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A track I had made for a game I was part of called Orion :Dino Beatdown. This particular version of the track was rejected but for whatever messed up reason I love it and rather then have it forever buried in my hard drive I wanted to share it with NG.

When Gods War is basically the song of just that image. Giant monsters, titans and savage heroes pick up their weapons and furiously swing into the action with unwavering dedication. How many days now? How many weeks, months have they fought each other completely changing the landscapes of the planet unfortunate enough to bear witness to their wrath?

It doesn't matter, even when defeated the gods return angrier, more potent and continue to unburden their anger onto others who are only too happy to continue the chain of combat.

Tools Used
Sequencer - Fruity Studios 10.0.8

- T-racks 3 for main bus mixing
- Stock EQ/Delay for individual channels/instruments
- East West Spaces for Reverb

Plugins (dear lord...)
- 8Dio Requiem Pro (choir shouts)
- Realitone (for solo female solo)
- Voxos from Cinesamples for additional choir shouting beef/fx
- LASS for strings
- East West Orchestra Gold for strings/brass/some perc
- Cinebrass Core for... you guessed it! Brass!
- Studio Drummer for percussion kits
- Tonehammer's Epic Tom and Epic Frame Drum for more percs

i'm sure i'm missing some, but these were the major players. Loose bits here and there.

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You got a new follower :)

This song is AWESOME! You rock, good sir!

MaestroRage responds:

glad you listened and liked it! Thanks for the review :D!

Wow, this is really epic. I haven't been checking much here lately, but when I heard this awesome piece in a game (Eisydian Saga, nice Bullet Hell game & Strike Force Heroes 2), I kept thinking, this must be from MaestroRage or something. Kept Searching and looks like I was right and I am not disappointed. Kudos to you.

Quite the musical piece you have here Maestro, but i could only imagine the heroes who fought for the gods in their stead (much like their champions) rather than the actual gods themselves. But as I was thinking of this a story came to mind:

Loranthalus uttered a small prayer under his breath as he stood from his kneeling position in the foxhole he shared with four other men. He donned his helmet and took off in a sprint towards the battlefield as a giant boulder hurled from a siege machine exploded where he stood only moments before. As he came upon the battlefield a sight unlike any other took his breath. As far as the eye could see was armies of men, giants, and various creatures by the thousands. His hand tightened around the handle of his morning star and he gripped his shield more firmly as he continued his frenzied race towards the battle. He would not be daunted by any, and as he came upon his first enemy his vision went extremely vivid from adrenaline as everything around him seemed to slow down. He crushed the man's head underneath his weapon with ease as one of the giants moved in on him. He looked towards it and started forward. Today was his day to prove his courage and unwavering faith in the Gods that had chosen him. He would be one of the deciding factors that God's used to wage war!

As usual Maestro your peace kept me entertained and my imagination flowing as i listened to it on loop to write this. You never fail to please and I've got quite a list of songs from you in a playlist now haha. 5/5 and a DL from me. Keep it up, and i hope you enjoy the story.

Quite the piece. I have observed some of your works, and I must say - I hear the rage and blind fury of the battle. But I do not see great, massive armies clashing together, the sound of grinding metal of war, the sound of War's great and unforgiving aspect. Your music tracks are awe-aspiring, where I see great heroes clash with each other in a flurry of action.. But war has very few heroes. To hear a proper a proper war I want low sounds of bass, the battle drums, the aspect of brutality in the tune.

Nevertheless, I am very, very impressed with your great works. Everyone is working on their own style, of course. Keep it up.

MaestroRage responds:

A most excellent observation actually. I used lots of high brass here to give the sense of high energy and flurry to fight. But indeed if it were the great armies I wanted to highlight some mean low brass were sorely missed.

Had I the time to go back I would add such brass to the piece. Thanks for the critique and review, glad you liked the track!

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May 28, 2012
9:16 PM EDT
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