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Trapped in a Snowglobe

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Hey guys, new song here. I worked hard on this one. I'm sure when you listen you will think it's very repetitive but I think that really builds the atmosphere more and more. I really tried to focus on mixing and realism in this song so I hope you guys like what you hear. I had a lot of fun writing this!

The song is completely open to interpretation! Tell me the story that you see when you hear this!

Also, comments are greatly appreciated and all feedback is welcome and helpful!

ALSO: Special thanks to Geoplex, ForgottenDawn, Samulis, Skyewintrest, CamoShark, Dahdoctow, Andersson, Headphoamz and Neon-Bard for giving feedback on the song during production :3

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I know this has many plays, downloads, and favorable reviews, and as a result I'll get scorned for typing my honest opinion, but here it goes...
The pianowork is moody, but it is nothing special, chords are heavy and I like them, but the general pianowork just falls into very familiar tropes, and that is why I believe many people like it - taste is created upon the foundation of familiarity - but it lacks a bit in creativity.
The change of rhythm that comes with the strings at 00:50 is welcomed, it definitely improves pacing up to that point.
I did not appreciate that after 1:00 the piano went into higher registry and it's heavy quality was lost, now the strings draw attention, and by their repetitive nature by 1:15 they get repetitive and really drag the whole composition. The 1:20 strings hardly add anything, and if one thing is clear by now is that the track surely lacks a strong melody. And then the 1:50 brass comes and only sort of saves the day.

I'll add that the mastering is good.
2:30, and the right panned strings are still there, and this whole sections wants to be a bridge, and add dramatic tension, but it does not, sadly.
And then the second half suffers from the same faults, with the added note that a clear low, bass instrument is lacking and it shows.
The end does have its redeeming qualities, but they are not enough.

Now, this is not a bad piece by any means, but it could definitely be improved - it is highly overrated, and what that does is only make you overlook the tracks, and maybe your style's shortcomings, bad for your progress.
You can take this review for whatever you want, there's definitely nothing personal, and it's just my 2 cents.

stunkel responds:

I really appreciate the honesty in your review! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and there is nothing wrong with that. Music is very subjective and you will always find someone who loves and hates certain pieces, and it's a double edged sword because you can get people who aren't very helpful, and there are some people who are helpful. Also you can never know what an artist has in mind, or what their intention for the music was. Regardless of anything, I can't judge anyone for any of these things because it's honestly the best feedback I can get, and I can always improve from any feedback I get one way or another. The best I can do is explain why I did certain things and what the logic was behind them, and perhaps you might have a counter argument or idea to capture the same emotion.

You should know that I was going for a specific mood and had a specific story idea in mind, and a lot of the things you mentioned as problems were great factors to what my intentions for the piece were. And even the most subtle ideas can make the biggest difference. That piano at 1:00 you are talking about is actually a different instrument, and not a piano at all, so that might be why it loses it's heavy quality. You make a good point though, it does take out of the feeling a bit. I'll keep that in mind for the future.

I'm not sure if I get what you mean by the section wanting to be a bridge and build dramatic tension. I think the fact that it goes the other direction builds on the emotion a bit more. Going up throughout the piece and then cutting itself off. And as for the bass... I totally screwed up and didn't realize it until after I finished the piece, but I cut out a decent amount of the mids in the bass for the strings and that really took a toll on the bass and mid area. You were actually one of the first people to pick up on that!

You give some great feedback, and I do appreciate everything you said and will keep it in mind for future pieces that I make. Thanks for the feedback!


this is beyond epic. i love the subtle atmosphere that builds and builds. you have a great talent for creating tension and vivid moods from very few instruments. i cant express how much i love this.

stunkel responds:

Thanks! That really means a lot to me :) Glad you saw it this way!


I could go on a medieval adventure to this. I don't play games much, but I can imagine it playing in a movie or RPG, around the main menu or at the very start, when you first discover the giant landscape.

I believe that you could've done a bit more with the dynamics - the beginning was very promising, but it did get boring towards the middle, until you picked me up again at the very end of the song. It could've resolved more epically, but you definitely were on the right track.

Either some more noise, or different equalization (at least for the percussion), but with a little revision you might've made this way more powerful, you wouldn't even have to change the entire idea of the song. Maybe try thinking about more diverse parts for the instruments, more motives or fills, to make follow-ups to sections stronger.

tl;dr - great song, just could've been with greater dynamics.

stunkel responds:

Hey thanks for commenting! I wasn't really going for any sort of RPG or movie feel to be honest, but I'm glad you could hear it!

Honestly, I am very happy with where this song is. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I know that it can be repetitive at times and maybe bore some people, but that doesn't really bother me too much. I appreciate the concern though!

And I thought it was a very powerful and emotive piece. The song is supposed to be fairly simple and have a small build to it.

Thanks for reviewing though, I really appreciate it!


Wow this was one of the best song i have heard in a long time! The tone and beat was great. I really thins would fit the mood in a game like Skyrim or something around that. I will probably play this song so much my neighbors will trip on me but I don't care :3 The way the song builds up made me fell like i was on a journey. He he he.
Great song cant wait for more!

stunkel responds:

Oh wow thank you! I would have never expected a compliment like my music fitting into skyrim or any of the bethesda games! That music is crazy immersive. I think that the atonal strings would tie in well but I take that as a huge compliment! Thanks! And the journey you went on is exactly what I was trying to put you through with this song. Thanks for reviewing man! Hope to see ya around!


Absolute garbage. . .

5/5 and Downloaded.

stunkel responds:

Yeah... sorry about that.

Thanks for commenting man

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