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General_Leo - Darkness

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Maybe it's because of the strings, feels like a dark song to me.

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Hmm, interesting.

As RyeGuyHead said, "wish you did more with the 16th notes on the bassline" basically sums up what I was going to say at first.

I liked the panning you did with that weird wishy-washy noise, it sounded like someone was rinsing their mouth out with listerine next to my ears haha, it was interesting though, +1 originality =)

Now this is all personal perference... but I think it'd be better if you included more instruments/sounds in the hi end of your songs. You have a lot of powerful bassy stuff playing all the frequencies 2kHz and below and it makes your songs seem "heavy" which isn't bad if you going for a dark song but the cost of doing that is it does sorta make the song seem less crisp/fresh. That's why I gave you an 8 for clarity for this song and "I see the light" because you have beefy basses crowding up the 5Hz - 1kHz range, but normally when people do that their song sounds muddy but in this song's case the bass was quite clear, which doesn't make much sense in theory, unless you set up some really good compression.

Also, your guitar was fine in my opinion, but only by it's self in the spot light. I liked it until you played both it and the little bell melody together, the amount of reeverb you put on your guitar just kinda made it run into the bell melody and make things messy... but again, that's more of a personal perference kinda thing anyway.

5 outta 5 from me because you have interesting ideas within the song.

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for another full review.
So i have too many sounds in the low range? I'll try remembering that for my futur songs. The guitar is like this naturally, the sample is made that way to have lots of echo. And heraing it again i see what you mean, the guitar makes the two last notes of the bell pattern almost inaudible.

Yea the "mouth rinse" sound i thought was pretty wierd and i wanted to try it out, pretty weird ain't it?

Thanks for voting and reviewing.

you know...

your style of composition is very similar to some of my earlier stuff, and i find that hard to imagine and somewhat discouraging, as i thought i was entirely original. Whatever....

The artistic choices you made in this song were all correct, all I can say is there will be a time when you realize that you dont want the same pattern to repeat throughout the whole song, that day, my friend, you will become a man

I sort of wish you did more with the 16th notes on the bassline, they sounded pretty nice working with the kicks. Maestro mentioned something about the "guitar" part, but i thought it sounded fine, I would change the strings at that point though, to give it some major boosts in diversity.At the end of the end of the 4th measure on the bass pattern, the song sounds too exposed, you might be bale to do something with that.

I predict you evolving well, i will check about later....stick to originals and create your own sound

LoneEagle responds:

Alright thanks alot for this awesome review!

Hey you are entirely original too you know that "tribe among us" song is unique and kicks ass. I've listened to some other songs from you but i didn't take the time to review, which i will be doing shortly.

I will force myself to learn not to do this 1 pattern throughout the whole song thing again. I who hates repetitiveness should know better :D

Yea Maestro mentioned the guitars as too "resoning". It's just a matter of taste.

When i began on fruity loops, i made some crappy songs and then i made a whole bunch of video game remixes. And my friend told me the same thing : stop the VG music and make your own stuff. And that's what i'm going to do.

I had the Fire Field track from the snes F-Zero game underway, and i have this song that's been stuck in my mind for like 2 weeks and i can't find any ways to put it in FL Studio :( It's stuck in my mind and won't get out.

Thanks again for the feedback.


This was really good, I liked the way each rythm sort of presented itself then sunk back into the background music. At teh point where it sounds like your stomach was growling, I really though my stomach was growling! lol.

Well put together, like almost all of your tracks. It sort of sounds like an intro song.

(I dont know if you've noticed but I try to point out where it would fit in a flash movie so others will use it.)

LoneEagle responds:

Lol, yeah that "growling" sound, that was my experimentation with sound effects. Talking about growling stomach makes me hungry.

(Yes i noticed the parenthesis, thanks alot for your suggestions. I hope people will use it.)

Thanks for reviewing.

not bad

more complex then the i see te light piece you dd, but id say its just as good, you mix quite a lot of different sounds together quite nicely.

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for your comments, they are making me think alot.

My songs lack a "lead". I need more than just a bunch of "support" sounds. Even if they're quiet nice(thank you), something is still missing.I'm going to try harder next time.

Thank you for opening my eyes.

Pretty good.

I have to say that it's pretty tough for me to like a song like this - that is without an obvious melody or 'hook'. I'm pretty impressed though, this is pretty good background music. Maybe you could do better with some effects (like crashing in the background or something to add to the darkness) - just a thought.

Anyways, pretty good.

LoneEagle responds:

Hey thank you for reviewing. I'm not into sound effects right now, that's something i'll have to experiment with in the futur.

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Jan 21, 2006
6:37 PM EST
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