I see the Light

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Can't think of anything useful to write here. I hope you enjoy this song as much as i do.


Nice Piano


This track is really good & im liking the piano! Thanks for the review on my first track! lol.

Keep up the cool music, its relaxing and atmospheric.

LoneEagle responds:

Well thanks alot for reviewing back and your welcome :)

I'll try and keep up the cool music... though it seems to be getting harder these days.

Laid back and relaxing...

This is good, I liked the melodies the piano was playing and the bass was sexy. You have nice percussion work also, it's not too constant and variates every here and there, it keeps things interesting =)

Now for the 'constructive' part of the review. Your song had some fuzz/breaking-up somewhere in the late beginning, right before the beat kicks in, I suggest you either turn the volume of the song down a bit or increase the 'out ceiling' on your brickwall-limiter/maximizer if you are using one, if not, then put one in there and then increase the 'out ceiling' =] (by 'increase,' in this sense, I mean going from -1.0 to -2.0)

4/5 from me man, keep it coming.

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for checking my songs out Kirizzle, i'll be sure to do the same once i'm done answering your reviews.

Well i can't say really much here because i don't have a freaking clue what you are talking about :D
So let me show you how much of an amateur i am by telling you the huge list of things i use to make my songs.
I use FL Studio 5. I don't even use Vst Vsti no nothings :) I'm gonna check the audio stickies for that and for some basic music theory because i compose my music simply by how i want it to sound and not applying any theory.

Don't worry i will keep them coming. I just started on something and i feel it could be a good song.
Thanks for your time, your vote and your constructive review :D

Great, a Nice calming pure-moods song!!!

Nothing can decribe it better than 'great', I especially loved the middle-end

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for the review Irwin, i'm happy that you enjoyed my music.

Not bad at all

I like it, ambient sounding. Yea, repetitious, but still great background music at any rate. I really liked the bassline and drums. I think it would have been best if the bass was introduced with the drums, giving it much more of a pickup. Nonetheless, nicely done!


LoneEagle responds:

Yea, i just try as you mentionned, to introduce the bass at the same time as the drums. It sure does give it alot of "punch", but it also makes the intro longer. What i'm saying is that i have almost 1 minute of just strings and piano and it bugs me a bit and i feel it is less repetitive the way i did it now. There's a slight change in the bassline when the beat starts afterwards to try and remedy to the repetitiveness as well. There i go again with my senseless jabbering...

Thanks for the review MrMaestro.

A very good sombre song

Despite the fact that I usually prefer faster paced songs in the classical genre, I do appreciate the quality of this song. The repetetivenes in this song doesn't subtract by much seeing as most of these kind of songs follow that pattern. I don't really like all of the instrument styles you have used througout the song, but the skill that has been used to put it all together is without question notable.

All in all your song is very well done, yet I would very much like to see a faster paced song, using more classical instruments from you one day. That would probably be worth a tenner +

Mad Major

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for the review MadMajor.

One day for sure i'll have some fast paced song, with some more classical instruments. When? I can't tell, because this depends on what kind of melody i come up with. Right now it seems on the smooth side, but who knows what the futur has in store for me?

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Jan 29, 2006
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