undersea world

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I wrote this song in about an hour and a half. I like writing songs really quickly; it's a lot less stressful than drilling on NGADM all day, for instance. It's about the undersea and the creatures that live down there.

Of that hour and a half, probably half of it was coming up with melodies. The other half was manually doing the vibrato and filter cutoffs. Dang though it's so tasty isn't it? It was totally worth it. And the melodies. Yummm.

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Was a fun litle journey. The crashes were a nice touch.

johnfn responds:

Thanks bro!

Well, this is definitely fantastic. :D I love the melodies and the atmosphere. It's very soothing and relaxing. Transitions and structure were rock-solid. The FX with the ocean surf was pretty cool, too. It sounded like a fade-out ending, which I'm not too happy about, but then it cut off really suddenly. I usually leave a measure or two of emptiness at the ends of my tracks to make sure it doesn't do that. Congratulations, btw, Johnfn! You officially have at least one song on every playlist on my iPod except one: "Party Mix." It's a huge accomplish to master such a wide variety of different genres like you have done. Can you go further, though? I hereby challenge you to make a piece that can go on the "Party Mix" playlist! Have you ever considered trying DnB/House? :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks for the review :)

> Ending

Yeah I know I'm definitely in the minority here among NG, but I feel like fadeouts definitely have their place, especially in songs like this which are soft and almost ambient. However the sudden cutoff is a definite error. See, I used to use FL studio, which had a nice option to render a fadeout tail (so that sort of thing would never happen), but I always forget during the render that Ableton doesn't have that option. Seems like I should eventually learn though hah.

> Party Mix

Ahahahaha. That is REALLY out of my comfort zone. But this is actually a really interesting challenge. I will give it a shot! Though it may take a couple of failed tries. :)

I love your song Footsteps, but one thing I and many people I showed it to didn't like was the random sweeps. They didn't fit in and were distracting from the beautiful piano melodies. I had the same problem with this song. I like sweeps and I used them in almost every song I ever made, but it can become annoying when it constantly repeats in the same way.

Other than the sweeps, the song was very relaxing and had great melodies.

johnfn responds:

Ummm... there are no sweeps in this song. O_O (ok, there's exactly one. It's at 1:14).

My guess is that you're talking about the ocean going on in the background. Does knowing the fact that it's the ocean change your view of it? Since the whole theme is "underwater" anyways?

Because I really don't want to give it up :(

P.S. Wow, thanks for showing my music to people! I really appreciate it.

The fastest way to describe it is Minecraft/Mario/Sonic/New Age.
Nice, effective atmosphere, good melodies and sounds. Also nice themed drums. Maybe the ending is too sudden, but I think that's pretty much all my negatives.
And yes, it's tasty. Dang.

johnfn responds:

Thanks! Yeah I need to learn to let my endings trail off. I'm such a slacker with endings. :X

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Oct 24, 2013
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