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Extract from a song I intend to stick on garageband.com..Any suggestions please?

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Imperion Rules.

I listen to this imperion trance all the time it's one of the best songs on newgrounds and dude you put so much effort in making it i have to give it to you for that but this classic beat still rules.

a spark of life... a vision

It's like surfing thru the clouds in a dream


hmm... i see you got potential in this song. Very nice indeed. I love it how the fade out effect comes in the beginning but the melody keeps on playing. that's very well done. Nice song.

The drum kick was a litle bit soft. Maybe if you have like a reverb, or Compressore, or Bass boost for it, i think that will get the kick more interesting. I see you had fun making this. and i had fun enjoying this. lol.

Melodies great. Very nice. Love it how it is all sticcato. great. The effects was really cool. When it stops and the the fx comes in, then the melody kicks in again... i love it! The song could go on for a longer term.

www.acidplanet.com its a awesome website. You can submit larger files and you cant probably go on #1 on there. Check it out. if you have some time too, check out my new song 'Dream land'.

5/5 and 10/10. good song man.
see you later.


I would not have reviewed this if it wasn't you, I simply dislike this sort of music, but I'll give you that it's very well done - it's as diverse as trance can get, and it maintains its energy throughout the track.
Lots of pathos in the harmonies, which again I dislike, but certainly adds to the continuity.
I don't have much else to say - I wish you wouldn't waste your glitch and FX talents on a genre like this but it's entirely your call of course. Good luck on the competition! Now let's see if I like your new D'nB submission more :)

dj-padman1 responds:

Wintang, first off, thanks for taking the time to review this beast, especially since I now know you're not a fan of trance. I'll file that away in the old memory banks!
-Consults family member to learn what 'pathos' means-
Ahh, I see! Well, you're right, thats the name of the game I think. Maybe a hard trance submission would be more to your liking? I admit that this type of trance doesn't have a wide appeal. A bit flowery, but somehow satisfying on some levels.
I should get my act together and actually finalise some of my hard techno and trance.
Well, you're a good man for biting the bullet and sitting throught the whole damn thing :) I thank you.

P.S It's a garageband comp, so I'll probably get the results in about 3 years!

Nice work!

I frequent garage band and have a pretty good idea as of what will get to the top or not.

The piece had a great feel to it. My biggest complaint is that is sounds really, really compressed. Some things sound like they are getting drowned out, and its got that sound. Reviewers on Garageband seem to be pretty harsh with production quality, so I would suggest going in and adjust the compression a bit. It's important to have a really hard hitting beat which it sounds like you've got, but it is clipping. If your not using a compressor I would go in and check adjust the kick drum. Also that choppy, distortion-like sound that pans around during the break is clipping like mad too.

Anyway, besides the clipping/compression issue, this piece has a lot of potential. It can be hard to pick out a lead melody at times, so don't be afraid to bring back a few of the synths to let one shine (also would help with clipping issue). The ending should fade out a little more gradually, use a fade out Pattern that starts gradually, then gets faster, and then slows down again.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great piece, I'm just being extra hard because you want this to get you recognized.

I 5'd it. I hope you get some more feedback, I'm sure other people have other ideas too.

Good luck!

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate your rapid response!
I was a bit concerned about the compression as well. In my mind, I kind of like a bit of audible pumping, but I'll go ahead and make it a bit more restrained I guess.
The kick drum has been run through an overdrive, so it will a bit gritty, but I hope to dear god that it isn't clipping! I'll have another look.
Is that sound (snare i think) that comes up in the break clipping? I ran it through an overdrive to begin with, I must revisit that one. Thanks for the observation!
Hmm..I agree with you about the clarity of the lead elements. Sometimes I just want to go all out and make it sound as big as possible, which is probably a bit unsound!
Well, thanks heaps for your useful advice!

P.S I'll just point out that I do have an intro and a fade-out, its just that the file was too big to fit so i just grabbed the middle 4 minutes. :)

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Jul 16, 2006
1:59 PM EDT
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