ECHO - A Little Push [MD

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Name: A Little Push || Composer: Echo || Status: SONG
Patterns: 112
Automations: 87
Length: 1:57
Plugins Used:
---- East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus Edition
---- East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
---- East West Quantum Leap Wordbuilder
---- East West Quantum Leap Stormdrum
---- East West Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock
---- East West Quantum Leap Ra
---- East West Quantum Leap Silk
---- Parametric EQ 2
---- Some Reeverb Plugins

---- "Madness is just like gravity; all it takes is a little push."

So this is my submission to the MadnessDay2011 Music Contest and I sure hope it fits the theme and the mood. I tried to go for something especially dark and actiony where everything that might be heroic is quickly won over by chaos and stuff.

So anyway, this is probably one of the most intensive songs I've ever worked on. It has a huge number of patterns and automations which I had to keep track off, and I was using as much as 28 tracks in the playlist at certain points. Again this is not particularly my strongest genre, but I'd like to think that I did my best and I'm quite happy with the result.

As always, I'd like to thank the following people for helping me out whenever they could:

-- Met3ora
-- SCTE3
-- Andre
-- bossler13
-- Supersteph54
-- Decibel

I'd in particular like to thank Supersteph54 and Decibel for being a huge help with hearing out my stuff and being patient enough to listen to WIPs whenever I wanted them to. Check out their stuff.

Anyway, thanks for all those who helped, and sorry if I missed anyone. Leave a review and some constructive criticism pwease!


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Thanks!!! This is good, my ears are having an orgasm, I am an audiophile and my ears are fapping to this.

A little push? More like being thrown by a bodybuilder.
I like songs with ridiculous amounts of energy. So thanks for the eardrum beater.

Weird... I had you on my favourites and when I looked for you you weren't there...
...I guess I've found you now. :)

Listening to this, I can imagine a man doing battle in his own mind to keep the madness at bay. This is distilled awesomeness which has been aerosolized and sprayed into my ears.

Good try

I like this track. The atmosphere fits very well to madness and I can imagine this being used in a madness related flash.
This track would fit quite well to one of the typical fight scenes (maybe even the final battle?). I like how you added a short break during the track. At first I thought the track was over, but then it continued playing.
Would be quite interesting to see this in a flash, where the viewer would think the battle is over but then the "defeated" opponent comes back to life again.

I also like the ending of this song. Short, but very well done.

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Dark boss

have to say this has a great and dark feel to it like you just encountered the final boss in a game of some kind. Your characters have a very long and tedious dialog of how this all ends now as they draw out their weapons. The final boss simply giggles at them. Turns out it's a kitten being controlled by some kind of ice/thunder god that the kitten accidentally came across a couple of years earlier. The final battle begins...

The guitar sounds great with the higher notes being struck. You feel as if those are the dynamic turning point moments of the battle as well. The guitar also kind of sounds like it is starting into a solo a lot of the time as well actually, not bad.

The orchestra sounds quite dynamic here as it provides the drama of the battle that is raging on against the heroes and the poor innocent kitten controlled by a god like demon trying to destroy the middle age earth and such too. In the end the kitten is finally freed for the second part of the battle to begin against the creature in its true form as it laughs when it is struck with the weaker attacks. Combos seemed to work well on it and in the end it finally falls.

The drums have a really nice and dynamic kick to them as they continue on here and keep pushing forward with a dramatic sound put into them here is which quite nice to hear. The piano also sounds quite incredible, lovely to hear that.

Overall, awesome boss battle piece.

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Aug 4, 2011
4:41 AM EDT
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