Adjeye-3 ~ Sentivicated.

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Hey NGers :),
So again a 1 week project..
Time goes fast when you got inspiration, sad enough it won't when you don't..
I tried a progressive trance song.
Please give me some critism to improve more!

Download, vote and comment,
Have a nice day,



nice nice :]

Your build up in this song was rather long, but rather notable as well; I really liked how you slowly brought many different layers to the surface over time very classic-trancy. The piano lead that built up to the drop was nice, and DURING the drop i think you had the right idea but I would have changed a few things here.

Things to look at:
- Your build up is good, but too long; not many people are gonna stick around 3 minutes for a drop (if they do it better be god like)
- Dynamically this was a bit confusing, and by the time the drop actually came around it kinda caught me off guard in a bad way :[
- Your drop is in need of some post-composition mastering bro; This part could be sick, but your samples sound a bit mushed, and clippy... give them room to breathe!

Overall great effort, just give it a bit more!


-Review Request Club-

Adjeye responds:

I see wat you mean here, but you need to take in considering that this track is even too short. It is progressive after all.

But you're right, I should have made more drops and improve my mastering skills,
(I am not the best in that:P).

Thanks for the list man :).


This has a real robotic and uplifting feel to it. It gives a feel of suddenly awakening to having a new power and you slowly begin to understand how to use it. You have to defeat a boss first before leaving the facility with your powers however as the scientist there only view you as a tool and not a human with emotions. Simple being angry sends shock waves every where freeing you of them.

You head out and soon wonder what they did to you. You notice on your hands it looks almost as if they had given you manicures and painted your fingers nails light blue for some reason. You wonder why and looking closer you notice tiny bits of cold ice coming from them. You touch the ground and notice the ground has frozen a bit.

You walk away and put on a cloak wondering what to do with the power. Your first thought though is taking out the person who has caused you so much pain and put you there in the first place and then the people who cause the city problems....

The synth has a very uplifting feel to it and I really enjoy that. The bass is soothing and bouncy on the ears. The drums have a simple feel that feels like it is giving you an adrenaline rush too. Very awesome beat.

Overall, great song, I enjoy it.

Review Request Club

Adjeye responds:

It really give you a warm feeling when people find your music inspiring, Thanks for the review :).

Tense buildup

Hmm, a very interesting piece, that builds up quite slowly, almost with emotional tension mounting, ready for the next piece. Personally, I viewed that the next phase of the track was a little tame, given the almost horror / thriller suspense that was being built up within me. Perhaps hit us with something faster, harder, higher pitched and frantic, that really sets itself apart from the constraint of the genre?

The second time around,t he addition of the piano was brilliant and the bassline seemed to hit harder, with more purpose, as it drives forward. The melody was nice, as was the counter that you threw in there, to compliment it. A shame that we couldn't have heard something like this in the first part of the track, but you can't always get what you want, I suppose.

I felt that the fade to black at the end was just cutting off the track in its prime. Perhaps this is because of my slight misgivings over the initial exchanges, but there is still something else within this piece that is trying to break out. I'd love for you to explore and find out if there is anything else that you can share with us in this respect.

[Review Request Club]

Adjeye responds:

Yeah I need to work on my ends, you're right about that.. I will use the rest of your review too, thanks for taking the time to listen :).

Nothing to criticize.

I have nothing to criticize. Get a singer maybe, but this song holds it's own without it. Vocals could be something to incorporate into future Progressive Trance tracks, perhaps.

What did I particularly like out of the track? If I had to choose ONE element, is that it consistently shifted, changed, and evolved....you held true to the term "progression" without sacrificing the overall theme of the song. The only fault I can claim is that it's too damn short...anything short of an album of songs like these but all unique from you won't be enough.

Well done. Perfect 10 and Flawless 5 from me. I'm really pleased the requests we've been getting at the RRC have been some pretty kickass songs.

-Review Request Club-

Adjeye responds:

Didn't expect that review :P but thanks a lot :P, I made another song in the same style, its called: Forlorn child, probably you will like that one too :P.


Its good but not really my cup of tea.What software do you use for your music?

Adjeye responds:

Fruity loops and nexus

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