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ECHO - Inexorable

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Author Comments

Name: Inexorable || Author: Echo || Status: SONG
Patterns: 125
Automations: 76
Length: 2:34
Plugins Used:
---- East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition
---- East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
---- East West Quantum Leap Wordbuilder
---- East West Quantum Leap Stormdrum
---- Ethnoworld 3
---- Parametric EQ 2
---- Some Reeverb Plugins

---- First off, I'd like to apologise for the HUGE delay there's been between this song and my last one. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to work on music a lot and submit to Newgrounds due to a whole month of exams which are now thankfully over. Hopefully, with the exams done, I'll have a lot more time to write music for you guyz.

In other news, this song was originally built using the above plugins, however the patches have largely been replaced by higher quality sounds from the East West Complete Composer's Collection which i now have the pleasure of owning. So that means that the next songs will use a much wider variety of instruments, all of a higher quality. Also, this song is inspired by songs by Danman87 who i greatly admire for his sheer talent in music.

Finally, i'd like to thank all the people who support me by leaving reviews, comments and votes on my songs, in particular these guyz:

-- Met3ora
-- SCTE3
-- Andre
-- bossler13
-- Supersteph54
-- silentjay22
-- Loborin

I'd in particular like to thank Supersteph54 for being a huge help with hearing out my stuff and being patient enough to listen to WIPs whenever i wanted him to, as well as spending an hour or so discussing with me the name for this song. Check out his stuff.

Anyway, thanks for all those who helped, and sorry if i missed anyone. Leave a review and some constructive criticism if you like this song and want to hear more from me!

Peace out!



My only advice on this would be to tone down the reverb on this string accents at the end. It doesn't have to be completely down, but I feel that if the strings sounded less "wet" they would have a bigger impact and give it would give more "force" to the accents.

actually here because of classicalcritic

im here actually after reading the review of classicalcritic and how you responded with such a longggg explanation....after actually listening to "Inexorable" i find it is somewhat similar to osts in movies but i find it good.

The Pattern-"song"!

Good day, gentleman,

At first I would like to criticize your attitude as musician.
You apologize for a delay between this and your last submission. So i have to ask you, if this is a commissioned work? If not, then I guess you do not have to apologize for anything, because you are not working for anyone but for yourself, or don´t you ? I think it is not good to write music for people you do not even know, because I think that it will disrupt the exploration of your own musical language and thus it will limit your musical potential.
But now let us have a look at your piece.

You have a pretty straight and easy structure. I would like to suggest to break this by using different time signatures. That would give your piece a much more flexible feeling. Later on, you used many musical elements from Denny Schneidemesser's "Entering the Stronghold". You said, you are inspired by him. People usually do not copy people whom they are inspired of. It would also be recommendable to use actual melodies in this piece. It is mostly made of staccato patterns overlapping on each other and petty long notes accompanying them. As for the title, the composition itself is not active enough to present a inexorable feeling.

You are using a quite simple instrumentation, which is also pretty cliché. The horns play the obligatory melody(sometimes along with the strings) and the strings play their staccato passages the whole time. I would like to hear some changes there by altering their functions.
I am also missing the trumpets in this piece, because they would work very well.
The part with the xylophone is nice but unfavorable, because in a real playing situation it would not be heard very well, so it would be good, if you double it with other instruments like some woodwinds, which I entirely miss in this piece. I think the choir is too silent at all, otherwise it would be a nice addition.

First of all, the reverb is too strong you can barely hear, what instruments are playing. As for the part, where people think, that this piece needs to be louder, we think, that it is already too loud because it even overmodulates at the end. The very first thing to do is to decrease the reverb, it would also solve the problem of the overmodulation at the end.
You are using the Symphonic Choir, but I suggest you should learn more about its function first, because it is a very complicated tool to use and to get nice results.

As you see, you have to put much more effort into making music like that. Try to explore your own musical language and please do not copy other's.

Best regards,

Sir Edward Eisenworth

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Echo responds:

This is not a commissioned work, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with working for your fans. What's the point of making music if it isn't for people you don't know? When you score a film, are you going to know everyone who watches it? And why will it disrupt my potential if it drives me to
make better music? I'm sorry but I just don't agree with this first statement at all.

I have never in my entire life heard a single famous soundtrack score which changes time signatures. In my view that's entirely outdated and isn't really done my anyone anymore. As for you accusing me of "copying", sure I used structures and ideas from the song but I assure you that all the notes are my own, purely original. I've seen dozens of songs which follow the same pattern, structure and sometimes the same notes, are they all copying each other then? As for the title not matching the song, that might be the case, but I doubt you can find something which is more
pressing than this track.

Instrumentation might be cliche, but then again this track is meant to be cliche, in the sense that its purely the type of music that people expect to hear. The strings play their passages relentlessly, which is a reference to the title. I am not a particular fan of trumpets or traditional woodwinds since they don't do well with my style of music, also, that's a Marimba and not a xylophone. Sound balancing has always been a problem since I don't have a pair of decent headphones or speakers.

I agree that the reverb is too loud in this track, and that's down to the headphones/speakers again, since I can't balance completely well. Same goes for the over modulating. Luckily I should be getting decent headphones within the week so things might be better then. As for the symphonic choirs, this was one of my first trails with the choirs themselves, in particular wordbuilder, so I admit it is a bit shabby. It is however my experience that the only way to improve music is to show it to other people and see what they think, so maybe next time it would be better to tell me what you think I should improve rather than that I should just improve ;)

Overall, thanks for the review. I appreciate your honesty and your harshness in the reviewing and I apologize if I was too defensive in my response. Sure we might not agree on everything but I still respect your opinion ;)

It was ok

Hmm well this one was very soft sounding, and it had a very slow build up, theere also seemed to have a {SCRATCHY} sound aswell. so this was ok had to turn up the volume up alot so i could hear it better, but for the mostpart it was too soft throughout most of the little track, so that might be something to work on and look into the scratchy sound of it that could be more of a quality issue though, but anyways other then that it was an ok piece, just needs some work.

some scratchy sounds, and more volume needs to be throughout the whole piece.


Echo responds:

The scratchy sound is from the strings, and it's really there when strings play that sort of fast rhythm, so I can't and won't remove that since it's realistic and adds to the dynamic quality of the piece. As regards the volume, i agree that the piece could've been higher in volume, but a lot higher would have resulted in a drastic amount of clipping, so you'll understand if i preferred to play it safe and let users raise their own volume up to how much they want, but i do agree that this is a problem of mine that i am trying to fix.

Other than that, thanks for the review, even though i don't agree with you on the two points, i respect you opinion. Thanks ;)


This is AWESOME!

Very dramatic feeling, I love it! :D

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4.38 / 5.00

May 25, 2011
8:03 AM EDT
File Info
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2 min 34 sec

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