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Based off of a picture of Cthulhu in van Gogh's starry night universe


Audio Inspired Music Review

I really like this track. The image is an interesting pick, as the image of Cthullu in Van Gogh art is quite something. That said I do think this track kind of sounds great as a chill out track for Cthullu. However I do think you should've incorporated some element that represents the core themes of Cthullu, which feels lacking. If anything that could also work to add variation, another thing this track kind of lacked.
Otherwise great track! :D

There's a few dissonant moments, but overall I like the piece.

My tip would be to double track and pan the rhythm (in this case acoustic) guitars generally.

An interesting piece to say the least...

I'd have to agree with the reviewer below that the reverb on the electric is a bit too much. The acoustic implies a certain intimacy with its tone and micing choice, but the electric contradicts that and creates this kind of dual-soundscape that confuses the listener.

I gotta give you kudos for live performance, but there's some tuning issues here and there that bug me a bit, but nothing major luckily. I would have liked more instruments (maybe some drums or even keys), but it's fine with just the guitars.

As far as compositionally, the modulation at 0:57 is really odd... down a half-step if I'm not mistaken? It's just a weird direction to take the piece and for not much either. The chords are nice, but rather simple. I would have liked it if you switched things up a bit more, maybe tried going to the 4-chord (D maj) instead of E maj every once in a while or maybe the substitute dominant (Bb7) instead of E7.

Regarding the art, I don't really see much resemblance. I could maybe see this on the weather channel, but it just doesn't should Cthulhu to me... Defo pretty original though.

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

My ratings:
Originality- 8/10
Relevance- 10/30
Composition- 13/25
Instrumentation- 10/15
Mastering- 6/10
Emotion/Interest- 5/10

Total: 52/100 (NG: 2.5 stars)

Didn't really like the sound of the guitar. Both guitars guitars had way too much wer reverb on them for my liking. Also I found the piece pretty boring as you used the same strumming pattern for the acoustic guitar throughout.
It still was pretty chill though, but I didn't feel it as much as I could have.
3 stars

Nice playing in this! I really like the way your track starts off, the riff and the lead work extremely well. The melody is really enjoyable. I do hear what ForgottenDawn is talking about, at 0:57. It does seem a bit disjointed, but if there was say a bar, or just a few beats of rest before we jump into it I'm sure it would have been fine, because the silence would have broke our expectancy of a repeat of the riff. Apart from that though it's a great track, and one you can sit back and just simply enjoy.


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Mar 10, 2014
9:37 PM EDT
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