th loop since I've typed the last word above. This is just a great adventure for my own experience with what I would whole-heartly define as [great music]. Music doesn't take complexity from simplicity. I think they're one. And you have made it happens, proven it was right over and over again.

Just, majestic and magical masterpiece. Beautiful! No criticism! Keep up the insanely good work!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That's an extremely humble review! o.O
You're really making me blush (。◕‿◕。)!!

"I HAVE NO criticism"

=> That's great! I rarely have any criticisms to give you on your tracks, so I'm glad I could make one this good :3 The only thing that really bothers me is the clipping I accidentally left in at 1:08 :(

This is definitely kinda avant garde! I came up with this piece while experimenting, as I wanted to make something unsusual but still cool sounding :D!

Ahh, a drink in your hand while listening to music. I love just relaxing and letting myself flow into different worlds :)
I don't even recall what my original intention was anymore XD I remember making the first minute, and afterwards imagining a magician performing, but the track eveolved and became something that strayed from that thought a bit, especially in the middle section. I decided too keep the name I'd already given it, as it could be a synonym for the magical beauty that exists out there in the world as well XD
One must remember that it's not only the composer's intention that counts, but every listener creates the piece anew while reflecting his/her imagination and world around it ;)

"I've learned so much from your uses of music techniques and methods"

=> That's flattering to hear. It's funny to think that I don't even really know what I'm doing when I'm composing (I just kinda let the music compose itself), but someone can still analyze the techiques and such that I've used :D

"This is the 5th loop since I've typed the last word above"

=> You have no idea how much I've looped several of your tracks ;)

"Music doesn't take complexity from simplicity. I think they're one."

=> I most certainly agree with you on this! I think there needs to be a good balance of both in every great piece. What seems really simple may as well be complex, and vice versa.

Seriously, this review made my day a lot better, and will definitely inspire me to create something new and original! Thank you.

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4.54 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2015
6:34 PM EST
Solo Instrument
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