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Comedy of life

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Comed of life...
We all hide behind masks, to feel better, to protect ourselves from the others, and sometimes...
To hurt them...
I wrote this text after being betrayed by someone who pretended to be a.... "friend"... Now, my wounds are healed, but the scars will stay forever... Anyways, it made me write a text against hypocrites, liers and all this stuff...
But in the end of this rap, I noticed that in the end, I had become like those I wanted to fight...
Hypocrisy is a contagious virus... Be careful...
[explicit content !]

Translation :

Comedy of life

1/ Wesh man, I'm a victim
Of the Black Jack Syndrom
Describe realisticly
Human's fucking world

2/ I've been living this
For a lot of years
I feel it's gonna blast
I feel the increasing pressure

3/ This universe is filled up with people
But not big enough
So we can't breath
And survive without masks

4/ I've been living this
For a lot of years
Today I'm fed up
With those lying larvas

5/ In this world, I've learned
That relations are usefull
For all smart
Selfish and hypocrite guys

6/ Friendship does exist
But it's a fucking business
Lead only by profits
In the end, you're rejected, man !

7/ You trust people
Who looks nice
Do you know that if you make a single mistake
They are all against you ?

8/ Hurt, heartbroken,
You try not to look bitter,
But you'd like to make them pay
For what they've done to you

9/ Every days you meet
Professional actors
You inconsciously know
The rules of this silly world

10/ Like insects
They talk about the omerta
But they respect it
Only if it's usefull to them

11/ This girl could betray
Her best friend to be interesting
And tell her friend has sucked
Her boyfriend in a room

12/ Lorena likes this boy
Who comes to night classes,
He'd like to fuck her
In the refectory

13/ This guy is your "best friend"
But when you're screwed
1 versus 12
He just waits you to lose

14/ Like this guy
Who pretends to be your bro
And who just
Want to seduce your girlfriend

15/ They want to pretend it
I know those guys
They hide their vices
I've known this kind

16/ Of guy who use
Your vertue and hide behind it
And when he doens't need it
He just reject it and prostitute it

17/ In this awfull world
Hypocrites's aura
Infects us
Like a toxic gaz

18/ To survive, we must
Have gaz masks
And besides, masks
To hide our true face

19/ Every days I've hidden
My thoughts and my feelings
I had to lie and to obey
Just to protect myself against people

20/ This kind of people
Often turn around you
To break your heart
By discovering things about you ! RHAAAA

21/ Alright, it's good
To trust somebody,
But at 90% of times,
He'll tell everything

22/ I knew it, so
I had to hide behind smiles
While inside of me
I was in pain

23/ Do yoou know how it feels
To keep your hate inside ?
To shut the fuck up
While your memories are bleeding ?

24/ I shake so many hands
While I wanted to hit ;
I had conversations
But I wanted to cut veins !!

25/ I played a role
I laughed but in my soul
My laughs were translated
Into torrents of tears

26/ When my rhymes seemed
To change into weapons
I desperatly tried to contain
Those flame-throwing verses

27/ I've licked my wounds
In my rap, silently
Rule number one
Never say what you think

28/ I could shatter
Lifes in a few seconds
I could avange
With no more time

29/ Look at me
And at my strange speech
Look at what I've become
I even disgust myself

30/ Little by little this world
Has contamined me
And now I am
What I've always despised

31/ I'm not an exception
All our virtues disepear
With infections
From those hypocrites

32/ I'm not an exception
All our virtues disepear
When we eventually understand
We won't have what we deserve...

[ - - - ]

I don't blame them
Being vicious
But I'll never forgive them
To having made me being like them...


I hope you liked it ! Put marks and comments !


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Jun 5, 2010
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