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The Destroyers Saga II

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Author Comments

--Episode Synopsis--
The epic Destroyers Saga Part II finds Orrin and Leon continuing their desperate search for the legendary time wizard while Azruth leads a ferocious attack on the shores of Winderton. Will Kanji, unwilling to interfere with the affairs of the mortals, finally provide a fighting force for Winderton?

--Series Synopsis--
The Destroyers Saga is an epic fantasy series surrounding the mounting struggle between the protectors of peace and those who seek to destroy. Follow recluse mercenary Orrin as he crosses paths with gods and monsters alike to save the world from annihilation.

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This is better than the first but still needs improvement. Great job, nonetheless.

Hey great work! I was just wondering how you got your audio to sound so good. When i export my animation with sound in it, the audio sounds really fuzzy. What settings do you guys use when exporting an animation?

goldnerz responds:

Thanks! Under publishing settings I set both event and streaming audio to mp3 @ 128 kbps. The size of your final .swf will be bigger but it's worth it. And make sure no sound is too loud or else flash will distort the audio.

First off I can see a lot of work was put into this animation but this looks very 2005ish. Good Job with the effort though. Now for the hard part

The main problems with it:
1. What most people don't know about cartoon seires is that the Timings within the animation is very important (when things should happen within a scene is crucial and is the difference between a great animation and just another animation on newgrounds). Some scenes were rushed and the transitions between scenes was pretty bad.
Timings includes the time when things are said, how the scenes are choreographed. How the story progresses, Transitions between scenes, Narrations (if used), when characters are introduced to the series E.T.C. The timing is VERY IMPORTANT

2. The Camera angles In this animation were pretty basic although the background was drawn pretty well. You draw most characters from 2 angles front and side. These are the two easiest angles to draw characters from, but you need to be able to draw a character from any angle with good quality to fully capture a scene. You should try mix it up and draw characters and backgrounds from more dynamic angles (e.g. Over head, Landscapes, maybe just bits of the backgrounds or just the feet, just the hand etc.) ... like in anime, watch more anime and you'll get the drift of animation.

3. Voice Mixing and some of the voice actors were lacking. I think the script and the poor animation timing also contributed to the voice acting sounding kind of bad. and i know it's not most of the voice actors fault. or you gave some of the voice actors the wrong rolls in the animation but I'm not sure if that's the case. I think it's more the script and Timing.

4. Some of the sound effects could have been better. Like that dragon ball z hit sound effect at the beginning... come on dude.... that's a sprite sound effect... you can do better than that lol Also Music is very important. Every scene should always be choreographed by some sort of music. Music brings emotion to the animation

Story line seems decent but characters need to be built up upon (personalities, their role in the series, how their portrayed to look in the animation). There should always be that one character that makes people laugh. If you have wide variety of distinctive characters and personalities then people will be able to pick which character they like best and make them their favourite (which makes them like the animation more)

Overall it's allright i guess... you're still learning but try to work on the faults. The main thing i would say is learn how to draw characters from all angles with guidelines and watch more Anime, Not cartoons... Anime!!

Hope this helped

PS. listen to the guy below me as well he basically just said what I said just with less detail n_n

We can tell a lot of passion has gone into this. Looks like an epic tale - lots of plot and story pumped into a short amount of time with a lot of characters introduced. You might want to take your time introducing the characters and focus on one character's emotional journey and then build the story via each new character that they meet along their journey. Good luck with it guys!

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2012
10:59 PM EDT