ECHO - Alive [RD2011]

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Name: Alive|| Composer: Echo || Status: SONG
Patterns: 85
Automations: 92
Length: 2:56
Plugins Used:
---- East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus Edition
---- East West Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2
---- Vanguard
---- Z3ta+
---- Parametric EQ 2
---- Pitcher
---- Some Reeverb Plugins

---- So it's been quite some time since I've posted here becuase I've been hellishly busy. First off, I've been organizing the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch with Supersteph54 and that has been taking up quite a bit of my time. Secondly, I'm also competing in the competition to get my song on a CD, hosted by FatKidWitAJetPak and that has also taken quite a large chunk of my time. Still, i've managed to find enough time to make this song for the Robot Day 2011 so that I might have a slight inkling of a chance at winning.

So anyway, this song isn't really in my area of expertise. I tried to go for glitchy techno that would suit Robot Day, but I failed completely and somehow ended up mixing in orchestral elements into the song. The voice came from a Royalty Free, Copyright Free, website and are heavily edited and sliced, so I'm all clear on that behalf. Still, I hope you enjoy this, as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thanks for to the guys below for help in all aspects:

-- Met3ora
-- SCTE3
-- Andre
-- bossler13
-- Supersteph54
-- silentjay22
-- Loborin

I'd in particular like to thank Supersteph54 for being a huge help with hearing out my stuff and being patient enough to listen to WIPs whenever i wanted him to. Check out his stuff. Anyway, thanks for all those who helped, and sorry if i missed anyone. Leave a review and some constructive criticism if you like this song and want to hear more from me!

Bai baiz!


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I really like this song. It's very peaceful to me. Do you use fl because I hear samples from Blake reary's Hanging on. This is a great song. 92 automatons. good lord that makes my projects seem like chicken scratch. Any way good job dude.

Quite interesting

I think this song's strongest point was how it really went out of its way to create a sense of wonder. It was a bit hard to come up with a definite tone for this, but it was still very nicely done. I like when you put so much effort into the author's comments. It makes it seem like there's a good sense of wanting to make a story. I didn't even realize that this related to robots. A guess a lot of submissions are just tech based.

You get a sense of not so much being creeped out, as just being in a strange land. The song takes it time putting effort into how ridiculous it is. It was the kind of song that you would imagine would cause people to think about the night. It's kind of about technology and the future. It's great to see how well this folds out.

wanting more

i could see this being an intro for a really long song. i really like the sound of it, but when the voice echo faded out in the end, i kinda wanted it to keep going. i personally saw it picking rite back up after a moment of silence with a reinforced beat and some of the guitar sounds i caught in the background around 1:40, just louder. i really wanted it to get to that high poin of the song where the sound is really full, and all of the soft melodic sounds you already have would only enhance it. what you have is wonderful, and theres no exaggeration whatsoever when i say it sounds like flying (at night during a dry lightning storm to be more specific). i just really want it to keep going. i want it to reach that mindbreaking point of pure awe.

now, have a nice day.


This would be great if it had words with it, or like a flash to go with it cause the music is very kewl, and if a remake was made with words or put into a flash it would make it that much better

I like it

I like it,has a good beat

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Jun 26, 2011
4:40 AM EDT
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