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The Search for Heaven

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Author Comments

I put alot of effort into this and i hope that it shows.

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Simply Beautiful

This was extremely well done, your effort shines through. Just be careful about the whole sticking bass into two seperate speakers. Bass is almost always better center-panned. Anything else might make your track off balance. Its a delicate situation, but with your hard work ethic that shows here, I'm sure you can work it out.


LoneEagle responds:

I learned my lesson about bass lol. I still think that it is a "neat" concept though, two bass lines, but the distortion is noticeable and i agree with you that just one bass line is sufficient.

Thanks for the review, R.

Oh. My. Freaking. God.

This has to be the best track you have done so far; The Path Within is taking second seat until you do something better!

I have to agree with some of the other reviews; the piano is somewhat flat, and could do with a touch of reverb, not that I'm adding anything new here. Where to find a good choir, you say? The best I have heard so far is on GarageBand, though you have to play about with the attack and drag it foreward so it's in time <subliminal>get a Mac get a Mac get a Mac...</subliminal>. But seriously I don't think there is anything you can do to this melodically; I'll leave the techy stuff to other people!

Don't you ever stop, you hear me!?

LoneEagle responds:

I have to agree with you on this one, i think that this is my best track so far as well.

No i won't be getting a mac lol, as i'm used to what i have now, and it's not really about is the best between pc and mac it's just about the habit.

I won't stop, i'll still be making songs after i die lol, i'm just taking a little break right now and doing some other things with my time.

Thanks for the review "the duke of grumble". :D


well you put the effort to make it, DAMN IT, i'm going to put the effort to write you up a review!

First, I didn't quite like the opening intro, I felt the empty silence sections for them were a little odd.

However when the second set of notes came rushing in after the initial piano solo, that part was pretty damn neat, and catchy.

As the song builds up, that goes away, and then you forcefeed the whole song's glory into my face.

that very same melody you used at the beginning, when used in the middle, works miracles. Flows very well then, my advice, remake a new intro, a completely different one.

Love the synths you used for this piece, very moving, and flows really smoothly and fades out wonderfully.

Have you considered a choir and flute? The two are just so essential for that heavenly feel ^^.

This is a great piece General_Leo, 5/5 from me again.

LoneEagle responds:

Hmm... a choir and flute you say? Welli haven't thought about the flute - damnit - but where on earth do i find some "good" choir? Ha! Screw FL's choir :) But you're right though, flute would have been awesome.

Ah yes the synths, thanks to Sonic Foundry for the nice fade out cause there ain't no way that i'm making manual fade outs like back in the days, like even before NG.

So you think that the first piano pattern is to empty? Maybe i started it out to simple and i should have jumped straight to the 2nd part of the intro...

Remake the intro... nah! All sales are final and no refunds what so ever. But i will be keeping all advice in mind for upcoming music. I never go back to old pieces because i have to move on all the time... it's hard to explain but i think that you are pretty much like me on this aspect.

Thanks alot for the reviews and votes and everything else that you have done for me now and in the past... it means alot to me and i really mean it!


this is beautiful man. I'm not with zenon tho, same point approached from a different view tho. I'd say lower the bass in places to give the piano more chance to shine through. Cos whilst the bass textures rule, in places they are over powering. The more i listen to it the more i get it, but i should be able to get it on the first or second listen. Its still beautiful regardless.

Reverb basically makes it sound like theres an instrument in a room thats been recorded, reverb - well, a room.

Having two different basslines is not at all a bad idea, but look up some tutorials on mastering effects for whichever prog you use. If its reason, perhaps doubling each synth and doing the panning differently would be enough, not sure tho :S

LoneEagle responds:

Yea i know the bass.. the bass. Too much bass i will try and work on this on my futur songs.

Hmm, i don't really understand what you mean by having to listen to it alot of times un order to "get it" but you know because i have created the song i have no problem at all. Hence i will not be able to understand completely what you mean.

I use FL Studio 5 to make my tracks and the piano sample rally is basic so i'll try and get a better sample or try and find some magical reverb hidden somewhere.

The panning for the bass goes as follow :
- one part of the bassline plays normally on both right/left channels
- the bassline then divides and one part plays only on the left and another part plays only on the right channel.

Now i now that i have made i mistake in the panning because i forgot one of the pattern's panning. Although not loud at all, it is enough to cause distortion on the left channel and therefore, distortion in the bassline throughout the whole song.

I'd really have to hear this with a headset cause i don't have any at the moment and i'm curious as to how it sounds.

Thanks alot for the review on this song!

Good to see effort put into tracks.

I don't care if it shows or not, your still getting 10 for effort.

Lets start from the top.

The piano was very plain, and should be mastered to a higher frequncy so that it stands out as being a 'melody'. If this means that you need to turn it down, just lessen the amount that it plays, so be it. It would also be great if you threw on a reverb, just so it sounds a little more full.

I like great transitions, so I think I'll be picking on you for that :P The song is well thought out, and the effort DOES show. Just the transitions need work. The first break in, with the drums, was a simple rev crash into the drums. I can't recall if there was a crash, but if there wasn't add one. And also add a good old drum break in, like a simple 16th note roll on the last beat, that slightly fades in. It gives the listeners a heads up, and makes listening much more pleasureable.

The song is good in volume, but I hear some slight distortion in spots. If you don't have a compressor on the main master channel, put one on. It will save the slightest amount of clippage.

Holy shit I think the song just looped. I didn't even freaking notice. How the fuck do you get such clean loops...? Amazing. Anywho...

I think, so the song has more of a sense of rythym, you should turn the strings down a tad, they seem to dominate the song, even over the soft synth melody. Remember, if you work hard on a particular part in the song, it doesn't nessescarily need to be loud. The drums kick should be louder, or a higher frequency (just so it cuts through the song a bit more) and the snare could also be a slightly higher freuqncy, (high freuqncies cut through mid and low range frequencies, so if you want someting to be louder, EQ it higher.)Make use of reverb on the drums. It would make them sound nice and purty :)

Good work, you keep on getting better all the time.

Keep it up!

PS: Also, thank you for the review you dropped me. Its much appreciated :D

LoneEagle responds:

Arrrgh! I'm such a newbie... what the hell is a reverb and what does it mean?
Haha seriously though all those really easy terms that i don't know crap about :(

The distortion is because i put way to much base and because i have one bassline in the left speaker and another different bassline in the right speaker... too much bass. What the crap how do i set a compressor on the main channel.. i use fruity loops 5. I feel like i am doing the job with only half of the tools.

This song does not loop :D It simply starts as it ends so you would hear the same piano melody twice in a row.

Do you use reason... and if so are all these little tweaks that you talk about easy to make? Reverb and high frequency. Hmm... I am a very "amateur"-ish guy just making music for fun but i will try to look for what you mention i suppose i will be in the "FL Studio how to topic" reading for a while...

Thanks for the review and for saying that i'm improving, it is greatly appreciated.

P.S. You're welcom, you keep on making the good music too :D

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4.63 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
2:13 PM EDT
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