T-Logic - Clairvoyance

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This project was made in October and November of 2014 in Garageband 6, as part of my music tech class (I'm taking the advanced one this year!). I originally wanted to have it uploaded for Halloween, but that clearly didn't work out. I decided to really focus on the sound quality and mixing after I missed my deadline, even though it's hard to do that well in Garageband. This is largely based on my song "Abandoned Church," although it has a slightly more energetic and exotic vibe to it. The church bells and creepy organ riffs are still present, but I went for some more tech-y sounding samples this time. I apologize again for the fact that my uploads are few and far between these days. That will be amended soon, I hope! I also owe a lot of people reviews. I'll have some time over Thanksgiving. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and may the creepiness be with you! >:D

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This beat sounds pretty messy and jumbled not sure if I like it that much maybe if it was in lava scene for mario game ok but any where else nahh

TaintedLogic responds:

Agreed! These days I usually mix and master my tracks a little more carefully. That might be part of the problem. Thanks for the review.

love the ambient feel of this only bit of akwordness in this is it feels real and computery and i feel like the sounds dont mix like they should
theres high end parts before 145 that feel to loud eq wise and dont fit in well
210 kinda sounds off key to me at some points 2 27 is really nice just wish the high lead in it changed a bit keep in mind notes that are not there mean as much as notes that are
pretty smooth could use some work tho

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for another review, RandomDanceOfHappy! :D I'm not really sure what you mean when you say it "feels real and computery" but I made this in Garageband, so the mixing is not top-notch. I think by the "high end parts before 145" you mean the melodies that come in at 1:20. This song is supposed to sound clashing at several points, including 1:20, 2:56, and 3:25, but I understand why you didn't like it. I know it sounds off key at several points in the song...the texture is very dense, and I like creating clashing chords and creepy melodies. >:D I also know it's pretty repetitive, but in my experience ambient music is more about atmosphere than variation and engagement. "notes that are not there mean as much as notes that are" --> that's good advice! I'll keep that in mind, thanks. ;) Again, I appreciate the review, my friend! Thanks for stopping by. ^^

Well, this is a great piece for sure :p
You're definitely good at making these ambient tracks.
I agree with LunacyEcho on pretty much everything here.
The organ is great, and all the other instrument choices are good too. It must be really interesting to compose and arrange stuff like this.
I think what I'd still like to head in this would be something more high registered. High tones on a piano with much reverb always helps in tracks like this XD

The melodies are quite intriguing, and very original, yet somewhat too repetitive for my taste. I LOVE that bell that is hit every now and then!!!

A bit of a lame review, but I'm at a lack of time :D

TaintedLogic responds:

Thank you so much, LSD! No worries about the short(er) review. It's still longer than 95% of the reviews on NG - trust me. I really am lucky to have so many pals who write me such generous reviews on this site. ;D I'm glad you liked it so much, though, and I'll definitely consider the higher-register instruments more in the future. Your input is much appreciated! Thanks again. You're in the home stretch in the army, btw. Only 32 more days. You can do it! :D

Oh, man. I REALLY like the sound work here. The pads at the beginning, deep and full, but with higher-pitched ones that really fit with the ambience. Those percussion effects (that cymbal-scraping - is it from a Jam Pack?). The drums, exotic enough to interest but subtle enough not to get in the way. The way that the low strings and organ just mesh. That bassy pluck that gradually fades in around 2:30. I'm enjoying this. :D

While your sound work is excellent, I think the composition here is a bit repetitive. Of course, ambient music typically is, but perhaps the bells that came in at 1:41 didn't have to go on for that long. Also, I felt that some of your synths had a bit too much resonance. Still, for the most part, I think you definitely hit many of the right spots in deciding when to introduce/take away instruments. Your melodies are also very well suited for making creepy and spooky atmospheres. :)

You're so lucky that you have a music tech class! Wish we had one. Anyways, loved your sounds and the mood. Great job! Don't overwork yourself!

TaintedLogic responds:

Ah! I never responded to this. I'm sorry, LunacyEcho. I actually was responding to it, but I was interrupted and never pressed "respond." :( Anyway, thank you very much for the review! I'm really glad you liked all the ambiance - I worked really hard on it, as you can imagine. I'm not really sure what a Jam Pack is, but all those percussion sounds are pretty much presets. I believe I used the "Dance Kit," oddly enough. I'm glad you noticed that subtle bassy pluck. I also agree about the repetition - that's something I think I didn't manage quite as well as in "Abandoned Church," which had a better sense of direction IMO. The comment about having too much resonance is interesting, as I've also been critiqued for not using enough reverb in the past. I'll consider that more carefully next time. Thank you so much again for the well-thought-out review, LE! I'll gladly exercise the right to overwork myself, thanks. ;)

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