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dj_padman - Concussion

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Author Comments

Hard trance. Has some melodic elements. Tell me how it goes :)

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You got tagged!

Hey you finally tagged your audio! :D

I havn't listened to this with headphones on yet, I instead put my subwoofer on for that kicker :P

I really like alot of the synths you used in this, GREAT liquid trance style synths!
You kept the whole song really diverse which is great, never felt repetitive at any point in the song.
While a couple of the transitions seemed a slight bit strange, it didn't do enough to hinder the song overall, still loving the track!
As for the end, imo I think a more sudden build up then hard kick+cymbal+hit would've worked better, but that's just how I like it, nothing wrong with the fade out.
on a side note, I don't think I've kept closer tabs on someone's music in AWHILE XD

ps:You're using FL Studio 6 right? If you want we could do a collab sometime, catch me on msn: cometentertainment@yahoo.com

dj-padman1 responds:

Hey man, I'll certainly add you at the firt chance!
Thanks for the helpful review, I can definitely see where you're coming from.
Catch ya later ;)

Hard trance?

*shits self before song starts*


I think you better be ready to review my newest song when I submit it... its going to be my 11th song! (y'now, the whole thing that my name is 'the eleventh one')Chances are that that won't soon though.

Lets start from the beginning then, shall we?

The heavily detuned bass synth was a great touch, but the rest of the samples seemed to sound to AWKWARD from the begining. Of course, I got used to them after a while, but they just sounded a little weird, thats all. Nothing huge.
The first break you have into the melody is great. I love filter FX and weird shit like that.. like the stuff -zenon- does, you know?
Starting from the beginning again cause I'm a slow typer... >=(

The first melody seems really soft for this kind of music, nearly too soft. Its really good, but for some reason it gives the song a 'hardcore' feel. Dunno why.
You bring in a filtered pad later, I think it was at the 20th bar after you did the first break? Great stuff. That pad worked SO well =)
When you bring in the trippy melody, I was like 'fuck this is so trippy'. Thats another one of the resons why I started it over again =)

This song is so amazingly diverse! Thats another thing I love about your music, not only is there a lot to listen to, its executed professionally! Jesus Christ, I want your children. =O

This entire song is full of great little breaks, awesome melodies, and seriously amazing diversity, like I just said. Keep it up!
This song will geta download form me FOR SURE =D

PS Remember to review that song when it comes out =P
Also, I tried to be very critical, when I was marking this song. But when it came down to it, a '9' or something seemed too low... so... 10s across the board! You really deserve it this time =)

dj-padman1 responds:

Hey, thanks as usual for the comprehensive review. This is stuff that I can use and it is most appreciated!
You've given me a lot of food for thought here, and I can see where you're coming from for sure.
Sometimes when I make a new sound, I get a bit over-enthusiastic with it and end up going overboard, which happened a little here!
Keep crankin' out those tunes dude, thanks again for dropping by.

Nice come back from ur last song :D

Great song, espacially from ur last 1, still i have to say something to help u.........listening.............listening...ok u went a bit of a "spacey" tune for some of the song which waz ok, ya just OK :P
i would have liked it a bit betta without the SPACINESS(just like the other song"work on the CHEESY NESS" lol i make bad remarks)

as u replied to me in the last review i gave u u said i give out crap marks, im sry bout that i just thought it would make u laugh :S No i dont review often so i need a laugh in a while(i thought that review would be funny but u obviosly did not find it funny :(......)

Were u being sarcastic in that other review?? u said "my music is so damn awesome" I DONT HAVE ANY MUSIC LOL :S
(or there must be another 1 of me? idk idc!)
imma still savin up for some software :( so ill soon have some music :D
u can check it out and review it once it is on there....................


D_T Waz Here 06

dj-padman1 responds:

Hmm...ok, we're cool. We're a family here right?

Just one piece of advice, don't make jokes with ratings. People spend a lot of time making songs and when you give a review you should respect that.

Anyway, no harm done.

By all means, upload your music when its ready :)

pretty koo

i loved the synth. the hats in here were a bit low pitched. and that acidy blubbery thing was crazy!!


dj-padman1 responds:

It was a fluke that that acid lead actually worked! You're right, its got some pretty extreme lfo modulation on the filter cutoff to give it that rapid motion.

Hmm..interesting observation on the hats, maybe I did pitch them down too far.
Thanks for the review :)

A few things which could have been different

First off i wasn't really feeling the beat u had going in the beginning, and when u brought in the first synth it sounded sloppy bringing it in, but i loved the way the synth sounded lol, so i give you props on that, and i also liked the effects u used. But when the first synth all of a sudden dissappeared that sounded kind of sloppy as well, maybe just fix that a little bit and you should be good ^^ just some constructive criticism, and also i feel that this falls more under the house genre, because it sounds like more of a club-ish song u know? Over-all though! i like it! 4/5 from me man, keep on making music dude!

dj-padman1 responds:

Hmm...when I listen to the track again, the transitions are a bit lacking in smoothness. My only defence is that it sounded ok at the time!
Point taken though.
Thanks for your judgement. Its all useful.
Stay cool :)

Credits & Info


4.30 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2006
11:48 PM EDT
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 8 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.