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can't move past

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i was doing some thinking and i was kind of dissatisfied with all the music i write so here have some experimental trip hop stuff.

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Love it!

i like

johnfn responds:


It's very relaxing. Not very triphop, but very ambient and ethereal.

Sometimes, I wish I could just listen to music without seeing the title or the picture associated with it, because they always give me ideas on how to listen to the music that might detract from the overall experience. For example, for this song, I can't help but hear the phrase "can't move past" whenever the piano plays that three-note melody. :) Probably wasn't intentional, but I just can't un-hear it now. :D

WHY DID YOU FADE OUT? Especially when it was becoming more progressive, too! If you were to revisit any song you've made in 2014 so far, I'd probably hope you did this one, because you can just hear so much potential in the ending. I'll admit that I'm not that big of a fan of the ambient genre (I prefer more fast-paced stuff myself), but combined with your style, the music is pretty sweet. Keep going with it!

If you're trying to experiment with stuff, try making something like a song that would fit in an action soundtrack. I can't really wrap my mind around how someone with your style would pull that off, so if you did, I'm guessing it would be a very interesting experience. :P

Good work!

johnfn responds:

> triphop

idk, the chord progression really feels like something out of Portishead's book, for some reason. All of those minors.

> the picture associated with it

Me too! Maybe I should start titling my tracks untitled or something...

> fade out

lol yeah this is kind of my "i dunno what else to do now" ending hehe. I need to work on this...

An action soundtrack? Hm kinda like that song Step just did? Hmm, intriguing. I kinda did something like that, but that was ages ago. Definitely interesting to think about...

Thanks for the review.

Hmm. I really like this o.O
I tend to always enjoy listening to more experimental stuff.
I'm especially impressed by the way you used the voice in this. Almost sounds like a singing whisper :)
The simple percussion is great, as are the pads and all the other synths.
What really gets me with this piece though, is the atmosphere.

I too would've enjoyed the song even more had it been longer. It wouldn't really need to change that much, but as it is so chill there's no harm in laying back and relaxing for slightly more than 2 minutes :D

Good job, as always ;)

johnfn responds:

Somehow I thought you would like this one the most. :) I think you're right, one of my biggest struggles is letting a piece just chill without amping it up or removing tension. I've been listening to a lot of chillout music recently though, so maybe I'll pick up the ability by osmosis.

Thanks for the review :)

This sounded super chill. I agree with joerdy, though. It'd be nice if it was a little longer, but what you have right now is gold. It isn't something I normally hear when I listen to music, but I really like it. The way you use the voice at 1 min mark reminds me a little of the song, Lost & Found by Kicks n Licks.

The beginning reminded me of the music you would hear in Half Life 2.

johnfn responds:

Thanks for the review! Ah, I haven't listened to the HL2 soundtrack since I played it, but I seem to remember that it was awesome :)

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Jun 14, 2014
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