T-Logic - The Ritual

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This project was started in January 2015, and is probably the last track made in FL Studio that I'll release for a while. Unfortunately, I don't have access to FL at college. Just Garageband. I finished and uploaded this in August 2015, yet I failed to submit it until now because of all the craziness involving moving 150 miles away from home and meeting the thousands of people I'll be sharing a campus with! I spent about 10.5 hours total in FL Studio 11. It's not really my best work - I was rushed to finish it before I went to college, and I completely ignored most of my typical structural and pacing advice. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the haunting ambient ethnic vibes, but make sure not to listen to it alone! >:D Thanks for your continued support, NGAP. ^^

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You truly are the master of Garageband ambience and atmosphere! :D You should be writing ambient background music for a game. Seriously.

That intro sets things off really ominously! Songs like this are really good at showing atonality at its best, since the atonality is an integral part to the atmosphere of the piece! I love the way the pads mesh together to - WHOA! Drums?! Where did those come from? And then the track takes a completely different direction from what I expected, into an atonal groove over a spooky background! I honestly thought this would be another one of your masterful ambiences, but it grew into huge, energetic climax of intense synths! Niiiice. :)

Compositionally, I think this song is awesome. Sure, the intro dragged on a bit compared to the high-intensity levels of the second half of the song, but I am loving that ending. All the different layers, the suspenseful melodies, it all just works and turns into what I think is my favorite buildup ever from you! :D Can I also mention that I love it when you write melodic transitions? Because I love it when you do that. I think you had a great one in Terrified, and the transition from 2:34-2:38 is just so cool.

If I were to nitpick a bit of stuff, I'd say that your sound design on synthesizers was amazing. However, your sound design on some of your more ethnic instruments wasn't as amazing - the plucky instrument introduced at 2:04 (mandolin...?) that also plays during the latter parts of the song plays a bit too fast and a bit too uniform, so instead of adding to the ambience, it sort of distracts the listener and becomes a little jarring. Same with the monotony of the instrument that comes in at 2:19 (bagpipes...?). It's just a little too shrill to justify it in that section. However, I will admit that I like all of the effects that the different instruments added to the ending, since it was just this giant clutterfunk of amazing sounds that were dissonant but somehow blended so well with each other!

Great job! Amazing buildup, synths, and props for not being as atonal or ambient as the intro led me to believe XD Keep it up! :)

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks again for the reviews! Actually, this wasn't made in Garageband. I believe I mentioned in the description that this is going to be my last FL track for a while. In fact, I might break that rule soon...maybe even today! :O

Anyway, thanks for your compliments regarding the atmosphere and pads.

"WHOA! Drums?!" --> exactly the sort of reaction I wanted! XD

I'm glad you liked the composition. I agree about the slow-paced intro. Also "favorite build-up ever..." --> that means a lot to me! Thanks! :D I was also really happy with the melodic transitions myself, so I'm glad you found them suitable as well. ;)

"If I were to nitpick a bit of stuff, I'd say that your sound design on synthesizers was amazing" --> Haha, am I reading this right? Because you say you're going to nitpick some stuff, and then give me this otherwise unambiguous compliment. XD Thanks, though.

I see what you mean about the "mandolin" (it's actually just the bass transposed several octaves up) and the "bagpipes" (actually an Indian reed). I suppose I was trying to be at least a little jarring, but maybe I should've faded them in.

"giant clutterfunk of amazing sounds that were dissonant but somehow blended so well with each other" --> that's a great way of describing it! Thanks!

Again, I'm really happy with all this positive feedback, LunacyEcho! Reviews like these really give me a self-confidence boost. When I go to the gym later this afternoon, for once I'm not going to worry that people are judging me! :D

Tssk, tssk. The review king himself has yet to receive a review even though it has been a few days, huh? That sucks :p
I am hear to solve crises like this one.

Alright. You know the deal. You made something ambient, you already have my ultimate bias. So you know this means that many other people would probably be much more critical than I am XD

Interesting fact. You say this is atonal, but while that certainly is true for some points, I can hear a lot of melodic melodies here; ones that actually sounds pretty neat!

Yeah. I actually thoroughly enjoy listening to this track. I think you've gotten better at both sound design, and mixing. Progression too, at least in this genre. I love how this isn't just a simple creepy track, but instead one that opens up for a lot of different moods. Parts actually sound like the "decetive show intro" tracks XD (just listen to 1:58-2:34, for the best example).
Other parts do indeed sound a bit ethnic, while there are toooooons of other feels as well.

I enjoy the percussion in this track. Actually, I enjoy all the instrumentation. As I said, I really like the sound design :D

Hmm, I find that I don't have much more to say. It's very difficult to write something, when you only have positive stuff to say, ya know?
I know I could find a few nitpicks and point them out, but in general, I find nothing wrong with this track. I'm pretty lenient when it comes to this genre of music though :3

Also, time is short at hand this time a life (yup, I just made up a new expression).
And dude, I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuper sorry that I haven't writted a response to you for a while now. I haven't forgotten, not even close; I've actually thought about it probably once a day or so (in the very least) for an entire month. But It would seem I find it hard to find enough time while I'm motivated to actually write something, as I am super busy atm (I don't even have time to procrastrinate much, so you know it's bad)!
I know I have a very busy week ahead of me as well :(
I'll try to see if some time opens up at the end of, or after this week! With a little luck, you may expect a response (but no promises) not too far in the future :D

But yeah. This track is rad, dude, keep it up!!!

TaintedLogic responds:

Awww, thanks so much, Ale! Review king, huh? Well, I'm actually quite far behind where I wanted to be at this point tbh. XD

I appreciate your compliments regarding the sound design and mixing, and I suppose I see what you mean that it's not "completely atonal." I used a ton of instruments, from synths to Far Eastern strings to Indian reeds to violins.

I'm glad you like the progression of moods. I personally thought that the piece might've been too fast-paced. 1:58 was originally supposed to be a breakdown for a more climactic part before it, but I didn't end up fleshing out the melodies at 1:28 as much as I would've liked. The piece was already long enough IMO, and I had to save the really juicy stuff for the end. >:D

"It's very difficult to write something, when you only have positive stuff to say, ya know?" --> As an avid reviewer myself, I definitely know. :D

Thanks again, and don't worry about not having responded to my PMs yet. School is always more important, man. That said, I'm really looking forward to hearing about how school is treating you. ;)

I appreciate the review. Talk to you soon!

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