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Ever since I uploaded "Abandoned Church," I've gotten plenty of requests to do more atmospheric pieces. Here you go. This project was started in March 2014. It was originally supposed to be my submission for the Art-Inspired Music Competition, but school got in the way of my competing in that. T_T I did a lot of work on this project once school ended last week, though, and I finished it up today (6/25/14). I spent 6 hours total in FL Studio 11 working on it. Originally titled "Eye of the Storm," it's supposed to be a complimentary piece to "Storm," which I uploaded a year and a day ago. Anyway, enjoy! :D You'll be seeing a lot more of my tracks soon, NG! ^^

EDIT 6/26/14: Added some reverb and stuff, per the advice of LucidShadowDreamer, Johnfn, and BlueOceans. ;)

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To start this off, I'd like to say my congratulations on this piece, as it's pretty impressive. With such an imaginative theme there were a few areas you excelled in and a few that were a bit wonky.

The opening is well done in how the sound effects are merged into a mass of storminess, and it creates a nice cinematic feel. There was one weird bit at around :59 where an effect cut off abruptly, but apart from that the first minute has very few issues, as I see it.

At 1:15 and a few bars after, there are two bleeps that are a little jarring, but it might work if their velocity were lowered and drawn out (perhaps with a fade-in / fade-out). As it is it adds to the atmosphere, horror-movie like, but stands out a little too much.

The piano that entered shortly after had a nice melody, but if you're looking towards an ambient and atmospheric song it might be better to use a softer synth with additional length. I generally just connect my synth melodies so that they flow well (legato). If you intend on keeping the melody then you could also manipulate the sound effects (that you used to create the creepy feel of the music) to have chords that matched.

The entrance of the drums gave the sound extra tension and fit relatively well with the music. Even so, maybe you could lower the volume or even remove the tuned percussion that accompanies it? Personally I feel that they seem too dissonant if compared to the piano and the background sounds. Generally, in dark ambient / atmospheric music you need to sacrifice certain melodies and synths / sound effects just to keep the balance. Having the volume of a repeated sound effect increase or using a change in rhythm should help maintain the intensity and the mood.

Sorry this is so long...
But overall this is a great piece, but like any song, needs to be fine-tuned in certain aspects.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thank you so much for the review, Adieuwinter! :D I'm glad you liked the atmosphere and mood. You're actually the first person to notice :59. I couldn't figure out how to fix that...it most probably a mistake with the filters, which are very complex in this piece. 0_O The "bleeps" (piano chords) at 1:15 and after are intentional, though, but I understand that they didn't fit with the spacey, atmospheric quality of the first minute or so of the piece. I also acknowledge that I didn't quite pull off the staccato nature of the piano and later of the strings in conjunction with the atmosphere. I'll try to think more about focusing on the flow of emotion with the atmospheric instruments rather than implementing sudden, staccato elements to do it for me. Thanks again, Mr. Winter! This is a really helpful review. ;D

Oowah! Super creepy! The piano sounds at 1:14 really startled me, as well as the drums (not a bad thing, I'm just weak TwT) I loved the stringy instrument thingy (starts at around 2:35). Like the people below me said, the piano didn't really match, but I don't think it took too much away from the piece. Maybe it's because of your edit? Anyways, definitely worth the six hours of effort! Keep it up!

TaintedLogic responds:

Haha, yeah...the piano and drums were kind of supposed to startle you! >:D Glad you like those far-eastern strings. :) Yeah, I need to work on getting better samples so I don't just use a piano all the time. XD Not sure what you mean by my "edit," though...maybe the mixing? Anyway, thanks a lot for the review, oOzeroOo! ;D

This song has tons of potential and can even be your best song yet! As Johnfn said, the instruments need more reverb, but I'll add that they can benefit from delay as well. The melodies weren't that bad, some parts of the melodies were creative while other parts were completely not interesting. I think the surprise at the end should be removed because it does not fit the mood of the song. I hope you can make these small edits so it can be your best song yet.
This song has an excellent atmosphere and you chose really good instruments besides the piano sample. The harmonies were my favorite part of the song :D

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the review, BO! I'm thrilled to hear that this might be my best song yet, wow! :O I think the lapse in reverb was just a mistake, but I think I should more delay in general. Yeah, I couple of people have commented on the ending. I personally think I tried to tie together the droning instruments with more staccato sounds, and did at least a passively mediocre job at it (i.e. the percussion at 2:13 and 1:59, as well as the jarring piano chords at 1:14). Hmm...what exactly do you mean by harmonies? You mean the piano riff at 1:44, or the part at 3:42, or...well, something else? Anyway, thanks so much for the review! I certainly want this to be my best song yet! :D

Preferential review treatment cuz you give me so many reviews of course!

So I really liked the ambience in this song! I thought the eery noises and the dark boomy drums went well together. There are 3 major things that need improvement, and 2 of them are really easy, so this review is probably going to be pretty short hehe.

1. Piano and weird harp thing need more reverb. They are very dry and jar with the otherwise moody and atmospheric nature of the piece. Just toss on some super wet and spacey reverb on them, I think it would work great!
2. FL KEYS. Switch out FL Keys with literally any other keyboard VST. I just really don't like FL Keys... haha. Piano One is free, why not try that one?
3. Needs more better melodies. Yeah I'm sure you saw this coming from a mile away. Only thing to do is more practice!!! >:D

Nice work though! The atmosphere is A+, and if you did 1 and 2 up above I think it would be a super solid piece.

TaintedLogic responds:

I'm going to respond to this one LunacyEcho-style:

"Preferential review treatment" ==> Aw, shucks! :')

"Nice ambience" ==> Thanks a bunch! I really was going for an overwhelmingly creepy atmosphere, and I even thought I was making the droning instruments too up-front in the mix at times. 0_O

"Pretty short" ==> ...and by pretty short, you mean longer than 80% of the review in the AP? XD

"More reverb" ==> Yeah, I agree. I sort of rushed this one to completion, I guess. Thanks for the advice!

"FL KEYS" ==> Guilty! T_T I've been using FL Keys since the very first piece I did in FL. I'll look into using Piano One. ;)

"Needs better melodies." ==> Yeah, I definitely sacrificed melodic development for atmosphere. I'll work on that in future pieces.

"Super solid piece" ==> Wow, that means a lot coming from someone so experienced! :D Thanks a bunch, Johnfn. :')


Thanks so much for the review, man! ^^ Preferential review treatment is awesome! ;)

You really are great at these atmospheric pieces :D
Almost all of those sounds work so well o.O
This track would work well in a horror game, or a game where the mood is a bit mysterious.
I don't have much to complain about.
Those little noises at 1:14 and 1:29 feel a bit off, I think. The piano afterwards could probably use more reverb too, but it's good otherwise :p
The low percussion is cool.
The sound that starts at 2:13 (and repeats several times after that) is great, but I think it'd be even better if it didn't die out so suddely, which more reverb might fix.
The part that starts at 2:28 is simply awesome!

Have you started using Fl Studio? :D I thought you used Garage Band, but maybe I'm wrong :p
In that case, do you want to try one thing out? There's a free downloadable vst called UpStereo. It's not great in all cases, but it's a good thing if you want to try out making instruments sound wider. I think some parts of this track could use it!

Anyhow, aside from the things I mentioned, this piece gets a little muddy. But I tend to make my songs even worse in that aspect, so I can't blame you!
The ending was a bit weird, but I kind of like it :)

Overall, it's great! 5/5, 9/10, and favorited ;)
Keep up the awesome work XD
(I'll try to respond to your pms today or tomorrow; I'm going on a short trip to Sweden on friday, and won't be available :p)

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much, LSD! :D The "little noises" are just jarring, high-pitched piano chords, same instrument as the one at 1:30. I just wanted to solidify that creepy vibe with some really punchy, haunting chords! >:D I suppose I could've tried adding more reverb to the effect at 2:13, but I wanted it to sound insectile and punchy as well. I'm really glad you liked the part at 2:28. It's the climax of the piece - definitely something you're supposed to remember! :D I've used FL Studio since 2011. I only used Garageband for "Abandoned Church" and a few others because I made it for my Music Technology class, and my school's computers exclusively use Garageband. ;) Thanks for the advice about UpStereo! I'll look into it... Ah, yes. Things do get a little muddy, don't they? I suppose I was focusing more on fixing the CPU load issues I had with this than the mixing. The low percussion, droning instruments and ethnic strings are all from a plug-in called "Sakura," which uses quite a lot of CPU, apparently. Sakura actually is Japanese for "blossom," but I just used all the creepy instruments from it to make this! >:D Anyway, thanks so much for all the support, LSD, and I'm looking forward to your PM! ;D

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