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Based off of a really dark image I found on the site...


Audio Inspired Music Review
The musical feel of this song is nice, however overall I can't see it fitting the picture much at all. As you said in your description, it's a dark image.
That aside, there are mixing issues here with your track. The vox and guitar aren't mixed together well. This track could also use a bit more variation, although it's short enough where that isn't too much of an issue.

I enjoy the somewhat dry production here. Fits the tone well. I like the track, vocals have a nice timber. I approve!

Interesting how you decided to do four "movements" to this one. I'm not really sure what to make of all of it. You seem to have four unique ideas. I definitely think you managed to hit the mood of the image in at least one or two of them!

Out of all four, I really think the third section (1:25) was most fitting, although the other three are also quite close. If you had developed a whole song out of this fragment, it would have been great.

More attention to mastering would have been great. Once again, there's a continuity thing going on between the sound and quality of the vocals and the guitar. Vocals sound great, but guitar is really dirty and fuzzy sounding. Maybe some EQ and stereo imagery work would clean up the guitar. Alternately, adding some more instruments like keys would have been cool. I would love to hear a piano version of this.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

My ratings:
Originality- 7/10
Relevance- 20/30
Composition- 15/25
Instrumentation- 10/15
Mastering- 6/10
Emotion/Interest- 6/10

Total: 64/100 (NG: 3 stars)

Not what I expected to hear with that artwork as inspiration. I expected something darker, but I like to be surprised. Also I like vocals on Newgrounds. Not something you hear everyday. You sing quite well. The music has a nice atmosphere. Very pleasant to listen to.

Loved how the instruments sounded in this one. Feel like the vocals could have been louder or mixed better though. At some points the vocals also sound a bit off like on the part around 1:10. Basically the vocals could have been better overall.
The melody is pretty calming and if it weren't for the vocals this could have been a good lullaby.


dominicocollora responds:

Oh yeah the vocals were intentionally wonky at 1:10 lol. I try to keep my experimental side in most of my songs even though I strayed away from most of the weird stuff.

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Mar 10, 2014
9:31 PM EDT
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